Tuesday, May 29, 2012

These are MPs who have declared they are voting against the 3p per litre fuel duty rise in August. Please email those MPs who are not on this list by using this link http://action.fairfueluk.com/page/speakout/ammendment-ask

Title FirstName Surname Constituency Party
Ms Naomi Long MP Belfast East Alliance Party
Mr Philip Davies MP Shipley Conservative
Mr Gordon Henderson MP Sittingbourne & Sheppey Conservative
Mr Andrew Percy MP Brigg & Goole Conservative
Mr Gregory Campbell MP Londonderry East DUP
Mr Nigel Dodds OBE MP Belfast North DUP
Rt Hon. Jeffrey Donaldson MP Lagan Valley DUP
Rev. William McCrea MP South Antrim DUP
Mr Ian Paisley Jnr MP North Antrim DUP
Mr Jim Shannon MP Strangford DUP
Mr David Simpson MP Upper Bann DUP
Mr Sammy Wilson MP East Antrim DUP
Lady Sylvia Hermon MP North Down Independent
Mr David Anderson MP Blaydon Labour
Mr Russell Brown MP Dumfries & Galloway Labour
Mr David Crausby MP Bolton North East Labour
Mr Jim  Cunningham   Coventry South
Mr Brian Donohoe MP Central Ayrshire Labour
Ms Mary Glindon MP North Tyneside Labour
Mr Roger Godsiff MP Birmingham, Hall Green Labour
Mr Dai Havard MP Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney Labour
Ms Kate Hoey MP Vauxhall Labour
Mr John McDonnell MP Hayes & Harlington Labour
Mr Albert Owen MP Ynys Môn Labour
Ms Yasmin Qureshi MP Bolton South East Labour
Rt Hon. Andrew Smith MP Oxford East Labour
Mr Mike Hancock CBE MP Portsmouth South Liberal Democrat
Mr Jonathan Edwards MP Carmarthen East & Dinefwr Plaid Cymru
Mr Elfyn Llwyd MP Dwyfor Meirionnydd Plaid Cymru
Mr George Galloway MP Bradford West Respect
Mr Mark Durkan MP Foyle SDLP
Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP Belfast South SDLP
Ms Margaret Ritchie MP South Down SDLP
Mr Stewart Hosie MP Dundee East SNP
Mr Angus MacNeil MP Western Isles SNP
Mr Angus Robertson MP Moray SNP
Mr Michael Weir MP Angus SNP
Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP Banff & Buchan SNP
Mr Peter Wishart MP Perth & North Perthshire SNP

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[ posted by Gordon Patten, 29.05.12 11:16 ]

Isnt it amazing to see that so far, there are only TWO tory MPs who have the courage to stand up and be counted and be listening to the general public and their constituents. Pasties and Static Caravans are one thing, but lets get onto what can be seen as the larger issues at stake. Yes fuel prices are falling slowly but not fast enough nor are they at the prices they should be to help the every person and haulage firms out. The UK must make a stand and this administration must take a strong and decisive stance instead of dithering and putting their head in the sand.


[ posted by David Britten, 29.05.12 11:24 ]

I've written to my local MP many times on this subject, but he's Jeremy Hunt, and all he does is answer with repetitive platitudes and the Conservative script about how they inherited the deficit from New Labour. Since the economic and societal arguments in favour of a reduction in fuel costs have been completely ignored, it's clear to me that the government has another agenda here, and I suspect it may be one of these. Either it is fulfilling a promise to their friends in the transport industry to force people onto public transport, or it's an attempt to drive us off the road to comply with EU targets for CO2 emissions, or both.


[ posted by Simon Conway-Smith, 29.05.12 11:59 ]

As with Mr. Britten, I wrote to my MP, Andrew Lansley, and he too answered with repetitive platitudes about deficit, understanding hard pressed families, etc. but with no evidence that the gov't have studied the CEBR report or are likely to act on it. He also seemed pleased to say that VED had only been raised by inflation this year! Like the folly of believing CO2 emissions need reducing, it will be a great day when our gov't actually bases policy on evidence rather than blind rhetoric and belief. This trait applies to all 3 parties, Cons, Lab, and LibDamn, and on so many issues it seems only UKIP (now polling at #3, ahead of LD) are telling the story as it really is.


[ posted by Garry Clark, 29.05.12 13:03 ]

As Gorden Patten has stated, only a a couple of Tory MP's, unfortunately, my MP is the Culture Minister, and he is doggedly sticking to the Party Line, stating that he totally agrees with Mr Osbourne's policy. Of course, I will carry on sending emails, but it gets a bit repetitious to keep getting the same excuses why they cannot help but put up taxes, and how they have actually saved us money! Oh well! On with the battle!


[ posted by Terence Harland, 29.05.12 13:11 ]

As with the two comments above I wrote to my MP Robert Goodwill twice and got a conservative scripted answer both times


[ posted by Brian Catt, 29.05.12 13:52 ]

I have had a reply from my Con. MP, Bob Blackman, who finishes his letter stating he will urge the Chancellor not to proceed with any increase in fuel duty this year. I have written to thank him for this and urged him to consider the CEBR report which shows the economic benefit of lowering the fuel duty.
If possible, please send your MP the link or, as I did, the brief synopsis of the results shown on the website.


[ posted by Peter, 29.05.12 13:53 ]

I have had the same reply from my mp, Alan Beith, libdem a couple of times now, time to send a new mail I think.


[ posted by Jim K, 29.05.12 19:31 ]

X party don't listen / x is out of touch / x tows the party line / none of them pay for x commodity / I didn't plead cap in hand for x I campaigned for y / x just ignores my letters and tows the party line / x backs y not the people who voted for him. etc, etc, etc.

All of the above are true statements, replace x or y with who ever / what ever you like. But all of the statements above are not really the cause of the problem. They are all just symptoms of an underlying problem. The underlying problem, at it's simplest is that we do not have a democracy here in the UK. We have a democratic dictatorship.

Once every 5 years or so you get to pick someone, from a very limited gene pool. Who ever gets picked more than anyone else wins. Then whichever party has most team players picked, gets to form the dictatorship. Safe in the knowledge that for the next 5 years it can do what ever the hell it likes, and the simple electorate has absolutely no come back at all. The EU may step in on the off chance they do something sensible, but that's unlikely they would risk that. At the end of the 5 years we get to pick again but you cant put a ciggy paper between any of them, so its just a charade. It appears to add a hint of democracy to add a bit of credibility. If you like its a bit like why a strip bar would sell food.

Is there an alternative? well revolutions start off small, but ideas are hard to kill. Please Google the term Referism, there you will find a lot of info from a certain Dr Richard North.


[ posted by Jim King, 29.05.12 21:25 ]

futher more to my last comment, it would solve not only this problem (fuel duty) but all other MP issues too.

In short (for those who don't have time to google things, referism is basically, the government present a budget, then begins a countdown, its a countdown to an annual referendum on if they can have the money or not. time allows for the yes/no campaigners. in event of a no vote then a new budget is announced and voted on. In short it reverts politics back to how it should be, they are the servants, and we the people, are the masters. (masters simply because we hold the purse strings). Rather than THIS is what we ARE doing, and THIS is how YOU ARE going to pay for it. - then we go cap in hand almost begging them to reconsider. This new system means they lay out a plan, then come cap in hand to us to fund it. - and if its a bad idea we have the power to say NOPE!!!

In the mean time, until we can have a political system that is democratic, I hear they have free bread at the circus tonight...... Or perhaps It was discounted (cooling) pasties at the caravan site.


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