Friday, May 11, 2012

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[ posted by paul pilfold, 11.05.12 09:45 ]

there are still to many people that say its the forecourts and oil company's that are the greedy ones and need to lower there prices.
hardly any of them realize that the Gov take over 50% of the price of a litre of fuel in vat & Duty. i still think FFUK should have an up to date PIE chart that they can pass on to the general public so they can actually SEE where there £1.40p per a ltr goes.


[ posted by Benn Fox-Simmons, 11.05.12 12:03 ]

Paul Pilfold, The actual figure the government takes in duty tax is 83% of the price of fuel per litre. The duty is added to the fuel then it is taxed, so in reality the fuel is taxed then taxed again. I'm sure it would be treated as elegal if me, you or any other part of the general public were to try and double tax something, even if we were to say its duty tax. When you buy sigs at the airport they are classed as duty free, does this imply you are only paying the tax or is it tax free. Also if tax is set at 20% that means the duty is 63%. How can the government justify a duty of that amount. If the government were to cut the duty by say 50% they would still make a considerable amount as more people would fill up and drive. There fore increase in revenues from more vehicles. rrrrrrrRough example


[ posted by louis henri, 11.05.12 21:22 ]

ive not long ago got rid of 3 trucks and drivers got 2 left..each truck cost..about £3000 per year more to fuel than 18 months ago..


[ posted by Leigh Jepson, 13.05.12 22:39 ]

It's stupid that the government believe that they can put up the duty on fuel year - on - year - on - year.

Surely they must realise at some point that if the price of fuel is lowered, then the cost of living will go down, which will get people buying and travelling more - helping the UK economy even more as business will start to improve.

Come on UK government - wake up and smell the reality of what you are doing to the country.

Crucifying it.


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