Wednesday, May 9, 2012
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Our battle to see off the August 3p per litre (16p a gallon) rise in petrol/diesel tax that was just waved through in the Budget has started! We received great coverage in The Sun (read by 7.5m) about our damming initial survey findings

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[ posted by Jim King, 09.05.12 18:41 ]

I made a little excel spresdsheet.

its quite simple all you do is enter the amount fuel cost when you last visited the forecourt, and how much you spent.

the sheet then tells you How many litres you bought, How much the fuel was & how much tax you paid. The Tax is further broken down to VAT on the fuel, Fuel duty and VAT on the fuel duty.

I cant figure an easy way to share it though. Its a handy thing for anyone really, especially to raise awareness. Any advise on how to share my work of art would be much appreciated.


[ posted by Jim King, 09.05.12 19:43 ]

Or i could tell you how to make your very own.

simply when i give a ref no its the cell, and in speech marks what to type into it.

quite easy really.

open a new spread sheet.
A1 - "Price of fuel per litre"
A2 - "amount you spent"
A3 - "Your fuel cost"
A4 - "the tax you paid"
Leave cell A5 blank
A6 - "Pre VAT"
A7 - "duty rate"
A8 - "Fuel cost"

format cell b1 to Number, currency
format cell b2 to number, currency
B3 - "=E1*B8"
B4 - "=SUM(E3:E5)"
Leave B5 blank
B6 - "=B1/1.2" - note if the VAT rate changes you can change this to B1/1.xx) where x= the VAT rate, currently 20% hence 1.2 but old vat would have been 1.175"
B7 - "0.5795" again this can be changed so if they do go ahead with planned 3p duty raise simply change to 0.6095"
B8 - "b6-B7"

Leave all of column C blank

D1 - "Litres bought"
D2 - "Fuel Cost"
D3 - "VAT on fuel"
D4 - "Fuel Duty"
D5 - "VAT on Duty"

E1 - "=B2/B1"
E2 - "=B8*E1"
E3 - "=E2*0.2" again if VAT changes change acordingly
E4 - "=B7*E1"
E5 - "=E4*0.2"

now you just need to concentrate on formatting to make it look good. good thing is to format all the cells showing money values to currency. Centre all cells vertically and horizontally, then make the cells showing values 14 pt bold and increse their height to 35 pixels. ALSO DONT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR SHEET BEFORE YOU CLOSE IT.


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