Sunday, May 6, 2012

I did warn them. I told the Government that arrogantly ignoring the electorate in the last budget would cost them dear, and it has. Local council elections have shown the peril of appearing out of touch with voters. I remember being slack-jawed in amazement when the Chancellor chose to reduce the 50p tax threshold rather than reduce fuel duty and couldn't believe the thinking behind the decision. And that decision will go down in history as a defining moment in this Government's history. It was a budget that wilfully and shamefully ignored ordinary people. This was the moment they got it all wrong and proved that they're were massively out of touch with hard-working families and businesses.


The lunatic price of fuel in the UK has become a metaphor for the coalition's inability to understand what's important to people. A damning indictment of their ignorance and apathy. The Tories may have leaned on their MPs to keep quiet but Labour didn't do any shouting either. Neither party thought having the second highest fuel duty regime in the world was an important political or social issue. And that's the unkindest cut of all. Those of us who are forced to use the roads (and that's half the population) feel ignored, marginalised and unimportant. And that can't continue.


FairFuel is determined to torpedo the coming 16p rise duty rise a gallon in August and we'll force a vote in the Commons. Join us and make your voice heard. We can't rely on good judgement, social fairness or an awareness or understanding of the damage that rise will do to the economy. We have to shame this government into action. Sad, but true.

Oh and if you want to become popular, consider what French outsider, Francois Hollande, has promised to do. Freeze French petrol prices for three months.......

Best wishes Quentin Willson

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[ posted by Nigel Coe, 06.05.12 14:41 ]

surely paying VAT on fuel tax isn't legal, how can it be right it's tax on a tax any accountants out there that can give me a sound explanation, i don't know how much it would be worth but surely putting that right would make a noticable difference. Nige.


[ posted by Neil Ellerton, 06.05.12 16:23 ]

I noticed fuel has dropped a few pence in the last few this so when the put up the duty in a couple of months we wont notice !!!
They must think we were born yesterday !


[ posted by Benn Fox-Simmons, 06.05.12 22:27 ]

In 1983 the price of fuel was 36.7p per litre, that's £1.67 per gallon.
At the beginning of 2012 it was £134.1 per litre, that's £6.09 per gallon.
As of March 2012 a price of 134.1p/litre, 80.3p or 59.9% went to the government. It was in 1995 that fuel was no longer sold in gallons as we were conned into believing it was cheaper to buy fuel in litre's not gallons. and was sold at 50.9p a litre. We are now paying nearly as much for 1 litre as we were paying for 1 gallon in 1983. And just to make you feel so much better the government is to add a further 16p per gallon later this year. In the entire world we have the second highest fuel price. In the USA, BP are selling petrol at an astonishing high price of $2.78 per US gallon for regular. The average price for a litre of petrol in Venezuela is around the 2-3p mark.
Now i have your attention, and you think you have the right to try and change things. Join the quest with FAIRFUELUK.COM


[ posted by Michael Hudston, 07.05.12 10:53 ]

I have tried to campaign for the removal of VAT on fuel duty for a while now, but I am lacking Support! The 3p rise due soon will actually be 3.6p per litre.

Find NoVATonFuelDuty on Facebook and Twitter and join the cause


[ posted by Jim, 07.05.12 18:13 ]

The only party to offer a cut in fuel duty is UKIP. Also, the EU imposed VAT laws regarding the charging of VAT on fuel duty could be repealed. This will never be the case as long as our VAT laws are controlled by the EU Commission. The only way the politicians will realise we are serious, is if on the day of an election none of the so called "major" parties win a vote. If you want more of the same, and crippling fuel prices then continue with your Red/Blue/Yellow votes, If you do want real change, then vote either "minor" or Independent.

For many years the Major parties have hit the motorist where it hurts (the pocket). Does not matter which of the 3 parties, they all done the same, and don't fool yourself any of them will ever do different. Instead lets hit them back where it hurts them most (the ballot box).


[ posted by Nigel Coe, 07.05.12 18:32 ]

Michael, i can't believe so few people have signed up to this, as someone who works in a job where prices are quoted ex vat you can see the amazing difference in cost once vat is added, very rarely does the average person see pricing this way, if they did i'm sure they would feel as angry and frustrated as we do, i am sure i read somewhere it is illegal to tax a tax.


[ posted by Keith Martin, 08.05.12 20:36 ]

It is polititions 'smoke and mirrors' they will say that the fixed amount we pay is FUEL DUTY (not tax) onto which they can add VAT


[ posted by Simon Conway-Smith, 14.05.12 18:45 ]

The 50p tax rate and fuel duty reductions shouldn't be compared, otherwise we get the result we have, a reduction of only one. BOTH the tax rate AND fuel duty need to be reduced to start getting UK plc back on its feet. We also need to get our independence of law, regulation and fiscal policy back from the EU, which is the other big drain on businesses.


[ posted by The Colours Association Armed Forces Federation, 15.05.12 17:28 ]

You are now looking at the House of Rats Go Pennant News and support the demand for an Election now, and close down Eaton making it into a BMH - this is our country not yours when you have bleed for it then you can run it, until then leave our home land now.


[ posted by John Barnett, 23.05.12 14:09 ]

Never mind scrapping the 3p rise in Aug. the so-called `Fuel Duty` aka tax should be significantly lowered, (by at least 10p/litre) then we will see the British economy start to flourish. The trouble is, this bunch are in cahoots with the `Climate Change `nutters and will trot out all kinds of rubbish about the `environment`, which they think will shut down all rational debate on the subject. Everything,food, clothing, raw materials etc. has to be transported by road therefore,high fuel prices equals higher prices for all goods,i.e. higher inflation;why do the idiots in Westminster not get this ?


[ posted by Marg Barry, 24.05.12 14:25 ]

I have just watched the debate online and I cannot believe that CHLOE SMITH and for that matter, the rest of the cabinet has any idea what it is like down here at my level. They seem to think that when the rich were really struggling they really needed a tax reduction but when the poor are struggling, they should be grateful that the price hasn't gone up further. Where do they think we are going to get the money for the rises they intend to impose on us? When we run out of money, we don't have a trust fund to draw on or savings to fall back on. I have come to the conclusion that no one should be permitted to have any part in ruling the country unless they have spent time working or living on unemployment benefit in the world that the rest of us inhabit.


[ posted by ColoursFed, 07.06.12 16:29 ]

These'Rats' that have been elected to run our homeland, never do with out, they make laws so that we have to pull in our belts, and they are taking funds unlawfully from our taxes, to prop up their curropt life styles. They all agreed to bomb libya and murder it's leader, for committing crimes against his people; in fact doing to them what they are doing to us. In Leeds East one election they held, was corrupted, many of the voting boxes that we put our votes into for counting, arrived at the counting house 8 hours late and were all opened; the police officer that was requested to be at the count, refused to do anything when he was informed of this. The labour party won, with a majority of 2500 votes; that amount of people never went through the polling stations “were the extra votes added during those missing 8 hours”?


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