Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear FairFuelUK Supporter

25,000 of you have responded by filling in our MP and fuel price survey in just 3 days. This is absolutely fantastic, and will enable us to deliver your message of the pain of high petrol/diesel prices to all UK MP’s in a way they cannot fail to understand. Thank you so much, every single response is important to us, and to the outcome of this campaign.

Why not sit down with a coffee, have a think, and see who else you could send this to, is there someone else you know who would benefit from filling in our survey? The link to the survey is

Again, thank you so much for your time and support, we all really appreciate your efforts.

Warmest regards,

Quentin, Peter, Lynne and Howard

Quentin WillsonPeter CarrollLynne BeaumontHoward Cox

The FairfuelUK Team

Ps. Have a great bank holiday weekend, you all deserve it.

Please take part in the biggest on-line survey on petrol and diesel pricing opinion that has ever taken place

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The FairFuelUK campaign is backed by the RAC, the Road Haulage Association RHA, the Freight Transport Association FTA and the country's leading fuel card specialists the Fuelcard Company . It is supported by over 250,000 members of the public and over 150 Parliamentarians.

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[ posted by Big Sim, 06.05.12 12:17 ]

Can you publish on this site a list of all MP's and whether they are supportive of your campaign or not? A polite name and shame. All I get from my MP (have written to him twice on this issue) is hand wringing, weasel words, political clap trap. I suspect many more are the same.

Those who actively support fair fuel prices should be applauded, those who don't should be shown up.


[ posted by admin, 06.05.12 12:40 ]

Thank you for this. We will be doing this as you suggest very shortly. regards FairFuelUK


[ posted by Olive Miller, 08.05.12 12:47 ]

We must do something about the huge cost of fuel,everything depends upon it,business,food,and travel etc.


[ posted by Alex RODDIE, 29.05.12 12:16 ]

Surely it's common sense,the cheaper the fuel the more people will buy. The greedy government will earn more cash.


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