Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please help us to fight the ‘political disconnect’ by completing our Why Our Politicians Need to Act on Fuel Duty'survey - Click here

Within the next few days we will be launching our offensive in Parliament to get the16p a gallon tax rise on petrol & diesel planned for 1st August scrapped.

Before then, we need to leave the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Cabinet and every MP in no doubt about just how severe this petrol/diesel price crisis has become and just how badly it is affecting families and businesses.

You might be thinking ‘But surely our Government Ministers and MPs know this?’ To be fair, some do and they are really helping in our fight.However, lots of our politicians are still reluctant to accept that the high price of petrol and diesel tax is the number 1 priority for millions of people and tens of thousands of businesses.

It is hugely frustrating for us that so many of our politicians, even senior ones, are so reluctant to face the reality that they need to be acting on fuel duty now as a top priority.

We will collate the results from this survey and make sure that every one of our MPs sees the conclusions. Please be assured that your identity will be protected and your individual answers will be kept securely and in accordance with our privacy policy.

In recognition of your help in completing the survey we will send to you an email copy of the results of the survey. This is another step in our fight. Every completed survey will make our case more compelling.

Next week we will be letting you know what you can do locally to help the campaign as well as formally launching the ‘Scrap the 16p a Gallon Tax Hike’ in Parliament.

Many people have asked what else they can do to support FairFuelUK. If you haven’t already done so, one of the simplest ways is to get a campaign sticker for your car (or home) window is to click here.A strong showing of these stickers really boosts the campaign and the money raised helps fund the campaign alongside the great support we receive from our four main backers

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[ posted by Bill Stevens, 02.05.12 20:40 ]

It is my view with many other people that the Fuel prices are crippling this country and causing unemployment on a vast scale.

The Fuel Prices need to drop NOW! And STAY DOWN !!


[ posted by Alan Robinson, 02.05.12 20:57 ]

Common Sense Cost Nothing.


[ posted by kelvin gomersall, 02.05.12 21:05 ]

Please significantly lower the duty on fuels as it is hard to live on a working class wage as it is. The government probably don't even know people like me exsist.


[ posted by mark bell, 02.05.12 21:20 ]

Do any of the mp's pay for there own fuel!!?

Where does all the money go to ?Because its not going to fixing the ****** roads

The fuel needs to be capped at 125p for petrol and 130p for diesel and then people would have more money to spend elsewhere !! Or the gov should spend more on making bio fuel instead of wasting money on trying to find more oil. If I could get E85 I would convert my car to use it but its just not getting pushed and neither is used veg oil for diesel cars.


[ posted by Mick Marsh, 02.05.12 21:23 ]

The MP's who are advocating hiking the petrol prices, don't use cars themselves to get to work. They might use their RangeRovers them to go on grouse shoots in Scotland but they have chauffeurs or taxis paid for by the taxpayer as expenses, to get them to Parliament.


[ posted by Chris Groom, 02.05.12 21:45 ]

There are none so deaf as they who won't hear! We need to clear the wax from MP,s ears and make them understand the huge pain their miss guided fuel policy,s are having on the ordinary hard working and hard pressed people of this country. When people are having to go with out food and heating just to put a few gallons of fuel in their car, then this truly is a scandel! The famous saying "Let them eat cake" springs to mind. So much for all being in it together!


[ posted by Greg Fowler, 03.05.12 00:38 ]

Their once was a man who tried to get to work, but couldn't because fuel was too expencive. what a joke !!!!!!!


[ posted by Geoff Monks, 03.05.12 00:55 ]

Lowering fuel duty would be one certain way of winning the Public vote! Why can no-one see and react to this simple fact?


[ posted by Graham Oakes, 03.05.12 09:01 ]

Cameron promised us a fuel duty regulator whereby as the price of oil is forced up by scumbag speculators the duty would drop accordingly. Never going to happen, so like many I have cut back on other kinds of spending. In the long term this is only leading to business closures/unemployment on a grand scale. I used to believe the govt were there to serve and protect its people and their way of life. This govt and the last are part of the problem and appear to have opted for a self serving easy money strategy at the expense of the motorists.


[ posted by george anderson, 03.05.12 10:05 ]

Why is the government taking so much money for fuel when it is making everybody give up there jobs and close there business how is this helping the country. They don't know how to handle money. They get far too much money off us if you ask me. I myself is an extra 50 pounds a week just for fuel and my friend is 70. We are working all week to make nothing. Why has it come to this. It's simply shocking


[ posted by Linda Weeks, 03.05.12 11:21 ]

After a lifetime of us working and paying taxes my husband is retiring next month. We have been looking forward to having days out and visiting relatives and friends. We now find that, due to the astronomical cost of fuel added to the fact that old age pensions are also taxed, we wont be able to afford to do this. Thank you fuel tax, is this the thanks we get after a lifetime of work!


[ posted by john busbridge, 03.05.12 18:36 ]

All governments see and have seen the motorists pocket as a cash cow, this government cares not that people are finding it more and more difficult to pay the every day bills and seem not to understand that a rise in fuel prices is an automatic increase in the price of food and utility bills, but then would you care very much if you could take home an mp's salary and all the attendant allowances, I doubt it.
pigs in the trough keeps coming to mind.


[ posted by Tina Jaray, 09.05.12 12:00 ]

I am now only able to see my friends on a monthly rather than weekly basis, as none of them can afford to drive out to see me, and equally, I can only arrange to go and see them if I can see more than one at once, plus doing my shopping at the same time.
I am feeling more and more isolated.
As an o.a.p. living in an isolated part of the countryside this is not a pleasant thing to happen.


[ posted by Tim Gostling, 10.05.12 09:41 ]

I live in rural east anglia where wages are traditionaly low & the nearest work opportunities are 20 odd miles away, public transport for work comute is non existant so a car is a necessity but it's getting to the point that a large proportion of ones wage is going towards getting to & from work, it soon won't be worth it, fuel costs will be more than your earnings !! Are the government going to pay us all to stay at home ?


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