Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some people have asked why FairFuelUK doesn’t support the idea of hauliers and farmers ‘blockading’ refineries and stopping the flow of fuel to protest about high prices.  Over the weekend of March 31st, the media carried reports that some other groups have threatened to do this.  FairFuelUK and its backers do not support ‘blockades’ or similar actions because:

A. You only have to look at the effects over recent days of even a threat of disruption to petrol & diesel supplies to see how this hits families and businesses - filling stations running dry, people not being able to get to work and businesses having to stop trading.  Imagine what would happen, and who would get hurt, if the flow of fuel was actually stopped for a prolonged period?  Cutting off petrol & diesel hurts the very people we are trying to help

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[ posted by Simon Freedman, 03.04.12 09:22 ]

I happen to agree. If action is to be taken it should be something that these people, these elected officials, who govern with (supposedly) our consent, are actually affected by. Blockade Parliament. Blockade their houses. If they suddenly find "oh, I can't get to work today" they might start to realise how we feel.

What does it take to call a vote of "No Confidence" in a government?

The stupid thing is that they're looking at the revenue they raise from these taxes. If they put more money back in the pockets of the people what are those people going to do with it? Yes, spend it, so the Government will get that money back in VAT, etc and we can get some growth back in our economy. How difficult is it to work out?


[ posted by john freeman, 03.04.12 09:26 ]

these ppl have no reson to to take fuel duty down as they dont pay for ther own fuel we the tax payer pay ther fuel duty and runing cost into london we pay everything for them and all they do it take money that shouldnt pay ther fuiel bill they get wage and we still pay for everything for them


[ posted by Eispy, 03.04.12 09:31 ]

Maybe a better idea would be to get all the hauliers to create a total blockade around Parliament (when they get back from their hols of course!!) Make sure it's a day when a great deal of members are sitting and if possible get the lorries to sit there for at least 24 hours. Won't do any good but it'll give the rest of us a laugh


[ posted by Steven Clark, 03.04.12 09:34 ]

canno believe the rcent hike in prices at the pumps - recently we were being shocked at Diesel being nearly £1.50 a litre - local BP in Coatbridge is charging £1.469 per liter for Unleaded !!


[ posted by jon hunt ... INTER COUNTY PILOT SERVICES LIMITED, 03.04.12 09:38 ]

i am one of the supporters of direct action. this blinkered goverment will not take any notice unless its shaken by it own threat of servial. i was one of the action group that was involved with the blockade many years ago. it got the goverment to think this is our heads on the block. we had the surport of the public and were given surport by normal publicl given us incouragement nd gifts of food and dirnk.
look at what the tanker drivers managed in a very short time and only put the idea of a blockade and a strick. the goverment went into panick and made normal pepole panick. they relased that the goverment would loss face and have to back down.
i am a business and i cant carry on with this madness of the cost of fuel. i cant put my cost up as no body will pay.
so its time to act...


[ posted by Philip Robinson, 03.04.12 09:40 ]

Well I disagree. I have written to my MP and shouted and screamed and it makes no difference - we have pseudo democracy in this country, five year dictatorships. The only thing they understand is direct action and riots - it puts the fear of god in them. It worked during the poll tax riots. Thatcher was scared to death.

But we need total and ruthless riots with some loss of life plus a general strike. Its the only thing dictators understand.


[ posted by mick murphy, 03.04.12 09:40 ]

How can you carry on talking to big headed obstinate fools that call themselves politicians obstinate pig headed and totally on another planet,why, because it does not effect them they do not care about ordinary people just themselves as long as they are comfortable thats all that matters to them.Selfish pigheaded obstinate FOOLS.BLOCKADE is the only thing they will understand sorry but pussy footing with them has proven in the past that they don't take any notice so it is time for DIRECT ACTION.


[ posted by Duncan Wood, 03.04.12 09:42 ]

It's worth knowing that when coach operators (among others) took part in running 'slow' on motorways a handful of years ago against fuel prices the Traffic Commissioners apparently said they would revoke the operators licence of any operator taking part


[ posted by sarah pollard, 03.04.12 09:44 ]

Yes !!!! I agree with eipsy comment above, MPs think they are above the law & do not have to listen to us the voters = i have lost faith in all parties. Extremely worried about fuel& NHS, don't make it go private !! Wot on earth is happening


[ posted by Paul Holden, 03.04.12 09:44 ]

While I agree with everything FairFuelUK is trying to do it feels like an impotent force right now. Simply "fighting" in parliament is not enough to make the Camemorons sit up and take any notice. They are relying on the good old British way. Grumble a bit then pay up like nice orderly citizens. I say its high time something more animated takes place. Not just a walk through London to get on the news. How does that affect the sponging half wits that are supposed to be leading us from our dire economic situation? I totally agree that blockades of parliament, downing street and any other government institutions that our "leaders" want to get access to or from is something worth promoting and considering. Lets stop their paid for Jags and other ministerial free of charge methods of transport from moving just to let them feel some discomfort.


[ posted by paul, 03.04.12 09:54 ]

can't agree with you , I have been supporting this forum for a number of months now and feel that the petition route is just not working , fuel prices continue to rise , Government are not listening and have no reason to reduce fuel duty as it does not affect the millionaire Tories in London at all . The events of the last few days show how quickly even the threat of fuel shortages can affect the whole fabric of society and think that the serious threat of a blockade would force the Government's hand in a matter of days , so it would be worth the temporary hassle to actually get the message over to the Government that fuel prices are seriously affecting the livelihoods of a huge percentage of the country .

I will continue to support and monitor Fairfuel UK's progress with lobbying Westminster on cuts in fuel duty but can't see where the lobbying process can create any leverage with our elected officials , but best of luck anyway .


[ posted by tom gypps, 03.04.12 09:58 ]

I have sent an email to my local MP suggesting foreign hauliers pay a daily charge to use our roads this would reduce the price of a litre of fuel and help repair the shocking state of the roads.
They contribute nothing to our economy as they fuel up on before they come over here then refuel when they get back.
It is about time this changed and quick.
She has replied saying she has taken this up with the Treasury i wait with bated breath.


[ posted by Daniel, 03.04.12 10:03 ]

They are all well and good threatening to take away operators licences (which surely would be illegal anyway as they have a right to protest) but why would hauliers worry, rising fuel prices alone are putting them out of business, so one could say, what do they have to lose! I'm not sure if blockading is the answer, but something more then petitions is required.


[ posted by paul, 03.04.12 10:10 ]

Id support anything about the cost of giel its gettong ridiculas and its the poor middelclass who r suffering the most


[ posted by philip harper, 03.04.12 10:11 ]

it is sad that our politicians seem only to respond to either pressure or lately bribery, the later avenue is not open to us but must able to use the first. we should not use the hauliers alone join them by not using our cars for one working day a month, just imagine if only 10% of us turned up for public transport as we are being told to by a government using green issues to excuse the high tax, what have you got to loose?


[ posted by philip harper, 03.04.12 10:12 ]

it is sad that our politicians seem only to respond to either pressure or lately bribery, the later avenue is not open to us but must able to use the first. we should not use the hauliers alone join them by not using our cars for one working day a month, just imagine if only 10% of us turned up for public transport as we are being told to by a government using green issues to excuse the high tax, what have you got to loose?


[ posted by Daniel S, 03.04.12 10:14 ]

I use the train to go to work, and the car very little, but I have recently down sized my car to a Ford Ka, I am still spending £20 a week on fuel, for virtually no use!

I agree with people here saying blockade the refineries, government dont listen, they would have to listen if the country was brought to its knees. We are british and would cope with the situation if it arose, many of us would find other ways to go about our daily life, and to be honest paying high fuel bills to get to work we would at least save money!

Hauliers should be allowed to fill up with fuel just to allow the supermarkets to be re stocked though to avoid panic buying and the like


[ posted by Wendy Hirst, 03.04.12 10:15 ]

As a pensioner reliant on public transport I will be severely affected by this blockade. I have complete sympathy with these drivers and will support certain actions but you can guarentee that MP's will have access to a secret stash of Fuel which of course there families will share. Whatever we do as a nation will not affect the minority 'RICH' MP's, etc so we have to find a new way of protesting and supporting our Farmers, drivers and all UK workers. We need to get together and stop abuses of Public Money therefore creating no need for petrol rises


[ posted by Ray Mugford, 03.04.12 10:16 ]

Like Tom Gypps suggestion a lot!! But don't hold your breath. My, MP Neil Parish, doesn't even reply to questions posed!! I must say I can see Fair Fuels agrument for not 'Blockading' but something short and sharp
might be the answer. How DO we make these millionaire ministers realise how we are suffering, when they
are coining it at our expense! Once every 4/5 years to evict them, is not a deterent, they are a disgrace!!


[ posted by Charles Carter, 03.04.12 10:16 ]

What about a nation wide boycot of fuel over £1.50 per litre and for motoways orgainse signage at each junction pointing towards fuel at less than £1.50 open 24-hours?


[ posted by B. Lawrence, 03.04.12 10:17 ]

I work in adult education delivering courses of two hours a time. After I've spent and hour each way to get there and the cost of the fuel to do so I cannot realistically continue to work, it's just not financially viable anymore. I'm seriously considering giving up work and joining the ranks of the unemployed. I know, I'll get paid to sit in my garden - I'd be no worse off and a lot less stressed! And I'll be paying a lot less tax!


[ posted by gerry, 03.04.12 10:19 ]

I am surprised at our present Government they are supposed to be pro business they obviously
have not got a clue ! There is not one of them that has been and done a days work or run companies or managed teams of people. They all left school/university and became politicians but then with all this wonderful experience obtained from taking exams they are going to show us all how to lead our lives and run a country...........god help us all !


[ posted by Jason Green, 03.04.12 10:22 ]

If we went ahead with blockades,all we would have to do is advertise the reasons why this is needed, after the last blockades we got a result, and even now we are getting asked by the general public why we are not blockading again as the fuel tax is beyond a joke,

I personally think that the transport industry would have a lot stronger backing from the general public this time, MP's and newspapers we have done, even magazines, I think it is time for action again.

We want to be able to trade at a fair rate for our customers, so we all can grow, but we cannot do this with the foreign hauliers paying nothing towards our road infrastructure.

Maybe if hauliers did not deliver anything for a couple of days, the goverment would see how unfair they are being.
We will continue to support Fairfuel for as long as we are here,


[ posted by R Plumb, 03.04.12 10:36 ]

We've tried the softly, softly, nicely, nicely, approach,sadly it will never work! The government think they have everybody by the short and curlys so carry on uping fuel prices. Clearly direct action by way of blockade is the very, very last thing but if the government wont listen to reasoning then this is the only option left open regrettably! Yes, it will be uncomfortable but if a things worth fighting for then it has to be done. We didn't role over at the battle of britian, we didn't surrender at Dunkirk, Miners and the lower classes only have what they have got to day because they didn't give in they fort every inch of the way suffering as a consequence, the same spirit is needed to defeat government policy regarding fuel prices. Remember Winston Churchill's importal word; "We shall never surrender"


[ posted by philip harper, 03.04.12 10:45 ]

can't tax foreign hauliers, eu reg: and they would retaliate,we export 40% to europe. look into the government mind we are on the edge of the european market, we have probably the highest transport costs, the government has reduced the top tax rate to encourage people to start industry, what can higher paid people produce that dosen't need transport. banking or finance?


[ posted by Terry Wilkins, 03.04.12 10:48 ]

The Millionaires on the front bench of the government are recession proof. They have given themselves a 5p tax cut but if a top cat won't pay 50p they will find a way of not paying 45p.
In the meantime everyone else pays


[ posted by Vincent Morgan, 03.04.12 10:50 ]

Obviously the people we pay to keep our wonderful country running and to make our lives a happy experience just aren’t doing there jobs right. The feeling of discourse in this country runs through every social rung of the ladder. The government needs to re learn that they work for us to our benefit and not there own pockets. Fuel is the first step forward to bringing this country back into business.


[ posted by Chris Jones, 03.04.12 10:52 ]

Dear FairFuelUK Team,
With reference to the recent email, dated 3rd April 2012, in which you re-sent your last email, letting me know your “take on the situation”.

Here is how I see it.
I agree that the real “fuel crisis” is not the current particular dispute between the tanker drivers and their employers, although, the Government did over-hype the situation in order to take the pressure off for their other measures, including their proposals for pensioners’ allowances, decrease in the 50p rate of tax for the top earners, as well as the increase in fuel duty.

Apparently, all your polling shows that fuel tax is “the nation’s number 1 priority”. I would have thought that depends very much on what question was asked and, how it was worded. I would also have thought that the “nation’s number 1 priority” would be the actual PRICE of fuel not just one simple aspect of that price.

As I have pointed out to you before, you seem to make a big noise about the Governments increase in fuel tax (16p/gallon by your figures) but, totally ignore the fuel companies own recent price increases of more than 23p/gallon over the last four weeks. It is also noticeable that these prices are continuing to increase almost daily.

You state, in your recent email, “Over the next few weeks, we will be fighting in Parliament to see the 16p a gallon increase, waived through in the Budget speech, scrapped and to make the Government see that it should be cutting fuel duty, not raising it!”

I would ask you, “Over the next few weeks, will you be fighting to have the totally unjustified, yet so far ignored, 28p a gallon increase imposed by the oil companies scrapped and prices returned to more affordable level?”

It has been proved time and time again that reductions in taxes, such as VAT and other duties, do not necessarily result in a reduction in price to the consumer. Rather the reduction in duties is, to a large extent, absorbed by the relevant organisations, in the form of increased profits. (Usually with the excuse that prices would have had to rise anyway but now, we don’t need to increase the price.)

Please, as a matter of urgency do these three things:
1. Extend the boundaries of your campaign to include the entire cost of fuel, not just one aspect of that cost. It really does strengthen your argument and makes your stance more powerful if you are seen to be applying the same principle to all sides of the argument.
2. Help spread the word by producing and encouraging a powerful showing of a new “CUT FUEL PRICES NOW” STICKER
3. Please post your new dawn of enlightenment on your blog so that your supporters can see how you are serious about your battle to reduce the price of petrol & diesel - no matter who or what is the cause of the increase.


[ posted by Roy, 03.04.12 11:06 ]

I have to congratulate the fair fuel team for giving it a good try but it's obvious to me that this government cares not one bit about the affect the cost of fuel has on the people of this country, I think it is time for a more direct approach and judging by a lot of the replies already posted, I'm not alone, if this means fuel blockades then so be it.
The people of the UK all to often let themselves be pushed around by the government who see the motorist as an easy way of creating revenue, they like nothing more than to take,take,take but give very little if anything in return.
It's time to stand up for ourselves and say enough is enough.
I for one am in favour of blockades, obviously it's not the ideal solution but it does seem that this will be the only thing that will make this government take notice, if such action means that I loose a few days of work, well that's a price I am willing to pay.
Taking no drastic action will only result in us continuing to pay more and more at the pumps.
The choice is ours, do nothing and let the government keep taking us for fools or stand up for ourselves for once.


[ posted by david wills, 03.04.12 11:08 ]

i am self enployed driver with two vans. iam scared to put my prices up in fear of loosing my work.put it has come to stage where fuel is cripleing me so i have to take that chance. i will let you no if i will be standing in the dole queue next month.


[ posted by Rex Dyson, 03.04.12 11:14 ]

Very much in agreement with the above e mail pointing out that oil companies are moving the price up almost daily in some areas and Government is quite happy to stand by as they take their tax cut and BP etc make enormous (really enormous profit!!).I feel like many of the replies that an absolute and total blockage will be necessary if any change is to be achieved. Lobbying and much "waving of arms" will not bother our leaders one bit ,the fuel increases are outrageous,drastic action in response must be the next step.


[ posted by William Towers, 03.04.12 11:27 ]

Instead of sending out emails and lobbying politicians, who don't give a damn anyway, do something positive, like call for a country wide demonstration and a mass blockade of roads and petrol station forecourts to get the message across. We can send as many emails as we like but if that is all we do, we might as well roll over and give in to the government saying, we don't care about how much you make us pay in taxes we will just send you an email that wont even be opened. Please, anyone let me know your thoughts on this. I an not a young radical I am a 54 year old who is fed up rolling over and letting this country be dictated to by politicians who are basically yes men for Brussels.


[ posted by stuart harris, 03.04.12 11:28 ]

the file rise is not fair at all. Why should we pay more than anyone else


[ posted by norrie d, 03.04.12 11:29 ]

As a pensioner the absurdly high costs of fuel ,have affected everbody
but as a pensioner , i feel it worse , motoring is a no go heating costs are
affecting our comfort within the home, this government is always blaming the last one for
everything , but people as a nation now are beginning to doubt this lot in a big big way ,
the money they are making off fuel taxes is the highest in europe,
but big time charlies like osborne & cameron have no fiancial problems ,
they have the back up of family fortunes , where as the british public have to suffer greatly, business is getting worse for everbody due to these costs , it is about time people throughout the country protested loudly ,by blocking roads etc , showing the ministers we can act if required


[ posted by gary hawkins, 03.04.12 11:33 ]

i am a self employed taxi driver. i cannot afford to smoke anymore, i cannot afford to drink anymore. this government is now putting fuel at such a ridiculously high rate, very soon i will have to make the choice of working at a loss or claiming benefits.

the price of VAT on fuel is ludicrously high.


[ posted by keith Bullivant, 03.04.12 11:34 ]

During the years I spent in management within the motor coach operations business I found that politicans never listened to facts or used commonsense; but the one thing that did focus their minds on issues was the threat to their well paid jobs in parliament, and even the threat of direct action by the masses was enough to focus their minds. This is why I support the threat of mass action at the very least to bring Cameron into line and signal to the ineffectual Labour party what they can expect when they come to power at the end of the present parliament if they do not get a grip on the overtaxation of road fuels..


[ posted by Garry Carr, 03.04.12 11:44 ]

I am happy to engage in any action that you as a group sanction,whether this means fuel protests and blockades then let it be,I will support you.
This country and the clowns that call themselves politicians should be ashamed of themselves for all the damage there greed has created,the UK in my opinion is no more than a toilet,how much more damage can these morons do to the great british people who have patiently taken everything you have thrown at them,like Blair your numbers up ?


[ posted by IRENE TOOMBS, 03.04.12 11:48 ]

I dont agree with blockades as you only end up with the public against you and as a small business in the road haulage industry we cant afford to lose the small profit we get by not working.
i do however feel very frustrated about the the price of derv and i think the government have got us all over a barrel because they know how small our profits are and they know most of us cant afford to cause disruption to an already very precarious industry. the way i look at it the government will get less revenue overall as the least profit we make the less tax we pay and as we all go to the wall driven into the ground by this insane fuel duty then they will get nothing at all and the country i hope will remember this government when we are voting in a new one.I for one will never ever vote for the libs or cons (cons being the operative word)


[ posted by MrG Milne, 03.04.12 11:56 ]

have written to local MP who claims to have spoken to Chancelor but obviously with no result- I am not mresponsible for puting this man in the job-but would help remove him by voting now


[ posted by Andrew Hamilton, 03.04.12 11:58 ]

Like many others here, I feel that the time for reasoned argument and persuasion is now over as even when presented with the facts and the evidence of real suffering out there, the government simply refuses to listen. I agree that it's now time for some direct action, preferably action that will disrupt the lives and ruffle the feathers of the political class. A blockade of parliament would be a good start - with the threat of more to come. We live more than 20 miles from the nearest big town and people here are really suffering with some facing the reality of not being able to afford to travel to work anymore. Enough is enough!!


[ posted by Mrs M. Milne, 03.04.12 12:02 ]

We have a very poor bus service in our area-living in a small village and need our car to get to important services like surgery,chemist,etc Husband isn't the healthiest person on the planet and often has to visit doctor 6 miles from home.


[ posted by Archie Mclachlan, 03.04.12 12:18 ]

All Governments have been so out of touch with the wishes of the people regarding taxation on fuel you could not make it up. For all governments it is an easy hit to bring in money but for the population it is an increase not only on fuel but all types of energy, all transport of goods and services , travelling to work or business , tourism and for people who live in rural
communities, a matter of life or death.
The sad part of this is our politicians of all parties are so out of touch with the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent they might as well be living on the Moon.


[ posted by DJ ADAM EVE, 03.04.12 12:19 ]

I remember the last blockade well. One of the main things which set it off was keeping fuel uder £1 per liter, that was only a few years ago. It bloody worked though, it was just under £1 the start, well under by the end and didn't rise to that level again for some time.

I started driving in 95, I remember shopping round to get fuel under 50p a liter, how has this shappened, how have we let it happen? In the same time fuel has almost trebled my wages have barely doubled, and that takes into account age and experience.

The problem is it is made too easy for them, we are like addicts and they are drug dealers, we can moan about the price, but we are hooked, Theres plenty of other buyers, so why would they reduce the price? The only solution is for us to quit using fuel, but how likely is that? Even in a blockade fuel companies do OK, we top up, stock pile, panic buy andb refuel after.

So here we are, I agree with the gentleman who suggested a Levy on foreign hauliers, the only problem being that we are an island, so most of the stuff being transported are to/ from UK businesses, so that would drive prices up on them, defeating the point of reduced fuel costs. Never the less it is a good idea but would have to be brought about with affirmative action, i.e. Blockade the ports like the French do. Maybe every road leading to a port/ airport should be a toll road with price tiers for UK and non UK vehicles/ passengers.

The other alternative is an idea thats been around a while; boycotting certain big fuel companies (I think the original idea was bp, even though they're not really British as such), the idea here is with plummiting sales they would lead the way reducing fuel prices, lobbying for lower duty along side us. Problem is they already do, reducing duty works for them too.

I have had several letters from my mp Ben Gummer, he says the government won't budge since they already did so much to keep costs down. I smell something fishy...

What is happening is we are playing straight into their hands. In France the streets would be full of people and over turned cars by now.

We need affirmative action. We should NOT blockade refineries, we should blockade tax offices, houses of parliament, council offices, county Courts and generally any money making tool the government has. They are OUR GOVERNMENT being paid out of the very taxes they steal from us when we top up. We are not looking for anythingb unrealistic, 20p per liter should do it. There should also be tax breaks for fuel companies with the lowest annual average cost at the pumps.

Lets all stop sitting around moaning and actually do something. The ‘oh I will write a letter’ British way is ineffectual... Lets get European on their assess, seriously. Quintin Wilson needs to man up, you could get another million signatures, it wouldn't matter, THEY DON'T CARE. And the truth is even signing a petition is to much effort for some, 235000 signatures? There must be millions out there suffering at the pumps. The cruelty is the less money you have the older your car, the more fuel you use, yet again poorest suffer most.

The simple truth is we'll probably do nothing, just sit back, watch it happen and moan. I bet even reading this is too much effort for some.


[ posted by David Britten, 03.04.12 12:30 ]

A blockade would be a serious inconvenience to the public, but at least it wouldn't last long. High fuel prices will be with us for as long as Osbourne is chancellor, and that's far too long. Let's have a showdown with the government and demonstrate just who has the power. We didn't vote for this shower, and we certainly didn't vote to be priced off the road. So stop being whimpish and support real action instead of just impotently whinging to a recalcitrant government.


[ posted by Mr.G.Strutt, 03.04.12 12:31 ]

I think that the government not only need to look at reducing the price of fuel i.e reducing VAT and
fuel duty or which ever is the highest,and stopping petrol stations from raising the price one p here
and one p there just when they feel like it.


[ posted by Tom Fiets, 03.04.12 12:47 ]

Point A is wrong imvho, everyone I knew who went out there and tried to get fuel didnt actually need it. THEY were the ones causing problems for everyone. Its no good asking for a reduction in fuel duty, show the Government you mean business by cutting off their supply to tax.

How do you do this? I propose we designate a week of "driver strikes" where we all refuse to use our cars/petrol stations for a week! ..take a holiday/unpaid leave, use buses and bikes. £32 million a day is raked in fuel duty, a week without this will make them think.


[ posted by David Britten, 03.04.12 12:48 ]

We have to consider that there may be a completely different agenda for high fuel prices to the widely accepted one that it is for tax revenue. Given that is has been demonstrated that revenue will not increase, I suspect that the government is intent on forcing us to use public transport to fulfill promises Thatcher made when she gave our transport system to private companies. There is also the EU factor, and government obligations to cut CO2 emissions. Bearing in mind that Tory sympathies lie entirely with business rather than to the welfare of the electorate, these factors need to be considered when devising strategy to challenge the government.


[ posted by MR L LIGHT, 03.04.12 12:55 ]

Lets stop pussy footing around,Lets get on with blockades.The government are not listening to us they are laughing. Where do we start, i'm ready.


[ posted by Karen Telling, 03.04.12 13:01 ]

A agree blockading the fuel depots can only harm the country and the already struggling economy. Perhaps it's time for the good old Great British public to stand together, for once, and for one day, refuse to go about our business and not drive our cars, nor purchase any fuel. We all complain about the high prices, me included, but do we make a stand ourselves? No. Maybe it's time for a re-think.


[ posted by ken smith transport, 03.04.12 13:06 ]

Hi thar is only one answer to this problam is that all hgv drivers to stay at home for 23 days and mean all . I know it will never happon . DID YOU KNOW THAT MOST HGV DRIVERS GET PAID £6.75 PER HOUR AND HAVE TO HAVE NIGHT OUT @ £25.00 and that is part of thar wages and with out the drivers all companey. Have no business such as tesco asda with out them we have noting thank ken smith.


[ posted by sean mitchell, 03.04.12 13:25 ]

Thought you may like to know there is a small fuel station in south wales who are charging £1:49.9 for a litre of diesel & this is before the tax increase. If this situation was in mainland europe they would be protests and lots of sheep burning etc. But here in the uk we are the sheep who just accept what is happening to us & keep our heads down. we need to stand up for ourselves and show the government who is really in charge. remember they were voted in to represent us not to dictate.


[ posted by Simon, 03.04.12 13:36 ]

Talking to the corrupt politicians of Westminster will not work. Sadly, the only way to make them listen is to take direct action as the hauliers and farmers propose. I can imagine the politicians laughing at us as they sip their subsidised booze in Westminster before making their way home to their subsidised second homes in transport paid for by us. In my opinion direct action is the only thing that will make them take any notice.


[ posted by mr john euesden, 03.04.12 13:56 ]

well the way i see it we are getting noware what so ever with this peticion best thing to do is block all the roads arround downing st and westminster ect and also take each oil company and boycot them so they under stand that they are all getting a nice rake off the motorist both goverment and oil company s you have to hit them where it hurts [turn over no one can take a hit like that and servive.Stop messing get angry with them all.


[ posted by Peter Kinsey, 03.04.12 14:14 ]

How do you propose to replace the tax revenue lost by reducing fuel tax? Given that Britain is massively in debt and needs to seriously reduce the amount of money it borrows each year; given that reducing fuel tax would put a significant dent in tax revenue, what do you suggest should be taxed instead? Or should we close a few hospitals and schools and cut public sector pay and pensions so that you can save £2 when you fill your car? Worldwide oil demand is growing far faster than the supply can. It won't be long before the supply is decreasing. Cutting fuel tax would only ever be a short-term stop-gap while oil prices continue to climb. Instead of whining about it, we should be learning to live without the car. It's a luxury, not a right.


[ posted by andy, 03.04.12 14:33 ]

what are you on!!!!
i dont think in a month of sundays this goverment or any party who gets inwill listen
my own personal opinion is this country needs direct action lets stop mamby pambing, around lets
show the goverment we are p________ed right off with the price of fuel


[ posted by John Flynn, 03.04.12 15:06 ]

Stop Taxing the motorist


[ posted by phil hharper, 03.04.12 15:11 ]

well peter, they have just reduced tax for the rich we also give money away to other countrys, we have just built two aircraft carriers without planes the list goes on and on, more to do with missmanagment, this not taking into account of the estimated loss by tax avoidance also by the rich, there are other ways rather than putting a brake on the economy and lives


[ posted by Simon, 03.04.12 15:15 ]

@ Peter Kinsey, There is no need to close hospitals etc. What is needed is to curb the drunken sailor spending of this government. Mainly in the area of all the non jobs (1 million plus) created by the last government and still proliferating under Dave. Sack 1 million jobsworths on £30k and put them on £5k dole and you have an immediate saving of £25 billion. Show them the same degree of sympathy they show us when we appeal one of their dodgy parking tickets or pay our council tax a few days late.


[ posted by marc ayre, 03.04.12 15:24 ]

ffs ffuk the government didnt listen to you the first time round wot makes u think there gonna listen to u now direct action is the only way there gonna listen wot u forget we have the people behind us and its them were fighting for ffuk is just like the government your not listening if ur trying to be an mp dont use the people as an excuse to get there we know ur in bed with them Peter Carroll prime example so come on wake up Direct Action is the only way


[ posted by Roger, 03.04.12 15:30 ]

I think that all the haulage companys should park thair lorrys up for a weekse what they had to pay in wages would be saved in fuel and the goverment would rellise what damage they are doing


[ posted by ken, 03.04.12 15:32 ]

Peter wot are you on it's a poor do wen the fuel is keeping every thing a flote come on 86% tax more tax more out of work .


[ posted by Mick Fleming, 03.04.12 15:39 ]

Pensioner disabled so I need my car to get around so getting robbed by this lot twice camaron&osbourne have property that they rent out geuss what they have just reduced the ammount of tax they pay every thing moves by road so every thing will cost more no wonder we are in a mess with a**holes who dont live on this planer


[ posted by Tim, 03.04.12 15:52 ]

I believe we should all support the tanker and lorry drivers and join in. Direct action against this goverment is the only way we will get rid of it and it needs to go before the damage they are doing is irreversible.


[ posted by tony bingham, 03.04.12 16:37 ]

i'm not sure that anything other than direct action will make any difference - aren't there 2 issues here -
1) desire to move people from the roads to alternative forms of fuel/transport
2) perception that increasing duty will increase revenue?
what makes a mockery of both these points is the lack of alternative methods of transport (unless you live within the underground network) and the fact that lowering duties will lead to increase in consumption (necessary as point 1 is irrelevant, given lack of alternatives!)
i think direct action may well be the only course of action!


[ posted by Nigel Rogers, 03.04.12 16:41 ]

The effort employed in getting tyhe e-pertition has been largely ignored. Something must be done to show that this issue will not go away. I propose that if the public were to not buy fuel on the weekend it would show the government what could be acheived by public pressure without causing great inconvevience to the population. If this works but it is still ignored it could ramp up to three days a week etc etc. This way all parties can get a true representation of public resentment.


[ posted by mark bolton, 03.04.12 16:41 ]

At £148.9 diesel has now reached the point where I can no longer aford to put it in my car, I am currently unemployed as the building trade has gone phut, so what do I do? Answer sell the car and the bike and deny the theiving gits the tax which they would have made on fuel,road tax and any other transactions made as a motorist. When enough of us go back to pedal power perhaps the government will see that they killed off the goose laying golden eggs!


[ posted by Paul Witherington, 03.04.12 17:02 ]

Not only are Cameron and Osborne out of touch with the majority of the people but they also dont care.When was the last time either of them had to pay for their own fuel?I hope you all remember this at the next election-I can assure you I will.


[ posted by Nigel Rogers, 03.04.12 17:04 ]

With Regards to Foreign Hauliers - If we cant discrimminate against them why not get them to pay Road Fund Licence at the point of entry. 28 Days worth should do the trick. If they stay in the UK for longer than that they will be paying our fuel tax levels - job done. If they leave earlier - job done. If they come back into the country again charge them for another 28 days!


[ posted by Jim King, 03.04.12 18:29 ]

This is a very sad week for us. My wife works 40 miles from our home (80 mile round trip) she has worked there for 17 years. On Monday morning (Yesterday) she handed in her 1 month notice. Anything she made by going to work is being eaten by fuel costs getting there. Its all well and good saying "use public transport" but when you live in cumbria, its a public transport system that simply does not exist. how much has that cost the treasury? how much will it cost now i am the only wage earner, we will certainly be cutting back on other non essentials now (loss in VAT) selling the 2nd car (loss in road tax, and in fuel duty altogether). So well done George, you certainly managed to take her out of income tax, you prat.


[ posted by George McMaster, 03.04.12 18:30 ]

Anyone who suggests blockading Parliament has not thought this through at all. If MPs were sitting and not able to get to their homes they would just sign into luxury hotels and claim extra allowances , and if they were at home they would be quite happy to stay there and claim additional allowances for working from home hilst doing nothing. Whatever hapens they win and the public lose in a big way.


[ posted by Mark, 03.04.12 18:31 ]

Unfortunately whilst the fairfuelUK idea is a good one, it has no power what so ever, its just words that are placed on a piece of paper and you could have 20 million of them, the government would do nothing.

They appear to give in slightly by delaying price rises, by the odd penny, but, the trend is ever upwards, we will be paying over £2.00 per litre within 12 months.

I would say that 99.9999% of people are affected by fuel increases in some way, goods, services, directly through the pump, it is slowly killing this island, BUT, no one in power cares, they ignore the demands for cheaper fuel, if you think any action like fairfueluk suggest is going to work then you are living in cloud cuckoo land, trust me....

The only way to get a result is tanker drivers and Hauliers to go on strike, along with the rest of us, then and only then will politicians listen.

When their is a viable alternative to fossil fuels to power our transportation system I will be first to take it up, BUT there isn't, the government know this and they use environmetal arguements to raise the cost of fuel, we the plebians suffer and its getting worse.

Direct action is now the only way, firm but fair, with no violence, if you resort to the latter, you have lost any spark of credibility you have, keep it clean, make them listen. PS before you ask, I am a tory voter, its not political its family survival.

I am slowly seeing the value of my salary reduce, electric costs up, gas up, petrol up, diesel up. The bulk of this is taxes, also is it fair that stocks are allegedly limited on purpose to keep the cost of crude artificailly high, I think not...

thank you


[ posted by Michael Leather, 03.04.12 18:37 ]

Britain is sleepwalking into poverty. People who are working ared being taxed so high to pay for those who are not.Britain can not afford to pay for the EU, immigrants or crazy unsustainable government pensions and can not afford to just stand by and let what is left of the industries go due to over taxing. How did Britain manage in the fifties and sixties when it was a major world leader with industry.Fuel was a few shillings ( shilling = 5p) a GALLON, At the moment the Govt are grabbing from the few sources which are left but are using all the good corn and planting the discarded until Britain has nothing.


[ posted by keith wilton, 03.04.12 18:45 ]

I have to fill up at least twice a week with diesel and petrol! My cars were new when I bought them. One is an 05 plate diesel and when I bought it I could fill my car up on £35 now it's £ 75 pounds, my earnings haven't risen at the same rate, infact, they have fallen because of the high cost of fuel. I have to cut what I can reasonably charge I sometimes think I would be better off on the dole or as a scrounger and/or an immigrant! I am sick to death of working for next to nothing!


[ posted by Mrs. j.Bonar, 03.04.12 18:49 ]

It's a struggle to keep our family run removal business going and make a profit. The cost of diesel is astronomical. We neverless have to keep competetive and we have our very good name to keep


[ posted by Stuart Wood, 03.04.12 19:07 ]

I'm sorry to say even though I support the political pressure approach to this issue,the only way to make this communistic government sit up and take notice is DIRECT ACTION. I keep hearing people saying "yeah get the hauliers and farmers to blockade" well if there is 60 million motorists in the UK then surely we as a whole have the power and weight to cause major disruption to a miniscule government. Organisation is the key and being brave enough to stand up and be counted instead of expecting some one else to fight for you, I for one would be more than happy to give up my time and energy to put a point across to these dictators who think they are in control, but when you think about it we are in control of ourselves and life is what you make it so lets stand together for a change and make the rich suffer not the poor.


[ posted by Philip Berry, 03.04.12 19:08 ]

This non elected government created that panic buying last week purposely to try and turn public opinion against the tanker drivers etc. What really got me was the idiots who sat in those queues actually believed what this lying deceiving government said. There hadn't even been a strike announced. It just proved to me how gullible some people are and I hope they now realise they were just being used as puppets by this manipulative government. It will affect me but direct action by all of us not just the tanker drivers is the only way. Enough is enough.


[ posted by Margaret Haskayne, 03.04.12 19:11 ]

What about people who are in wheelchairs, cannot use buses etc. They will be affected both ways. By barricades, there will be no petrol and they soon won't be able to afford petrol when it is increased and all their bills are increased by other businesses trying to survive.

This government won't care, it's a drop in the ocean to them with their millions. They can get out and lead a normal life, whenever they want, unlike disabled people, and their carers.


[ posted by Kenneth Johns, 03.04.12 19:30 ]

what will we do when the oil gets dangerously low below ground...WAR over it ?.....most likely, as little is being done to secure an alternative...but then...the USA has more oil below it's own soil than all of opec put together !....this could at least HALVE the cost of petrol, and release us from ransom to the saudis !!!


[ posted by Phillip Paisley, 03.04.12 19:37 ]

Having attended the cause up in London to lobby my MP, I was very dissapointed to see that the Government took absolutely no notice of this peaceful and intelligent protest. The Next step has to be Direct Action and to bring the centre of London to a standstill. This however will be impossible with the mere 250 people who where good enough to attend the last meeting at Westminster. So lets all get ourselves up to London once more and make a bit more noise this time or we are all going to suffer more increases in the cost of living.Fuel prices need to be brought down to a steady one pound a litre and when oil prices go up, the tax and vat comes down !!!


[ posted by J Dancy, 03.04.12 19:51 ]

This tax on fuel is far too high already with out further rises.
This goverment seems to want to suck every last drop of money out of the workers and pensioners who have saved.


[ posted by Adrian hook, 03.04.12 20:03 ]

I agree with fairfuel uk on this.the problem is we are under a dictatorship and they just do what they want to no matter what.they are probaly scanning these emails to route out troublemakers.we might as well give em all our money and ask for pocket money every week.


[ posted by Pat McEvoy, 03.04.12 20:10 ]

Having read quite a lot of the comments posted I have to agree with a lot of the views for a more direct action. I appreciate that Quentin Willson & others at the top of FFC feel they need to keep a public profile that doesn't upset the Government who one day they "may" persuade to look towards the people of this country & reduce the obscene amount of tax & VAT being levied on fuel. But the people can only wait so long. We are angry at being robbed at every turn by this & previous Governments & seeing our standard of living drop almost week by week & watching them living off the fat of the land at our exspence.
My MP (Mark Harper-Con)who has not signed up to the FFC, has responded to my E-mails by sending me two almost identical letters,full of the normal weasel words you expect from politicians stating what his party have done (that has made no difference)but not giving any hope of them doing what is right for this country. Being "NICE" is getting us nowhere but what is next?


[ posted by steve gibbs, 03.04.12 20:52 ]

its bollocks i might move countrys this country and goverment is shit


[ posted by Steven, 03.04.12 21:08 ]

I agree that some direct action is needed as well as the petition route. there are simply not enough signatures getting added to the petition. 30 million vehicles in the UK andillion signatures, frankly there is just to much apathy at play here and with this level of interest the government are of course going to do nothing. Either get just 10 of vehicle owners to sign up, 3000000 signatures or start considering direct action. My MP has ignored all I said to him but he does support a drop in VAT back to 17.5%, back to where we were in 2011. Way to go, and these are our elected representatives????? A bunch of poor circus acts in my humble opinion.


[ posted by Jonathan Sherman, 03.04.12 21:31 ]

Reading the posts on this page it looks like there is a good deal of frustration and anger over the government ignoring the case for fuel duty reduction in the recent budget. Fair Fuel UK made a very good argument and I was happy to support this effort by attending the Parliament lobby event last month. Quentin Wilson, Peter Carroll and Robert Halfon made excellent speeches in the committee rooms.

However, not even an acknowledgement of my emails or my lobby card from my MP (Francis Maude no less - the same twit who gave out the "fill up a jerry can" advice) and, as we know, the Government took no notice.

So I whilst I continue to support the Fair Fuel campaign, it is quite apparent that there is a head of steam building up for some sort of direct action. It isn't hard to see why. A good reasoned argument is ignored, but the slightest hint of a fuel strike (albeit for reasons unrelated to aims of this campaign)has the government running in incoherent circles - plus it worked against Blair/Brown in 2000.


[ posted by Fred, 03.04.12 21:34 ]

Direct action is the only way to get the message through to this government that the public have had enough of extortionate fuel taxes. We are being bled to dry by a government that has clearly displayed how much they regard the ordinary people of the country whilst helping themselves and their millionaire buddies to a lot of gold-plated benefits (the 50p tax rate especially).

The government are imploding after two weeks of sheer utter madness. Andrew Spence of the Fuel Lobby has vowed he'd bring the government down when the truckers join in, he couldn't get as good a chance as this. Also remember this, if we do have an early general election, remember one thing motorists - don't, under any circumstances vote Labour in a bid to get these parasites out of office, remember which party was in power then they hammered the motorist with rise after rise in fuel duty at every opportunity.

Let the protests begin!!!!


[ posted by wil carter, 03.04.12 21:52 ]

I have always supported fair fuel policy of petitions ect, but now its time to say it is not working,while you have worked very hard in the past,the results have not been promising.Fuel prices have continued to rise putting my haulage buisness(one man band) under great strain,my customers are still looking for cheaper jobs they dont have money either,so we are in catch 22 the only thing for it is blockades and any other means for publicity,the rha are a waste of time and bow to any government intervention good luck but i have lost all interest in the campaign,it is not working we really needed to see more results.


[ posted by Mr Robert Willescroft, 03.04.12 22:42 ]

This chancellor is not in touch with reality,- he is making life unbearably difficult for a great many people. I believe he has been given the wrong advice by those so-called advisors in whitehall. These fuel price rises will bring the country to a standstill.


[ posted by Mark, 03.04.12 23:21 ]

The politicians think they hold the power, think they are in control. Only if we the public let them.

A firm yet peaceful direct action protest until the prices come down wont take long to bring the situation to ahead.

The governments situation will become untenable, then they will finally realise that fuel is the driving force here and the high cost of it. We are taxed when we wake up, we are taxed when we drive to work, we are taxed at work, we are taxed when we drive home, we are taxed when we enjoy ourselves, we are taxed, when we dont, we are taxed when we die, we are taxed, when we buy. More and more people are suddenly realising its not cost effective to drive to work, to pay taxes to faceless politicians who have no idea what real hardship is, they dont have to struggle to put food on the table, to put fuel in the tanks, they have no idea!

sending letters doesn't work, they dont listen, to get to a certain number allows a debate, oh yes, sure, that means they talk about it, but things stay the same. totally meaningless, without power. But the UK citizen is about to show their collective might, if fuel costs keep rising, eventually something will happen. It simply cannot go on.....it cant

Thank you


[ posted by costin, 03.04.12 23:40 ]

how do we stop it


[ posted by D Keeble, 04.04.12 01:41 ]

I agree with Chris Jones It isn't just the Government it is the oil company's as well they put the price up say 10p when the price of oil goes up but when it comes back to the same price as before they only eventually reduce it by 1p and then it starts again oil up, price up' oil down very little petrol price down, plus the seasonal increases, we have to fight the oil company's as well!!!!


[ posted by daviv jack, 04.04.12 08:59 ]

was down at blackpool last saterday bp £155lt ripoff


[ posted by laurence F ardito, 04.04.12 09:22 ]

I NEED a car not want, as a complete paraplegic my car is the only way to get around, buses trains and even planes are stilll not providing realistic transport for disabled people, so why the high cost of fuel when most is tax.

Do you want me to become an inddor cabbage.
Yes I do get some help but that is all taken away by the high fuel costs


[ posted by Eric, 04.04.12 09:44 ]

What planet is this Government on thinking that this iniquitous duty can be raised ad-infinitum?
It needs reducing immediately.


[ posted by Luke, 04.04.12 14:11 ]

I have been supporting fair fuel U.K for several months but I am afraid like many here Direct action is needed... I work, I need my car to get to work, I live in an area with very limited public transport.. the government will not listen and its about time we all came out our shells and started expressing our discontent! If there was a blockade I may not be able to get into work, i may lose out on money that I really cant do without, but do you know what its got to that point where we all need to take a stand and say this is really not acceptable any longer! If I here of any direct action planned I will support it in any way I can.. I will take days off work if needs be, bring food to hauliers whatever.. I bet you we would the support of the majority because we are the majority!


[ posted by Chris Davies, 04.04.12 14:20 ]

I too feel it is time for direct action - Fair Fuel UK seems to be being ignored because the government don't consider this campaigning a threat. I support Fair Fuel UK (i have a car sticker), but there comes a point where direct action is needed to make your voice heard


[ posted by wil carter, 04.04.12 21:21 ]

why has no one at fairfuel posted anything on here? the only way is direct action,if the tanker drivers go on strike they need our help.


[ posted by Mark, 04.04.12 22:24 ]

FairFuel UK must be extremely careful in its forthcoming strategy in how to deal with the ongoing rip off that is duty on petrol & diesel. 235,000 supporters plus motoring groups have seen the current opportunistic coalition government choose to exploit indirect revenue on a product that we simply cannot do without. One can see from the vast majority of the posts on this matter that patience is wearing thin. Lobbying is falling on deaf ears whilst fuel prices go through the roof. Ordinary people cannot aford to wait indefinitely for lobbying to sufficiently embarrass the current government whilst they fall into fuel poverty and watch their living standards fall. The last Labour government was shaken to its core by the last direct fuel protests; albeit only for a short time. Surely the time has arrived to look at a similar course of action again. Nobody advocates such action lightly, but desperation and despair are driving ordinary people to consider direct protest as a last resort.


[ posted by Mr Robert Willescroft, 07.04.12 04:55 ]

This so-called government is not living on the same planet as the rest of us.They are a government of rich men and women who are married to rich men and women and have no idea on how to manage a budget in these difficult times.Cameron, Clegg and Co are a world apart.If they do not change direction, they will bring the country to ruin.


[ posted by T Moore, 08.04.12 13:11 ]

I feel it would at least be worthwhile to advise the general public of the price of fuel and amount of tax involved at time of previous blockades and protests.


[ posted by J Richards, 10.04.12 00:18 ]

I am so disappointed in this government all they seem to be doing is taking and not much giving I have noticed over the Easter period alone not many people went away normally you find this is the first chance many couples and family get to take a break from everyday life but with the ever increasing cost of fuel they just cannot afford it. I am just about self employed I say that as I am holding on by the skin of my teeth - I am in the tourist industry and we are just not getting the volume of people and the few that do come to Cornwall are not spending because of the fuel costs and cost the of everyday living. So come on give us all a helping hand and reduce the duty on our fuel for a start in fact stop the duty for 2 years then only put it up by inflation then everyone would be a winner.


[ posted by Chris Homewood, 20.04.12 14:12 ]

The rising fuel prices are something that everybody in this country is concerned about, apart from those leading our government and those inforcing the ever increasing prices. They always say we wont increase the price this time but only a few days later, weeks if you're lucky, suprise suprise the price has risen yet again by a few pence.

So mauch for the fuel strike which made most people panic and what a briliant time to hike up the price yet again. The price per liter is at a record high and its about time something was done. Everyone talks about it but nothing ever seems to happen to slow down the increases or actually stop them all together. Having searched for a petition to sign i came across loads on the internet but are these actually going to be shown to the government in a bid towards cutting fuel prices?

Its ok for the guys in government earnig their large salaries and having their exspenses paid for, I'm sure they're not to bothered about the price of fuel, although you'll know when they are as the price per litre will stop! What about the smaller guy earning an average salary, you can't just keep increasing the price, it will and has started to affect a lot of us already, having to sell our cars, cut working hours, when will the government realise what is happening?

This price increase every few months is unlawful to the citizens of this country. The majority of us pay our way in so many other forms of tax and whilst i know the government is in a tight spot when it comes to its budget, i really hope that one day the rising fuel price will be a thing of the past.

The government obvioulsy feel that they can hope to clear some of their debt but making these increases and effectively having us pay it off. So many people with so many cars, just a couple of extra of pence and we can make ex amount this year. Government thinknig at its best i feel.

Still, having signed a couple of petitons, i hope one day to see prices freeze and better still start to reduce. Here's hoping.


[ posted by Shirley Bere, 22.04.12 14:51 ]

I have written to my M.P. on several occasions concerning the price of fuel and I really feel they are showing a total disregard to the hardship it is causing both families and business.I would like to thank FairFuel UK for trying so hard to make the government listen but I am beginining to wonder if the government will act.
The tax on fuel brings in a vast amount of income for the government and as previously stated they have no idea how hard it is for the ordinary working man to survive.I am begining to feel stronger measures need to be taken to show the government we have had enough


[ posted by Andrew witts, 24.04.12 20:01 ]

I put £20 pounds worth of petrol in my car the other day, 15 litres just over 3 gallons, of that £20 government take around £12 pounds in tax how obscene is that in terms of tax on a commodity.Rightly or wrongly petrol is a major part of our lives and should be affordable to all not just the rich and government cronies with bottomless expence accounts.I find it sad that now i have consider which journey is worth taking especialy in terms of family outings,i feel sorry for my 15 year old son at what he has to look forward to in the future.the way things are going we wont be able to afford to go anywhere.


[ posted by mark, 02.05.12 23:59 ]

Dear Mr Carroll,

I read with interest you comment regarding direct action.

I think you are severely mistaken if you think that continued pressure in the form of letters, petitions, on line surveys will do ANYTHING to bring the price of fuel down to an affordable level.

The government, do not listen to the plight of motorists, the country they administer has again dipped into recession, their answer, increase fuel costs to ensure even less disposable income is available, the very funds that would enable the average UK citizen to spend in order to reverse this current problem.

They need money to bolster the coffers of whitehall, the motorist is an easy target. A car in modern society with cuts across the board in public transport, services and facilities is no longer a luxury, with organisations having to cut back on local clinics and facilities and moving everything to a central location, the car is now a real and tangible requirement in everyday modern life, especially for people like myself who choose to live where the air is clean and the surroundings are green.

It will be years before this country is back on its feet, it will probably start when at the next election the current mismatch is voted out, this statement comes from someone who voted conservative a few years ago. It is now getting to the point for a lot of uk citizens that it is simply not cost effective to go to work. so, even less people paying taxes eh, now thats what I call short sighted!

Give up guys, its not happening, they are not listening and never will....


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