Wednesday, March 21, 2012
No Fuel in the tank for the British Economy?
Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, "The Government has turned its back on families and businesses all across the country. Three quarters of the electorate who want lower fuel prices. It ignores the threat of rising global oil prices

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[ posted by Jane, 21.03.12 13:59 ]

I really can't beleive that this government has chosen to press ahead with the increase in fuel duty. I feel totally frustrated as I am sure all the people who have lobbied so hard to try and get this government to see sense must feel. I like many more have written to my local MP but only to receive a reply which can only be described as a round robin email and in no way answered any of my questions. The future for many hauliers will be bleak let alone the motorists that rely on there cars. Why is it everyone else can see the obvious but this government can't have they any idea the number of hauliers that will fail due to the fuel - wouldn't that mean the government would then be loosing revenue or am I missing the point!


[ posted by P Jackson, 21.03.12 14:01 ]

The fact that fuel duty was ignored is disgusting! Millions of people have been pushing for a fuel duty cut for years now but the govenment keep putting it up. Clealrly they only care about thenselves and couldnt care less about how the rest of the country is struggling to fuel their cars to get to work to keep the country running.
All i can say is bring back the fuel blockades we had in 2000. Make the government realise how stupid they have been to ignore what the people of britan have to say!!


[ posted by L Jepson, 21.03.12 14:07 ]

How on earth does the UK government think that putting fuel duty up year on year on year is ever going to be sustainable in the long term.

How long is it going to be before fuel is £2 per litre? £3? It's not as if the government doesn't benefit year on year anyway because as oil prices go up, so does the VAT that they collect!!



[ posted by Michael, 21.03.12 14:13 ]

I am absolutely devastated that the government has chosen to do nothing regarding the duty on fuel. I am a self employed courier on a fixed price contract who is finding it harder & harder to make ends meet & every time a 1p goes on the price of fuel is another nail in coffin of my working life, the time is rapidly approaching when I will be financially better off on the dole! How can that be right, just what do we have to do to make them see sense??!!


[ posted by Gordon, 21.03.12 14:15 ]

I have seen derv at 148.9 on my travels and petrol very close behind it. This Tory led government is so biased, not to the hard working people as it claims, but to the rich and wealthy. My car is a necessity and I like many require it on a daily basis. This government may have introduced the new personal tax allowance - but thats from next year, that is no good as we need the cut in fuel duty NOW. Osbornes position is now untenable and I think he should consider his position as Chancellor of the Exchequer.


[ posted by Steve Granite, 21.03.12 14:17 ]

The Government has shown a complete disregard for the public and the haulage industry by ignoring the polls and factual data. It is clear that a further 3.02ppl increase will finish some companies , will result in less residual income for the public and will push prices of all products up as everything needs transporting!!

Shocking decision by the government .


[ posted by april martin, 21.03.12 14:17 ]

so fst lot of good it did sending letters to our local MPs! as usual the motorist is being milked for every penny they can aqueeze out of us.
No only a rise in the cost of fuel which in this area will take diesel above £1.50 a litre but also a rise in vehicle excise duty.
We are losing our hourly bus service through the village in favour of a transport system, that only goes to and from 2 towns. No good for getting anywhere else and for some too far to walk to so they cannot use it. a car is NOT A LUXURY it is a neccessity.
Wake up Westminster! we do not all have a good public transport system, nor do we have the income to absorb the weekly costs of fuel increases, Your blind adherence to the increases in fuel duty will cause real problems for many and by the way add to inflation as everything that comes by road will increae as will fares. But then you want that since excise duty will be linked to inflation! rip off britain is alive and well and lives in Westminster!!


[ posted by Simon, 21.03.12 14:19 ]

Time for another fuel depot blockade me thinks!

Direct action is the only way it seems that the government will listen and see sense.


[ posted by Reg Penn, 21.03.12 14:22 ]

I am incandescence with rage, we have been well and truly shafted by this government AGAIN. They have shown their complete disregard and contempt for our campaign - shame on them!


[ posted by Michael Hudston, 21.03.12 14:25 ]

As the Government has ignored the reasoned, evidence based Argument that Failfuel UK presented to them, maybe its time for more Radical Action. How about a Fuel Strike and Blockade of Fuel Depots and Ports, may be one now, with the promise of another in the Week Running up to the Olympics?

I am not normally one to suggest such action, but when the ignore good advice and are about to Cripple the motorist with another 3p VAT rise in August, what options are left open to us?


[ posted by Trish, 21.03.12 14:28 ]

The motorist has become an easy target, not only for the Govt but local authorities as well. Not only do we have to suffer ludicrously high fuel prices, but also ludicrously high parking charges (1.5 x the cost of my weekly fuel bill to park the car!). All this adds up to working a month, to gain 3 weeks pay with the other week going on "getting to work". I feel we are long past the petition, writing to our MP stage, and that direct action is the next stage. If this were any other country, they would have been out in the streets, blockading the fuel depots, but not us. This is bad for the man in the street, bad for the economy - why can they not see this?


[ posted by Ben, 21.03.12 14:31 ]

How do we go about bringing a vote of no confidence in the current government?


[ posted by Simon, 21.03.12 14:34 ]

A mass writing to MPs, especially those with MPs in the gov't (like mine), stating that the failure to act in the interest of the population (the motorist IS the population after all) means that they have lost our vote.

None of the 3 main parties are defending the motorist, except perhaps UKIP, who seem to be the only with brains that can think and apply common sense and rationality.


[ posted by James W, 21.03.12 14:36 ]

Being disabled it is hard enough to cope as it is. I joined the fair fuel campaign to add my voice and to support the cut. Obviously though Osborne is either stupid or just does not care about the concerns of ordinary people. I know it is against the law, but quite frankly I don't care anymore. I will in future be using red diesel in my car and if and when I get caught, I will put two fingers up to the powers that be, as they have done to us. If more people did direct action like that instead of just talking, polls and petitions then maybe the message might get through.


[ posted by Jean Scollen, 21.03.12 14:41 ]

I can honestly say I am not suprised, the govt seems to take great pride in completely disregarding the views and wishes of its know those of whom politicians are supposed to represent. I honestly hold no allegance to any poticular party but would go as far as saying as far as next election results... Lib Dems - no chance (for backing down on so many policies Conservatives - no chance (for blatent disregard and the fact that Lib Dems would be commiting political suicide to go into business with the conservatives again)...SO it seems like Labour will be back and although I dont think they will undo all which has been done under con-dems (aptly named) it may help those who need help as opposed to making the rich richer. ASbout time the govt (regardless of who is in power) was made aware it was supposed to be representing the people of this country and what is best for them as opposed to what is best for the politicians and their friends....rant over


[ posted by Nigel White, 21.03.12 14:48 ]

I and all those like me who live, or try to live, on a pension, or who are on lower incomes have now been written off! No more being able to travel, visit family members in other parts of the country or even going to out of town shopping centers. Those of us who are in rural areas have now been sentenced to virtual house arrest, as we can't afford to buy more economic cars and so filling the tank will cost half a weeks pension and last a very short time!
The government has just lost a lifelong supporter! They are incompetent, blind and uncaring! They seem to forget how large a percentage of the voting population is over 60 and on low incomes! We will remember and I will be voting for UKIP.
There will be massive job losses, as taxi drivers and driving instructors lose their businesses, self employed people will close up, as they can't afford to drive to work. All this will mean is huge increase in benefit claimants at what extra cost to the state? We have yet another blind Chancellor, three in a row is very scary!


[ posted by Mel, 21.03.12 15:01 ]

I am totally disgusted that the fuel duty rise will still be going ahead in August.
I run a small business where travelling is essential and we have a fixed price which is booked months in advance.
My business will now suffer as more money out of our fee will go on fuel.
Thanks for looking after small business !!! NOT


[ posted by Mel, 21.03.12 15:01 ]

I am totally disgusted that the fuel duty rise will still be going ahead in August.
I run a small business where travelling is essential and we have a fixed price which is booked months in advance.
My business will now suffer as more money out of our fee will go on fuel.
Thanks for looking after small business !!! NOT


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 21.03.12 15:04 ]

Why didn't the Government just increase fuel duty to £10.00 per litre and put us all out of our misery!!! What i have never understood is this, 65% of fuel is duty (give or take a few %) then the add 20% VAT. VAT is an acronym for Value Added Tax... Value!!!! What value is there on duty???? How can they tax a tax????? I honestly hope and pray for a revolution on an unpresidednted scale against this pathetic weak and clueless Government. I for one would be totally behind it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


[ posted by IRENE TOOMBS, 21.03.12 15:05 ]

I am beginning to think that the government will continue to ignore the fuel disaster for hauliers and the public in generel
I am in total despair and feel truly defeated.I cannot see how road haulage can continue. we are looking down the barrel of a gun.At this rate derv.will be £1.60 a litre at the end of the year.
We have to make something happen before it is too late.


[ posted by IRENE TOOMBS, 21.03.12 15:18 ]

I have just read a few of the comments posted and must say i am begining to realise that direct action maybe the only way forward.
i feel that the goverment is laughing at us but they need to remember that they are only in government because we put them there but we can and will get them out again by voting with our feet.if we cant make them see reason the way we have have been trying ,we may need to change tack to make them listen . something must change or i fear the worst for every person who needs fuel to do there work. the powers that be will still be running around in there cars and off on holiday when the roads are empty because the working class has been out priced off the road.
what an absolutly cracking way to reduce the carbon footprint (lol)


[ posted by Roger Neal, 21.03.12 15:23 ]

Yet again the UK Government has decided that the poorest must pay more. The continued increases in both fuel duty and road tax will prevent lower paid workers getting to work. What would the government do if we ALL decided to place Statutory Off Road Notices on our cars? Who would they tax then? How much would it cost them to lose just one years income from these unfair taxes?


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 21.03.12 15:39 ]

I like the way Michael Hudston, above, is thinking;

"How about a Fuel Strike and Blockade of Fuel Depots and Ports, may be one now, with the promise of another in the Week Running up to the Olympics?"

A blockade in the week running up to the Olympics... what a stroke that would be!


[ posted by Michael, 21.03.12 15:44 ]

Yes perhaps direct action is the only to actually comunicate with this government?
They certainly won't be getting my vote when they're forced to hold an election due to their undemocratic policies.


[ posted by john mayberry, 21.03.12 15:52 ]



[ posted by Andrew Fairbairn, 21.03.12 16:02 ]

Maybe the politicians should try living on the average wage,and then pay for all bills out of that. Then they'll notice how expensive fuel is, and everytime is goes up, something else has to give!


[ posted by jess, 21.03.12 16:12 ]

I run a small company providing IT services to local small busnes and fuel is now our largest overhead (more than we pay in wages!) This government put down the 50p tax rate for the well off and left fuel duty at its imoral level - but then they are the party for the well healed - if you voted for them shame on you!


[ posted by Chris, 21.03.12 16:17 ]

With this blatant disregard to the majority of voters wanting a decrease in fuel duty, I can now say that with this increase coming in to force in August that will be too much for me to absorb into my salary and will therefore will have no choice other than to say goodbye to my car. Well done Mr O!!


[ posted by mick murphy, 21.03.12 16:18 ]

Is anyone surprised ,did anyone expect him to do anything,I did not expect him to lower any prices,I WAS EXPECTING him to increase the price of fuel being the Dick ed that he and the rest of them are,have no idea of common sense or even a basic knowledge of economics,So now is the time for DIRECT ACTION,stop spending money just buy the very essential item don't buy any luxury goods ,see how long the shops last before they have to shut up,that will mean more people out of work maybe for a short time because it will hopefully be the downfall of the government and we can get a party in that has a modicum of common sense to get the country going again without them


[ posted by Jamie Crampton, 21.03.12 16:20 ]

As mentioned above the only way it seems this government is going to listen is by direct action. Osbourne and his cronies live in a world a million miles from the average man/woman, as shown by putting more money in the pockets of those who have plenty and less in everyone else's. All it needs is one of the big hauliers to get things started-then watch everyone else join in.


[ posted by Fred, 21.03.12 16:22 ]

I think full-on fuel protests are inevitable.

Osborne has planted the straw that broke the donkey's back.


[ posted by Dee Pressed, 21.03.12 16:25 ]

I am extremely sickened that the government I voted in has betrayed me, and let me down so much.
I, like others, had emailed my local MP, only to get a generic letter of response.
I actually received it this morning.
Fuel is now taking over half of my weekly income. I have slowly been dipping into my savings to get by each week. My savings ran out just after xmas, so now I am selling possessions, just so I can make it to the next week. One day, I will have no possessions left. At this rate, it wont be long.
I also find it ironic that bullying is illegal, yet the government can bully car owners like this.
It worries me that the government do this, and think it's ok. The way things are going, I would not be surprised if there was a revolt against the government.


[ posted by Nancy Vatcher, 21.03.12 16:34 ]

A vote of no confidence??? Im surprised anybody had any confidence in them in the first place cos i surely didnt. They are not interested in helping likes of the working class or middle class, they have shown that by dropping the 50p rate of tax. No this government and every other government so far are just interested in making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Well i dont see what else there is to do now, it looks like direct action is the only way forward. The trouble is i have found that people are behind it until it starts to affect them and then they start moaning again. We cannot win. The majority of the people in England it seems are quite happy to moan about it but dont actually put themselves out by doing anything about it. We just do not stand up for ourselves in this country anymore. This country is on its knees but does the likes of Cameron and his side kick Clegg give a damn. NO THEY DONT!!


[ posted by John, 21.03.12 16:45 ]

LET'S START THE BLOCKADES!! Maybe then the government might listen


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 21.03.12 16:57 ]

I am prepared to lend my support of any blockades, as I have had enough... honestly I am done with this mistreatment and disregard to my human rights of earning a living. I have to be allowed this right, as people on benefits seem to have the right to their income / lifestyle! Sickening.



[ posted by Matt, 21.03.12 16:59 ]

gutted is not a word to call this today its a dam right joke!

people like me who use the car for work are getting hit hard! my fuel bill have doubled over the pass few months tho my work as not!

bring on the blockades like the other year! need cheaper fuel before the uk goes bump!


[ posted by Greg, 21.03.12 17:00 ]

Let's hit the government where it hurts by disrupting the Olympics. Block all routes to venues etc. let's show them we've had enough of being a cash cow and mean business!


[ posted by Nicky, 21.03.12 17:00 ]

This is totally out of control - how can the government ignore this situation . Our local Shell garage has increased its price of a litre of diesel by 4p since the first of March. Do they not live in the real world - obviously not . All driven round by chauffeur no doubt or they claim their fuel costs back so what do they care how much the price per litre is??
Get this country back up on its feet . Richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer - reminds me of a decade not too long back !


[ posted by J Baggett, 21.03.12 17:07 ]

I cannot understand how the fuel duty was all but ignored by today's budget once again.
Is it not time for the drivers of this country to make a stand once again?


[ posted by nick hutson, 21.03.12 17:15 ]

looks like we,r shafted again but again we,r all moan but do nothing!
we need to act now blockade pumps stage go slows hit these idiots whare it hurts


[ posted by steve smith, 21.03.12 17:25 ]

I thing the time has come for civil disobedience on a massive scale , we need go slows and blockades on the motorways and major trunk road simultaneously at a chosen time .
Its the way forward and only way this poxy government will take notice , as usual the Tory toffs always favour the rich


[ posted by richard chamberlain, 21.03.12 17:27 ]

I am disgusted that George Osbourne feels so little concern for the road hauliers and those who have no choice but to rely on their cars. I travel 65 miles each way to work because I cant get a job closer to home. I cant sell my home and move closer - what can I do as my costs are getting higher and higher to the point where I am struggling to afford to work! To use the train would be even more expensive and take half as long again so what choice do i have? People need to stick together. I cannot believe I am saying this as I am not an activist, but direct action is required. We need to see blockades just like we saw before so that Osbourne is forced to see sense.


[ posted by Ian, 21.03.12 18:15 ]

‎3ppl vat = 3.6ppl (4p rounded up) = £100 additional cost per year to my fuel bill. Osbourne thinks It's ok to reduce the 50% tax rate for anyone earning over 150k but he must press ahead with the 3ppl rise on fuel as he can't afford to delay the increase again. This is an absolute joke. How on earth do the government get away with this?


[ posted by Chris, 21.03.12 18:20 ]


Because they can, knowing the British public are spineless and will just accept the increase


[ posted by Nathan Portland, 21.03.12 18:39 ]

No real suprise is it !! usual arrogance of those in power,as inconvenient as it is to us all maybe its time to bring things to a standstill again,perhaps they will have to take notice.


[ posted by Andy Hill, 21.03.12 18:43 ]

Works out I'm about £100 worse off due to the rise in fuel and road tax... I drive about 100 miles a day for work. SO thanks Mr Osbourne for listening to me!

10 Years ago we had a mass action for about £1 a litre... We need something similar to drive the fuel down not 3p but 30p!


[ posted by Adrian hook, 21.03.12 18:47 ]

Just proves how arrogant and out of touch the government is.they cut tax for the richest and yet put tax on the one thing most average people need to get through a working week.We really need to step up the campaign this year for a substantial cut in fuel.2 or 3 pence is not needs to be 20or 30 pence to make a difference.


[ posted by Sam chapman, 21.03.12 19:16 ]

Utterly dismayed - have to ask is it worth being in business - we can't keep increasing prices as the public won't pay. As a business owner running 4 vans each travelling approx 35 - 40k per annum this is going to hit me hard. I thought the Tories were going to doing with fuel (at least that is what they said before they were elected - what happened to the plan to increase & decrease fuel duty in line with crude prices).

Think the time to get out of Britain is looming closer!


[ posted by Paulus, 21.03.12 19:46 ]

Ghandi had the best idea with none co-operation. We need to all be gren and stop using fuel, take the buses and trains and be green. Of course the Gov will have to listen when the money stops, the country stops as none of us get to work, none of us buy anything and Britain PLC is closed.

Action is really the only way forward.


[ posted by john hayes, 21.03.12 19:47 ]

the only way forward now is blockades this has had a huge blow today for this country its disgusting time to take direct action is upon us now and is needed more than ever to really make them listen it worked before and works for the french lets stand up and be heard once and for all !!!


[ posted by Colin Westworth, 21.03.12 20:05 ]

I the fully agree with all comments,but on a MPs salary they do'nt give a hoot about the price of fuel or us ,plus they will claim any travelling expense back with the little perks of the job. A vote of no confidence is surely our next project.Every thing this Government is doing is destroying what was once a proud nation, our forces are now so small we could'nt look after our own borders,jobs for the young none,industry what? ,pensions going backwards ,Oh and crude oil at it's cheepest.A very bitter voter of sorry THIS GOVERNMENT or what ever they say they are.


[ posted by tina jackman, 21.03.12 20:08 ]

Hit the olympics and you hit our economy as well it would be counter-productive. We need people to come to Great Britain, if they think there is going to be fuel blockades they wont come therefore we lose out on their spending. Do it afterwards if you have to but it wont make one bit of difference, this Government is so up their up backsides they cant see what the consequences are. There will be civil unrest as people are fed up of rising prices, job losses and no pay rises. A General strike will make them sit up and think!


[ posted by LordSnooty, 21.03.12 20:26 ]

So the "democratic" approach fails once again and falls onto deaf ears or is it the usual pig headed and ignorant approach? Either way, another angle has to be explored now, petitions, visits to No10, closed door discussions have all failed and dismally so.

With the Olympics being the crown jewel of the UK this year, how embarrassing would it be if roads were blocked (through shear weight of traffic in strategic parts of course) ;) and tourists / athletes / VIP's failed to get to their venues? Wake the world up to this Dick Turpin double taxation extortion that us Brits have to go through each day.

Alternatively and this would require super glue like cohesion (not normal in the UK), fill up but remove the VAT element at the till, i.e. hold back and refuse paying that element. If we all did this, what could they do, turn they tables around - they put it up and think what can they do!

Come on Britain, for once lets regrow and reuse that most useful backbone.


[ posted by russell carter, 21.03.12 21:31 ]

WELL this goes to show the government are stupid and dont listen,is it time for more blockades peter,most hauliers are scared stiff of blockades for fear of losing there operator license(it brings the industry in to bad repute)well it needs a kick up the arse,for not doing anything,where do the rha stand?? where the government tell them to thats where,unless something is done fast this country is *ucked.


[ posted by John Major, 21.03.12 22:53 ]

What's needed is a national strike and a boycott of the pumps again!!

Talking is over! It's time for Action!!


[ posted by Red Dragon, 21.03.12 23:04 ]

We've tried the democratic route, and despite giving Osborne and his cronies proof that cutting fuel duty wouldn't cost them a penny and would actually save thousands of jobs, he goes and kicks us in the teeth. Tells it own story when Cameron goes to America to cosy up to Obama and bang on about how high oil prices are affecting the economy, only for his chancellor to approve a price rise that was set in place by a "light blue touch paper" mechanism introduced by the previous government before they got voted out. Well George, prepare for the backlash. Your decision not to cut fuel duty may well be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I'm sure the Thursday newspapers currently going to press will be going postal, especially the Sun, who called for a cut in their comments, and already have a headline piece on their website. The Daily Express will no doubt be another vocal publication in anger, maybe a few others too will have scathing remarks.

I'm sure FairFuel will continue the lobbying, but it isn't carrying a lot of weight going by Osborne's ignorance. Major disruptive action hasn't yet taken place because many hauliers were fearful of losing their operational licences by taking part in protests. However I think that resistance will be broken very very soon, and that hauliers, as well as farmers, will take action knowing full well that they got nothing to lose because the options are either losing their licence or going to the wall completely. They won't go down with a whimper and take it lying down. No way.

I remember the budget of 2000, when Brown put fuel duty up 2p a litre whilst the anger over fuel prices was simmering. Look what happened, the Sun went mad, told us all that it cost £50 to fill up a Mondeo, and within months, the protests took place and we all know the rest. 12 years on, it looks like history could well repeat itself. Watch this space!


[ posted by Red Dragon, 21.03.12 23:13 ]

And to add to my comment above, 12 years ago we were protesting over fuel hitting £3.50 per gallon. By the time we get to August, we could well be staring at SEVEN POUNDS PER GALLON, if not more.

It's time to act now.


[ posted by John, 21.03.12 23:33 ]

The goverment has totaly lost the plot,everyone needs fuel from the poor to pensioners, why did he not cut fuel duty, they are destroying the economy.The goverment should of cut fuel duty instead of the increase in personel allowances and giving the rich a mountanous tax break, this would have far more benifits to industry and the cost of living. The wheels of industry need affordable fuel to get the country moving again, not goverment extorsion.


[ posted by PETER HARVEY, 22.03.12 00:39 ]

In a capitalist society developed by big business and governments, this was all ways going to be the preordained way of life. What we need to do now is to take back the control we have squandered over the last 30 years of being a population of sheeple, we have become too lenient in allowing the successive governments to make constant changes to our way of life. We have allowed these supposed governments to gradually strip away our rights, our independence and our powers as a population. What we have now is a country of sixty plus million people without a voice, we find ourselves in an awakening only to realize that they have put in place measures to ensure we can never become "organized" or unionist. In fact they hate any kind of organized uprising however small. WE NEED A SINGLE PERSON TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND GET THIS COUNTRY PROTESTING. I WELCOME ANYONE TO JOIN ME, PROPOSED PROTESTS THIS SUMMER FOLLOWED BY MORE IF NEEDED

I propose


[ posted by Keith Adamson, 22.03.12 07:38 ]

What a Joke. I travel 26 miles a day for work, whilst some people may not see that as very far, I dont have a large wage and a lot of my wage now goes on fuel. How can I keep going like this. The politicions live in a glass cage, sealed off from the real world and the costs involved. I think there needs to be national strikes as there was last time. At least then it was noticed.


[ posted by Steph, 22.03.12 09:12 ]

I think its time that the nice approach STOPS and that something needs to be done to bring the country to a STANDSTILL, the govenment might actually listen 2000 Lorries and Farmers blocked oil facilities caused widespread disruption to the supply of petroleum products with knock on effects for the public and the authorities, as well as causing a reduction in popularity for the incumbent government.....think back to how cheap petrol and desiel prices were in 2000!!!!! SO WHY ISNT ANYONE DOING THIS NOW....I cant explained how disgusted, angry and worried I am.


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 22.03.12 10:10 ]

@ Peter Harvey - you can count on my support!


[ posted by Simon, 22.03.12 10:23 ]

The call for fuel blockades is ringing loud and clear in these responses. It seems that this is now the only course of action left to get a non-listening and unsympathetic government to change course.

I find myself very surprised at saying this, as I'm normally a calm, mild-mannered person who would trust that those in power would take on board rational argument and fact based evidence, but have now come to the conclusion that this is no longer the case for the 3 mainstream parties. Direct action is now the only way - a peaceful, majority (i.e. democratic) based but clear expression of the will of the people.


[ posted by Michael Phillips, 22.03.12 11:53 ]

Stop the lorries for two weeks! The country will be on it's arse! Then see how much the government value the British Haulage Industry.
Trouble is, say if Stobart decide to stop every single one of their lorries for two weeks, some other tosser with a lorry will back stab him and seize the oppurtuniy to rob his work. It's understandable why he'd do it. Work is tight. But there is no solidarity in this country. That is the problem. We need to be more like France.
But whatever we do, the government will not listen. If they lower fuel duty, there will be no money for them to clean out theirr moats and re decorate their homes. So the british haulage industry is just gonna have to watch itself go bank rupt and wave at the left hand drive foreign lorries as they drive past the bus stop outside the job center. The whole damn goverment is corrupt. They're in a world of their own. It makes me sick.


[ posted by mark vernon, 22.03.12 13:40 ]

If the goal is to get fuel prices down, should we not be tackiling the retailers also? They know we have to buy the fuel and act accordingly. One tactic would be to buy the fuel but refuse to buy anything else from a petrol station until prices fell below a target level. How long would the multiple retail petrol station owners stand by and do nothing in the face of falling sales from non-fuel items and an ongoing boycott?


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 22.03.12 14:24 ]

@ Mark Vernon "If the goal is to get fuel prices down, should we not be tackiling the retailers also?" No, the point is that the duty is excessive. Retailers margins are tiny. The Government are the greedy grabbing imbiciles in this scenario. We are taxed to death in this part of the globe.


[ posted by Michael Houston, 22.03.12 17:37 ]

After reading these comments it seems that finally, people in this country are angry enough to act. Mr. Peter Harvey I am right behind you to the extent of typing your name into Facebook to show my support. However, there are several Peter Harveys and I have no idea which one you are! The Arab spring was successful due to social networking sites and mobile telephones. If it worked for them, it will work for us. Perhaps, Peter, you could start a Facebook page or group, completely separate from your own Facebook if you have one, and we could all join and register our support and begin some kind of organised protest. Let's not allow this anger to be abused and spill over into ANY kind of violent or misplaced action. If we keep our heads and are properly and efficiently organised, we CAN effect change. What we seem to have forgotten about in this country is that it is the government who should be afraid of its people, NOT the other way round. We have the power, by sheer weight of numbers if nothing else. To hear Osborne blame the high price of oil (a downright lie!) for the current pump price, made me feel physically sick. The government are looking after themselves so let us now look after ourselves and in the process, send a very clear message to this and successive governments- WE tell you what's going to happen, you do NOT tell us how it's going to be! Whether you like it or not Mr. Cameron et al, it's time for you to sit up and listen to us, so climb down from nanny's knee, take your head out your backsides and prepare for battle!


[ posted by Jim King, 22.03.12 18:07 ]

I am really upset, but more so annoyed by this decision. Over 80% of the country want it, asked for it, and campaigned for it. Yet it fell on deaf ears.
Dont you dare try to tell me i will be better off now Geroge, as any tax relief i get will be more than erased by your sick fuel taxes. My wife was seriously considering quitting her job, as the cost of the 90 mile round trip to work just isnt worth the measly £17,000,think about that george, what has this cost you?

I will contine to work, but she wont. Who knows, she may get a pubic sector job closer to home, hows that for justice.


[ posted by Peter Froud, 22.03.12 20:08 ]

Have to say our government is so arrogant it stinks . Do the right thing and lower the duty.Do they live in the real world . Of course not they do not pay for fuel. Total clowns . Ignore the people .I think they will save cutting to just before the election. What a surprise that would be.


[ posted by Chris Miller, 23.03.12 07:48 ]

Couldnt Faifuel lobby the petrol stations and supermarkets to print a full breakdown of the fuel costs on each and every petrol receipt, ie fuel cost, fuel duty and VAT, that way every motorist in the country would be made fully aware of where their money is going every time they are robbed by Mr Osbourne at the pumps. And I dont think this will put the oil companies or supermarkets in a bad light at all when people see the relativly small percentage they are making from you over all.


[ posted by Dan Garnell, 23.03.12 13:59 ]

Its time to stop talking about it now and do something. Let's get protests and if so bring the country to a halt. Let's have an effect on the Olympics and then the government will surely have to take notice. In 2000 we protested in 2012 we seem to be on a state of bewilderment and nobody seems to know
What to do to. Simple, clog up roads and block refineries.


[ posted by !, 23.03.12 14:58 ]

FairFuel's campaign needs to drop the democratic side, because Osborne clearly ignored it despite countless publications delivered to Downing Street. I want to know what the campaign team are going to do next, because we've surely exhausted all democratic means of getting the message across that we will no longer tolerate such excessive fuel taxes. The CEBR report made perfect sense, my local MP has read it and totally agrees with the actions and was against the impending 3p rise that Osborne failed to get rid of.

I think disruptive action is the only way it can be done. After listening to Ian Charlesworth on the radio yesterday, the protests will happen. It just needs to happen on a national scale like the protests of 12 years ago.


[ posted by Daniel, 23.03.12 15:29 ]

I've read most of your comments, i agree with pretty much all of them. I can remember the outrage at going over £1 for petrol. I've only been driving 4 years and dont really know what cheap fuel is like. I can remember not being able to put more than £40 in my old 206.. Now i've got a 1.4megane it cost me £70ish the other day. how about a kick in the teeth. I spend 37% of my wage per month on petrol! is that on?

This will never happen but i feel that we should get each MP and make them live on minimum wage for 6 months, no company expenses paid to them, so they just get roughly £850 per month to live on. Make their rent like the standard house £600pm rent and make them struggle. if you dont then they wont know what its like to be normal and on the breadline.

Fuel is too expensive, but the only way we are going to get them to listen is to put them in our shoes.


[ posted by Harry, 23.03.12 15:35 ]

Having not read all the comments I don't know if I'm covering old ground but here goes.
I feel it would be a mistake to "blockade" the refineries, if that is one suggestion,as this would only inconvenience the motorist {like it did the last time we had a blockade}
My solution would be simple, choose a specific petrol company say B.P. for example and just boycott thier stations. This would do two things, firstly it wouldn't overly inconvenience the vast majority of motorists as fuel would still be running into other petrol company stations, so technically there would not be a fuel "shortage". Secondly B.P. would stand to lose a hell of a lot of business so would soon be beating a path to the chancellors door to "sort it out" in other words let the petrol company{ies} do your work for you
BUT PLEASE NOT ANOTHER TOTAL BLOCKADE.......... that's sheer madness


[ posted by !, 23.03.12 15:49 ]

Harry, that suggestion has been tried and tested before, and it didn't make much if any impact at all. In 2000 it was the Tories (ironically) who ran a campaign to boycott the pumps, but it had mixed results. A month later, the farmers and lorry drivers blockaded, and it had significant impact everywhere.

The oil companies are only partially to blame, in fact of the three factors to blame for high fuel prices, theirs is the lowest. They've raked in billions of pounds of profits, which has gone into fat cat executives' pockets, but they don't actually make a great deal from fuel sales. Market speculators are next up on the list for the way they have behaved unethically for the last decade, the sky-high artificial price of oil is their doing because they have gambled money on oil speculation to line their own pockets, and forced tankers to stay out at sea so they maximised profits as they pushed the prices up. The lion's share of the blame is the government for the bewildering amount of tax they take from the UK motorist. Never mind the 50p tax rate that Osborne cut in the budget for his millionaire mates, the biggest tax of any tax in this country is fuel duty, which when combined with VAT (double taxation), means that out of that £1.40 per litre of petrol you put in your car, Osborne and his HM Treasury cronies are getting about 86p for their own coffers. The oil companies are getting significantly less, and the retailer on the forecourt is getting a penny or two.

Besides that, BP wouldn't be bothered if they lost business over here, they have so many fingers in so many pies around the world that it'd be like water off a duck's back to them!


[ posted by Gavin H, 23.03.12 16:26 ]

It is simply outrageous the current price of fuel. I had high hopes for this government (voted lib dems) they seemed to say all the right things and had a plan for the financial problems.

Their refusal to acknowledge the simple fact that high fuel price = dead economy is clear evidence that they have a team of monkeys in the cabinet.

It would seem that this government is going to be as notorious as the thatcher one.

Torries = A party for the rich, by the rich!


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 23.03.12 16:45 ]

@ Gavin H "Torries = A party for the rich, by the rich". A short sighted plan by the goverment as, at this rate, there won't be any "rich" to vote the chinless wonders back in next time. When we are all out of work who will generate the taxes that pay their fat salarys and expenses!


[ posted by Harry, 23.03.12 23:40 ]

Thanks for that {!} was not aware of that strangely enough. That being the case then when dealing with a cancer you have to find the source and "cut" it out. This means, according to you, the government of the day, they need to be got rid of.
But what do you do when the party that replaces them turn out to be just as bad????

The motorist, the smoker and the drinker will forever be in the government of the days cross hairs
because your easy pray.

My dad use to say, "The only good politician is a dead one, at any one time you know presicely where he is and what he's doing"


[ posted by toryn kershaw, 25.03.12 03:50 ]

The onley way is to av a strike on the day of 2012 games in numbers and for a week not a day


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 25.03.12 14:47 ]

I think the government are quite right in what they're doing. The British public can't be bothered coming together to protest over being taxed out of existence. Whinging on a blog seems to be the best we have to offer - 79 comments on a blog that concerns the taxation on fuel that affects 68 million people. Shameful.


[ posted by David Lee, 25.03.12 20:57 ]

I know people are saying have a fuel blockade but rather than say it. why dont we do it!?.

The goverment have been given a chance and have chosen they dont want to change fuel duty.


[ posted by Ken Rothwell, 26.03.12 03:49 ]

Ok, when and where do the blockades to begin? It's time for action people! The sooner the better...


[ posted by Marc Ayre, 26.03.12 20:09 ]

I FFUK thought about it properly with tanker drivers going on strike would be a good time to strike with a blockade and the government would have to listen u would have the support of the public and the tanker drivers its the best chance u have to make this work for you


[ posted by Will, 26.03.12 23:11 ]

It has to be said that the pitiful and inadequate numbers speak in volumes here.

At (best) £1.40 per litre and only 200k sign ups on this site and sub 00's with regards the comments on these articles......utterly shameful. Just what does it take to mobilise people in this country, were the many years of Brown / Blair the ones that finally broke the camels back, perhaps, but all in all apathy and ignorance is playing straight into the hands of the government.

Deferring a mere 3p is nothing more than a token gesture that will help nobody, I know it, you know it, Quentin probably knows it and the truckers / farmers know it. Even the BBC are misreporting (no surprise) only yesterday that the price is due to oil prices!!! Err, hello.

Yes oil is higher than it was, yes you expect to pay a little more, but this is something else. The Saudis back in 2000 (which was surprisingly broadcast)told the then Laurel and Hardy duo that prices were high due to extortionate taxes, NOT the $140 per barrel as it was then.

What has changed, nothing. Policy remains effectively the same and some. The reality is overly zealous taxation for a commodity that 90% of the population cannot do without.

The page right here on FFUK does the math so you don't have too.

300% taxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other item in our life's attracts this sort of barbaric rate of penalisation, diddly squat. 300% is monstrous, ridiculous and immoral on so many levels. It is possibly also illegal considering that VAT is added to what effectively is tax in the first place, the old double taxation whammy seen nowhere else on this earth (Google it`)!

As a comparison, our friends in the USA, who incidentally are up in arms and ARE using their backbones for change, pay on average 14% taxation on fuel, 14%! Thats a whopping 286% less than us, the Brits, an oil producing nation.

100% taxation would be considered a luxury in today's terms and economic state, an economic state that was not induced by consumers, rather by greedy corporations in cahoots with banks. Period.

The tax has to be brought down to realistic levels, no more pointless petitions for 3p savings here or 1p's there, it needs to be reduced by 200% and immediately. Will it happen using the current methods, absolutely NOT, will it by any other means, you bet it will but before any of that............reconnect the fibrous matters, think of the Britain of old (before the wind was kicked out of us) and to the ba(t)ckmobile we should all go............only with majority support, a confident strategy that remains unbroken whatever, yes WHATEVER they attempt if action is taken, will the people win through, lest us not forget they work for us and can be broken up at any time if we so wish!

Its time for change, its time for fair taxation's time.......NOW!!


[ posted by Thomas Allingham, 27.03.12 01:01 ]

@ Will above, you said it all. Unfortunately us Brits, nowadays, are a race of spineless critters. How do we get this protest off the ground? Do We need a public figure? Or Could you lead us?? I want to help make a change but I know my limitations as a leader.


[ posted by Steve Nethercott-Cable, 31.03.12 19:16 ]

How clever... spread rumour of fuel shortage due to 'possible' tanker driver strike... suggest people fill up... everyone duly panic buys (well the brain dead ones do anyhow) ... said strike called off... Tories rubbing their fat, greedy little hands with glee - just gained vast amounts of tax revenue for the treasury in ONE day - thankyouverymuch! They've got to pay for the ridiculous London Olympics expense somehow!


[ posted by steve haslam, 31.03.12 21:42 ]

I totally agree with Peter carroll, everybody needs to come together , every body is gettin shafted by the goverment so next time your on the tv peter, give the x amount of millions watchin the news 4 hours notice and call a mass strike of everybody in cars, vans,everything on the road to stop ,its time to take action people its time 4 somebody on tv to spark a reaction and get behind it!!!!!!


[ posted by John Broome, 03.04.12 13:41 ]

Why should the Goverment act on fuel duty, just think of all that extra money coming in when the price goes up. In Jan i was paying £1.399 for diesel, now it's £1.499.They keep quite about that. I have sent 2 different questions about duty to my MP and have had 2 identical replys from him.


[ posted by Stephen Peers, 09.04.12 00:07 ]

We (The People Of This Country) should all unite and organise a set date to start a simple but effective protest to force the Government to reduce fuel duty by at least 40 pence per litre.
It is a simple matter of everyone or at least the vast majority of the UK population NOT GOING TO WORK FOR A WEEK. During this time the Government will lose vast amounts of revenue as no one will be purchasing fuel. Also tankers won't be able to offload fuel causing a knock-on effect.
If the fist strike of this kind is uneffective, further strikes of this nature can be repeated until the required result is obtained. I'm sure there are many people out there who cannot imagine taking a week off work at a time due to the loss of pay etc BUT if we achieve the desired result then the fuel tax saving over the following year should more than make up for any temporary loss of income.
Hows May 1st for everyone?


[ posted by Harry, 22.04.12 13:10 ]

"The people of this country" unfortunately are too weak for something so radical. I for one would not be able to do it as, I work for a small family run business, if I did what was suggested I would be looking for another job fast as you like.
If only we had the backbone the French have, someone upsets them they are on the streets burning anything they can lay thier hands on. Thier protests don't go on long as they do bring the place to a virtual standstill and it's sorted.

The only alternative is tell Labour we will vote them into power on condition they vastly reduce these crippling taxes and if they agree force an election.........


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