Tuesday, March 20, 2012
FairFuelUK has welcomed the findings of the YouGov Poll which today confirms that a cut in fuel duty is the country's top priority for tomorrows Budget. The figures show that a cut in fuel duty is seen as more important than other measures such as cutting the 50p rate or changing personal thresholds.
Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, ‘This poll is proof positive that the country is clamouring for action on petrol & diesel taxes. If you combine these findings with our research showing that the Chancellor can cut fuel duty by 2.5p per litre and be no worse off, we have the most compelling case imaginable for immediate action on fuel duty'.
Peter Carroll, founder of FairFuelUK said, ‘There's a much quoted American saying ‘It's the economy - stupid'

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[ posted by Michael Phillips, 21.03.12 10:00 ]

The country's on it's knees and it's all because of fuel duty. Even if the goverment would slash diesel prices for the haulage industry the country would be much better off. The UK's hauliers could run comfertably for a cheaper price and wouldn't need to charge the customer so much, thus hopefully passing on the savings to shoppers. But no, the goverment would rather line their own pockets.


[ posted by Fred, 21.03.12 13:44 ]

Osborne has ignored us - no change to fuel duty plans already set, meaning the 3p rise in August will go ahead. The usual nonsense about "I've already saved blah blah billion pounds" got spouted out. Is he crazy?

I think its time to start planning the next stage of the FairFuel campaign. We got four months to do something, by which time god knows how much the price of fuel will be, due to the situation in Iran (amongst other things). I'm sure the call for more militant, 2000-style protests will follow from a section of people, but I'm intrigued as to what the FairFuel campaign organisers have got in response to today's budget.

I've never been a fan of the Sun newspaper (for numerous reason) but after their comment today about the necessity of cutting fuel duty I think they, along with other newspapers calling for action, could step up their rallying calls for fuel duty to be addressed. We all need to stand up and fight against crippling fuel taxes which continue to threaten the economy and peoples' livelihoods.


[ posted by Ben jolley, 22.03.12 09:00 ]

Is not time to show the government that we are not happy with blockades and go slows on the roads bring the country to a halt, I know it's going to be tough on people getting to work and panic buying at the pumps, but does that SHOW them how serious we actually are, we cannot and should not be willing to pay for OVERPRICED fuel if we keep paying they will keep putting it up.
Thanks for letting me rant.


[ posted by christine.ann brown, 22.03.12 15:59 ]

tax & insurance is bad enough,i now find petrol is becoming a problem.
we are both over 60 and retired we can only afford to go to the shops ,no trips out with the family anymore,it's far too expensive.
you need to look at the real picture.
petrol needs to be at a lower price for many reasons too long to list!.


[ posted by john, 22.03.12 21:39 ]

we should be more like the french and come to a complte stand still nobody move
their cars lorries busess motorbikes then maybe this goverment will take notice


[ posted by Wendy, 03.04.12 13:00 ]

I'm so fed up with the Governments lack of responsibility towards the people of Britain. The mind games they played over the recent fuel strike. I have to use my car to get to work, there isn't an alternative for me. I'm not able to car share. I'm not a high wage earner and over two years I have seen my petrol rise from £15 per week to £35!!! I've had to cut back on food to be able to get to work! What'll happen to employment if those of us can't afford to get to work and land up losing our jobs??
The government are greedy as as far as I can see they are ok because they have alternative transport methods to get them to work.
They need to listen to us!!


[ posted by michael stote, 03.05.12 16:03 ]

we need help my life is all around fuel, my plesure in going to do my sport is now greatly afected because the travel involved and work is so efected that if some one more that a few miles away ring me up to do a free quote i have to tell i cant come that far now and it will not be long befor i get rely feed up with it give up and look after old mum i will just say at home and look after her and what life she has could be much better if i did not have to worry about how much to take her out for a ride now and then as she cant walk far now , the fule should be the lost leader of the goverment just to help spread the money around a bit more or do they rely think that we can afford it mike


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