Tuesday, March 20, 2012
I've just filled my car with the most expensive diesel ever. A villainous £1.48 a litre. The man at the pump next to me agreed that the price of fuel had passed the point of insanity and he didn't know if the credit card he was about to use would be declined. Every day, at every filling station in the UK there's the same angst, heartbreak and fear. And of the £120 I paid to fill my car up, (a shocking figure) I know that only £48 goes to the oil company, the rest of that £72 is made up of layers of iniquitous and economy-strangling taxes. Ironic isn't it, that the day before the budget the price of petrol and diesel has reached its most expensive level ever? Road fuel is no longer affordable. 

Every survey and then some shouts the same thing. We're not bothered with mansion taxes or 50 p tax thresholds. The vast majority of UK citizens want a significant reduction in their fuel costs. This is the issue that matters most to most people. The dire urgency on everybody's lips.

Yet when I hear the Prime Minister talking about our crumbling road network and the need for private finance to develop our transport infrastructure he misses one dirigible-sized point. We can't afford to use the roads we've got, never mind pay the tolls on the brave new road economy he wants to build. There's such a massive disconnect between his vision of a free-flowing transport system and the brutal reality that the vast majority of road users and transport providers are being priced off the existing road system. These are the policies of the asylum - where one minister presents a sun-lit vision of congestion-free mobility for all while the other crushes and confounds it with a tax regime designed to actually drive people off the roads. This epic disconnect is staggering, deeply worrying and says much about Westminster's inability to understand our transport-based economy.

If the Chancellor presses ahead with a rise in fuel tax and fails to take significant steps to make petrol and diesel more affordable for all, then the electorate will never forgive him or his party. Their policies and visions will be mortally wounded. These are indeed dark times, but I'm beginning to wonder if our politicians understand just how dark they're about to get.

Quentin Willson 


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[ posted by Steve Grey, 20.03.12 12:21 ]

Thanks Quentin for taking the fuel fight to the government on our behalf, don't give up the fight, Thank you


[ posted by ken coutts, 20.03.12 14:29 ]

you are right to say they are totally out of touch.
In fact i find the whole austerity idea a con when billions have been paid to banks, big bonuses for getting things wrong.
Right across the western world and not one person or company has been brought to book over the economic crash and then we hear Goldman Sach were paid millions to cook the Greek books to help greece to enter the EU, how many more .
Large scale subsidies to so called private rail franchises.
subsisidies to foreign companies EDF, Santander ect privatised energy suppliers ,I do not see these countries opening up their energy markets to british energy companies Oh! wait a minute we do not have any unless it is in Scotland, surely all the profits are returned to their countries of origin,who knows how many of the MP,s are tied up with them through various means, I wouldn,t be surprised in the least.
I find it disgusting the way these parliamentarians treat the British people and allow all this to happen, it appears, I believe the ordinary folk are the cash cows for the state machine regardless of cost.
Keep up the good fight we are all behind you.


[ posted by David Forden, 20.03.12 14:53 ]

We all know this time tomorrow we'll be sitting here seething over that prat Osbourne's decision to add more duty to fuel. So what do we do next, they are and will continue to ignore us, what WON'T they ignore? At this rate, we'll be heading down the same road as Greece.


[ posted by Fred, 20.03.12 15:51 ]

If Osborne does approve of the 3p rise...

1) He can wave goodbye to his political career
2) He will guarantee the Tories will lose power in the next election
3) It'll prove what a weak chancellor he is
4) There will be backlash
5) There could well be protests too, something that has been resisted so far


[ posted by Den, 20.03.12 16:00 ]

I agree with Fred. Isn`t it funny how the price has been fairly stable the past few weeks but just before the budget it goes up by another two pence. just in time for Osbourne to knock two pence off.They must think we are all MORONS.


[ posted by Iain Marsh, 21.03.12 16:19 ]

The price of road fuel, diesel in particular, is a disgrace. I order our bulk fuel and I paid 118.00ppl VAT for a delivery last Friday. That's 36000ltr at less than 0.5p per litre than Asda were selling it.

Would abolishing fuel duty and introducing a road fuel specific rate of VAT that offset business reclaims be practicable and fair? Fair Fuel UK have suggested a reduction in duty would kick start the economy, what would bringing hauliers costs down to the actual cost of fuel do for the economy?


[ posted by carole gibbs, 21.03.12 16:32 ]

I live near Worcester and most of the garages around here charge £1.47.9 or £1.48.9 per litre of diesel. The price has been creeping up over the past week! Why? Quentin, I support your cause all the way, I have printed out forms and intend to get everyone to sign up.


[ posted by gill parry, 21.03.12 17:19 ]

haha...its been 149.9 here for WEEKS!!!!!! beat ya!


[ posted by Marc Ayre, 21.03.12 17:25 ]

This government aint interested in wot the people say u lobbyed them and they havent listened the people are staging fuel protests up and down the country and now things have gone to far Quinten, peter carroll why wont u listen may if you got behind the people this government will have to listen weve been saying this for months and yet u just dont listen the RHA and urselves are gonna keep campaigning wot is the use its DIRECT ACTION thats required if you back us we will help you win and maybe we can get fuel down to european prices £1.10 to £1.15 a ltr so join us


[ posted by Chris, 21.03.12 18:36 ]

My mate lives in Northumberland and he's paying 153.9ppl, beat that!! It's absolutely disgusting!


[ posted by Mike Ferguson, 22.03.12 21:16 ]

Action is not only now called for but is now being taken!

"United Against Rising Fuel Costs" are blockading the BP oil refinery in Grangemouth,Central Scotland since 8.30pm tonight march 22nd 2012!

This is just the beginning,the government have proved once again that they will never listen to us,because they no longer serve us or work for us.It's time to remind them who has the real power in this country and that is us! The British People!


[ posted by Mo Allen, 24.03.12 14:58 ]

I am an OAP with Osteoporosis and need my car but will be unable to pay such high prices for Diesel, I have never voted for this government and never will,they will always look after their own greedy members.So roll on the next election and get rid of them.


[ posted by Bust'n'deperate, 26.03.12 11:15 ]

This is a terrible situation, only getting worse. Trouble is, even if the Tories do get kicked out at the next election, Labour won't be any different - they too need to fund their spending habits like a demented crack addict.

None of them live in the real world, in their expenses paid, chauffeur driven cars...


[ posted by pat west, 03.04.12 10:12 ]

I live in a rural community and need our car for travel eg.doctors ,supermarket etc in fact everyday living.We have what amounts to a poor bus service.The price of fuel here has already risen beyond the prices of urban areas having cost £147.9 for the last few weeks. Since the threat of the tanker strike the price has already risen.I think we may need to re-mortgage the house to pay for the next tank refill.


[ posted by william baker, 03.04.12 11:00 ]

I travel 60 miles a day to work and back i currently spend at least £60 on petrol if i did not have a car i would not be able to work as the transport links to my place of work are non existent and what is a 40 minute journey would take at least 4 hours if i made all the right connections also public transport from where i work ceases after 8.oopm and as i frequently work past 9.30pm without a car i would have no means of getting home so if i want to work i have no choice but to pay if the government wanted to help they could start by stopping the tax on tax which a rough calculation shows they could cut prices by at least 12p per litre the price of crude oil and the £ to $ has been quite stable for a long time but the price keeps going up why?i am fed up with the constant change of excuse by all the parties involved for the ever increasing price there is no excuse maybe if we as motorists went on strike and cut everybody's revenue stream something might get done.


[ posted by john van gool, 03.04.12 11:13 ]

This talking abouth prices dont work .you need action block the main roads. m25 m1a14a 12 agee a date and time.to stop your lorry truck carr where you are on the road. for just 2 hour and the country stand still tell the minister we need a answere on the prices. that the go down with 20p or we stop for a day.see how the shake we win!!! in holland years back it did work why not here??? Action nu bulshit talking


[ posted by KELVIN, 05.04.12 09:17 ]



[ posted by Mandy, 07.04.12 15:03 ]

The ever increasing cost of fuel is a disgrace and I totally agree with the post above. I am sure the large oil companies would have something to add if they were boycotted on a particular day and think of the headlines for the fair fuel campaign!!


[ posted by john, 14.04.12 19:56 ]

£1.48 is expensive, but it would be wonderful to get it that cheap where i live [Isle of Jura Scotland]. We pay £1.60 for bog standard diesel, and it was £1.56 on 1 Jan 2012. I don't know what happened to the subsidy for remote areas, but it doesn't seem to have kicked in on the scottish islands. Frankly, our diesel should be the price it is in the South while the price of diesel in London and the South East deserves to be higher, where there is a comprehensive and excellent public transport system, and before you try to moan from down there in the south, don't even think about it. We have two buses a day to the main settlement for food, doctor and the rest, with a boat in the middle.

£1.48 is bad, but frankly, if you're paying that in the South, you don't know you're born.


[ posted by Colin Chambers, 23.05.12 11:29 ]

Just filled up the car paid £138.9 for diesel much better than the £150.9 a ltr currently on sale some 8 miles away at Rownhams Services (Esso) on the M27, WHAT A RIP OFF!


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