Friday, March 16, 2012

At FairFuelUK we carry out many calculations as to the huge and unfair amount of dosh we pay to the Government in tax when we fill up.  A FairFuelUK supporter sent us this telling  email:


  • If you buy 10 gallons of unleaded, the actual cost of the fuel without tax is only £25,
  • and that includes the profit made by the refinery and the petrol station.
  • With fuel duty and VAT it will cost you over £62.
  • However, that is from taxed income.
  • To pay £62 someone on the basic rate of tax would have to earn £91.50
  • Furthermore, your employer would have to pay a further 13.8% National Insurance,
  • So the total tax collected on £25 of petrol is a whopping £76.43 (more than 300%)

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[ posted by michael barlow, 16.03.12 12:22 ]

When I was a child my dad went to work as an estimator on an average wage but never more than £16000 a year in the 80's mum didn't work and looked after me and my brother although they didn't have a lavish lifestyle they didn't struggle. I'm now 31 I have a wife and a 5 year old girl an average wage of £19000 a year and there is no way we could survive unless my wife worked to. But we both get taxed have to run 2 cars to enable us to get to work. And so I ask the government make my money go further so my wife can look after my child so I only need to run 1 car so I can give my family the future I work hard for every day.


[ posted by george tomalin, 16.03.12 12:43 ]

Its the budget next week, time to CUT the price of petrol to everybody. - We are ALL hopeful that you will listen to the public of this country and give us all a break.! You really have gone to far with the current pricing. CUT THE TAX IN A BIG WAY.


[ posted by Toby Gower, 16.03.12 15:04 ]

Excessive tax discriminates against the poor, the unemployed, the disabled and severely disabled,the low paid, and many others in our society. This Government is actively discriminating against the less-well-off - those who are unable to meet the rising prices because of the limitations put upon them by low incomes and rising prices. This Government does not inspire confidence and must be ousted - LET'S HAVE A REVOLUTION!!!


[ posted by Michael goose, 16.03.12 15:04 ]

Having not long deciding to start my own business in the motor trade as a vehicle repairer and refinisher, i'm finding the rising cost of fuel is affecting my business in a very negative way. Most of my work comes from traders or the general public with minor scrapes etc. As far as the trade work goes, fuel prices take a good chunk of money from the overall price of the job as traders will not pay for the extra cost of transporting these vehicles to and fro from their premises to have the work carried out which puts extra unnecessary strain on my finances. With the trade from the general public, i'm finding that people are even less willing to part with their hard earned cash as their cars are already taking up a huge chunk of their finances and deem the "looks" of their vehicle, less important then any mechanical work for instance. The combination of both of these put together is making this business struggle more then is necessary and that's not taking into account personal travelling expenses to get to work and back.


[ posted by carl appleton, 16.03.12 17:54 ]

of the £25 how much tax will the fuel companies have to pay on their profits but also the staff of these companies will, in turn, have to pay income tax etc themselves!!


[ posted by GORDON SEYMOUR, 18.03.12 20:51 ]

What we need for this and all the robbing governments is a modern day ROBIN HOOD , the motorist is always an easy target,they should be ashamed of there selves it does`nt affect them as they are all on top dollar salaries enough is enough , all this is good but does the government ever listen to Joe Bloggs the man on the street that`s a BIG NO NO , SHAME ON YOU ALL IN GOVERNMENT


[ posted by R Key, 19.03.12 20:01 ]

Why is it three days before the budget forcourts increase there pump price Since Sunday deisel as increased three pence per litre oil price as dropped 4 dollars a barrel so if the chancellor does reduce the price we are no better of. I have noticed every time the budget comes round the price at the forcourts go up. The goverment not only increases fuel he also increase car tax called emisions tax where does that go my car does 56 mile to the gallon i would not say that is a gas gussler

Thank you

R key


[ posted by Will, 26.03.12 23:10 ]

It has to be said that the pitiful and inadequate numbers speak in volumes here.

At (best) £1.40 per litre and only 200k sign ups on this site and sub 00's with regards the comments on these articles......utterly shameful. Just what does it take to mobilise people in this country, were the many years of Brown / Blair the ones that finally broke the camels back, perhaps, but all in all apathy and ignorance is playing straight into the hands of the government.

Deferring a mere 3p is nothing more than a token gesture that will help nobody, I know it, you know it, Quentin probably knows it and the truckers / farmers know it. Even the BBC are misreporting (no surprise) only yesterday that the price is due to oil prices!!! Err, hello.

Yes oil is higher than it was, yes you expect to pay a little more, but this is something else. The Saudis back in 2000 (which was surprisingly broadcast)told the then Laurel and Hardy duo that prices were high due to extortionate taxes, NOT the $140 per barrel as it was then.

What has changed, nothing. Policy remains effectively the same and some. The reality is overly zealous taxation for a commodity that 90% of the population cannot do without.

The page right here on FFUK does the math so you don't have too.

300% taxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other item in our life's attracts this sort of barbaric rate of penalisation, diddly squat. 300% is monstrous, ridiculous and immoral on so many levels. It is possibly also illegal considering that VAT is added to what effectively is tax in the first place, the old double taxation whammy seen nowhere else on this earth (Google it`)!

As a comparison, our friends in the USA, who incidentally are up in arms and ARE using their backbones for change, pay on average 14% taxation on fuel, 14%! Thats a whopping 286% less than us, the Brits, an oil producing nation.

100% taxation would be considered a luxury in today's terms and economic state, an economic state that was not induced by consumers, rather by greedy corporations in cahoots with banks. Period.

The tax has to be brought down to realistic levels, no more pointless petitions for 3p savings here or 1p's there, it needs to be reduced by 200% and immediately. Will it happen using the current methods, absolutely NOT, will it by any other means, you bet it will but before any of that............reconnect the fibrous matters, think of the Britain of old (before the wind was kicked out of us) and to the ba(t)ckmobile we should all go............only with majority support, a confident strategy that remains unbroken whatever, yes WHATEVER they attempt if action is taken, will the people win through, lest us not forget they work for us and can be broken up at any time if we so wish!

Its time for change, its time for fair taxation's time.......NOW!!


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