Thursday, March 15, 2012

  1. "I had to give up running my own business mainly due to the horrendous price of fuel"
  2. "My spending on Fuel is up from £80 a month to £160 a month in the last couple of years"
  3. "I was recently looking for a new job and realised that I am now no longer able to be able to consider any employment that involves travel (beyond 5 - 10 miles), since petrol costs will significantly eat into any salary Iobtain. "
  4. " I am Disabled & require my car to get to the shop & hospital/doctors as I live in a rural area "
  5. "I have had to change my son's school because of the fuel prices"
  6. "I currently spend over a third of my wages on getting to work and have had to stop paying into my pension in order to afford to be able to go to work"
  7. "I live in a very rural area, we have no buses, no trains, no shops or services close by.. In fact we are very cut off. Fuel prices are killing me"
  8. "It now costs an extra £80.00 per month to fuel my car, I dont have a choice because of where I work.We now dont use the car at all during the weekend."
  9. "I work in the community with the district nursing team. I have to use my own car to call at patient houses."
  10. "It is reducing profits for me, as a cab driver. You can only increase fares so much before people stop using cabs. The effect down where I work, East Sussex, is many cabs sitting idle due to lack of fares."
  11. "I am self-employed and starting a new business, but fuel costs are already stifling growth. I, like many, now question how and if I travel. That doesn’t mean "green options” it means no options".
  12. "Our margins have been cut which means we are unable to invest in new vans, equipment etc and last year we made one engineer redundant. all due to fuel prices"
  13. "the rising fuel costs over the last 12 months have put our business under pressure. This might ultimately lead to us not being able to stay in business. This will put 40 employees on the dole"
  14. "My Fuel costs have gone up by a third, it has already got to the stage now that on the quieter work days I cannot afford to go to work as I don't even cover my days fuel costs."
  15. "the cost of fuelling my car in the last few weeks has gone up almost 30%. If we get another fuel increase it is going to price me and many of my colleagues out of work"

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[ posted by Steve Griggs, 15.03.12 21:04 ]

The repair business I work in has just had to pay out £100 for fuel this week (and it's not been busy with service calls) The diesel in my local garage is the most expensive I have seen in Kent- £1.489 per litre. I doubt whether the income from those calls will have been of any benefit to the business after paying so much for the fuel.


[ posted by Neil Bowers, 15.03.12 21:07 ]

It's shocking how much the price of fuel can be. One garage which is BP can one week charge £1.32 a ltr.. the next week it's gone up to £1.39 a ltr now it's £1.42!! It cannot go on anymore. We as family now fill our car up to half a tank and we let it run until it's almost dry. Which isn't good because it sucks up the rubbish from your tank.

We no longer go on holidays other than in Norfolk because we cannot afford the fuel. My parents live 140 miles away we can no longer afford to travel down to see them as often as we like therefore, they don't see their grandchildren as often either.

I cannot believe this current government isn't listening to the outstanding facts that have been presented to them. It's there in black and white!!


[ posted by John Pocock, 15.03.12 21:44 ]

Both me and my wife are disabled,we need the car for virtually everything we do.No car,No do.

My Mother lives over 100 miles away and is 87,last November my Father died and i had to travel to and from their home for obvious reasons.This is now getting harder and harder because of the MASSIVE hike in fuel prices and i consider myself lucky.
I dont have to travel to and from work,i dont run a business reliant on fuel and am not working for an emergency service.

NOW,If i am suffering what must it be like for the others,


[ posted by Duncan Sykes, 16.03.12 12:54 ]

diesel at our local morrisons has gone up by 3p per litre in the last 4 weeks, as a council employee with a pay freeze, our planned caravan holiday may well have to cancelled. The money we would be spending in the uk may now go on a cheaper week abroad. how maddening when it is cheaper to holiday abroad than in this country!


[ posted by Rich F, 17.03.12 16:30 ]

I'm a self employed tree surgeon (trying to start my own business), meaning I need to run a fairly large vehicle and petrol power tools all day.
I have now realised that I'd probably be better off not working at all.

Now then, Where is the nearest doll office???


[ posted by Al Jackson, 18.03.12 20:25 ]

Travelling 123 miles a day to keep food on the table has become very expensive, they want you to work but don't help you to remain in employment. We are not lucky enough to get all our expenses paid for like the ones in the big house in London!!!
Why have they not invested in up to date refineries that will serve the country well into the future and help keep the prices down.

One truck per day is all it would take to cripple London, choose the bottlekneck and disable the truck. I don't think a recovery truck could get there through all the buses and taxis stuck in a matter of minutes, this would be greener than the go slow that is normally done. Not enough police to escort every truck into London so job done. Make sure the truck is plastered with info from this site, hauliers should be informed of when and where to keep the costs down.

Plan it soon and often.



[ posted by reg webb, 19.03.12 15:45 ]

hi im fead up with the cost of petrol .i only have a small panda last year to fill up cost £32 know £40 at£1.49 a ltr what a rip off briton thank god for Quentin Willson's


[ posted by martin small, 21.03.12 15:47 ]

This has got to be the last straw what an ignorant brainless idiot to not only not cut fuel duty but to actually go ahead with the increase is just absolutely unbelievable, it's time we had some direct action they ignore petitions, polls etc they just want to bleed us dry Cameron stood on the whitehouse lawn with obama and talked about releasing some of the US oil reserves to get prices down and then 2 weeks later they go ahead with the August tax increase it's just unbelievable i am livid I live in a rural community and run a rural business and they are destroying us


[ posted by Richard, 23.03.12 18:13 ]

It's clear that no government will listen to petitions, campaigns etc.. any more (that is if they ever did). Now it is time for Fair Fuel UK to take direct action - it is the ONLY OPTION LEFT!!!!


[ posted by Hazel, 03.04.12 09:40 ]

My local petrol station is the only one within 8 miles and the price is already 144.9. Rising prices prevent volunteers from befriending lonely elderly and disabled people who live in remote rural areas. It is these people who will be forgotten in the mix. I just don't think the government officials live in the real world. It will put a lot of able-bodied people out of work and on to benefits.


[ posted by tom gypps, 03.04.12 09:46 ]

I sent an email to the local MP suggesting the government cut our fuel duty and charge foriegn hauliers a daily charge to use our roads this would cut the price of a litre of fuel and also go to repairing pot holes and other upgrades the road system requires.
They contribute nothing to our economy as they fuel up before they come over here then re fuel when they get back.
The MP has replied saying she has taken this up with the Treasury.


[ posted by leonard wilson, 03.04.12 12:51 ]

i live in cumbria a very rural county,the availability of public transport is very limited so people rely more on cars than city dwellers.i used to travel to nearby towns to shop and i also used to drive 112 miles to wigan to follow my love of rugby league.i now shop mainly on line which unfortunatly hits the profits of high street shops putting peoples jobs at risk,also i have missed most of my teams games this season due solely to the ridiculous price of diesel.the government have no idea of the problems the people of this country are facing,and which is worse they do not care.this,and earlier governments can give millions to foreign aid [not knowing where most of it goes]yet cannot find money to kick-start the economy and ease the burden on our citizens who pay through the nose in exhorbitant fuel duty.if they want to stop people travelling and bankrupt shops on the high street they are doing a good job in that respect.the hauliers are even worse off and prices will continue to rise.


[ posted by Alan Spicer, 03.04.12 19:25 ]

Due to the ever increasing price of Diesel my wife and I are flying to Turkey for our holiday this year as it will be cheaper than towing our caravan to Cornwall a destination we love!!! Being one of the criminal types that run a 4X4 Discovery I already pay more tax through fuel as my vehicle does around 27mpg the VED is £ 260 at present . The way to go it seems is to buy a Citroen C1 , Toyota Aygo , Peugeot 107 ( good old British names )at 60mpg and £20 VED and fly abroad on a non polluting Jet aircraft !The cost of fuel will make many folk think twice about spending their money in the UK especially caravanners .


[ posted by ken pope, 08.04.12 12:05 ]

i passed a garage near me in southampton the other week and the price for diesel was £151.9 a litre , this is an outrage this should not be allowed to happen , and with the 16p increase in august who knows where it will stop ,come august i will have to stop driving as i am struggling to run my mondeo now


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