Monday, March 5, 2012
PLEASE TWEET: If you have a Twitter Account, please take part in our National FairFuel Day’s Mass Tweet this week, at 1pm (Wednesday March 7th). Please send the following tweet to all your followers as close to 1pm as possible. Then Retweet!!!! We will be in Westminster lobbying MPs. Let's get trending on Twitter for the sake of lower petrol and diesel prices.  The tweet is:

I support @fairfueluk ‘s call for a cut in #fuelduty for 180,000 new jobs & economic growth. Pls sign up & support at

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by alan K Davies, 06.03.12 18:56 ]

Breaking news, President Obhama recognises the fact that increased Fuel prices effect consumer spending, George Osbourne needs to listen to this as David Cameron doesn't seem to understand.


[ posted by ian foley, 07.03.12 08:35 ]

mps have got to listen the motorist and transport companies cant afford the astronomical tax that the government keeps increasing.if they reduce the tax they will sell more full and will benefit every one.


[ posted by Terry Wright, 07.03.12 09:14 ]

Don't believe the government's lies that they can't afford cuts, they can! They waste millions of our money every day by giving it to Europe.


[ posted by Russell Smith, 07.03.12 09:23 ]

My main concern is that George Osbourne and Cameron and co seem to think they are doing the right thing?
We have crippling fuel costs, less revenue raised from fuel tax since it got this high as fewer people are buying, a massive increase in fuel theft, and the transport industry, which our entire country depends on is on its knees, how disconnected from its voters can our Government be?
This is what happens when the country is governed by people who have never had to work for a living.


[ posted by W Blanch., 07.03.12 10:22 ]

You would be better employed looking for new alternative ways of raising tax and using revenues
raised to help reduce fuel duty.
For starters I would suggest a 1p tax on all e mails sent and something similar for text messages.


[ posted by susan griffiths, 07.03.12 11:14 ]

daylight robbery - how much more can we take - cut fuel duty now and no further increases for the time being


[ posted by IRMH, 07.03.12 12:34 ]

Let’s imagine if fuel tax were doubled or halved!

If it were halved it then….

We (the government) would loose an awful lot of money. That would mean higher taxes elsewhere or significant cuts in services.

There would be more vehicle miles so more traffic jams and lower average speeds. Lower average mpgs and longer journey times would mean at least some of the saving is lost

More economical vehicles would be relatively less attractive so carbon emissions would rise as the average mpg decreased.

Public transport would be relatively less attractive so bus and train services would be more likely to be cut. People without a car would suffer and again the roads would be even more congested.

And it’s not difficult to see the converse effect of higher duties…

I'll go and hide now from the car heads.


[ posted by J Dawson, 07.03.12 12:37 ]

I support @fairfueluk ‘s call for a cut in #fuelduty for 180,000 new jobs & economic growth.
If fuel was cheaper i'd still use as much as i would drive more.
So STOP robbing us and cut The DUTY


[ posted by steve, 07.03.12 13:05 ]

I think a 20p / 30p lowering of rate is what we really need.
Now before you say something like stupid idiot.... read why...
Realise that nearly all our food, clothes and other items you buy or eat are delivered by a lorry.
If we cut fuel we assist all those struggling businesses.

If we cut fuel and we all have more money in our pockets we'll spend it on other things, further increasing increasing the turnover in other businesses, that pay VAT and so on...
More turnover in these businesses mean less jobs cut and therefore less people on income support.

This further lowers the strain on the treasury's benefits budget.

It also means that families can go out and about instead of having to constantly stay at home as they are unable to afford high travel costs and high costs of the venue they are travelling to visit e.g. theme park, country park, seaside or other attraction.

I can go on but I think you get my drift......

I have thought this was a good idea since last autumn and didn't know how to take it forward so thankyou for stepping up....


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