Saturday, February 25, 2012


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  1. "My Fuel costs have gone up by a third, it has already got to the stage now that on the quieter work days I cannot afford to go to work as I don't even cover my days fuel costs. If the government put fuel up again I will loose everything, my job, my car and my family home. As a self employed person I am not entitled to ANY benefits if the worst happens, I really don't know what is going to happen to my children."

  2. "The fuel increases have caused great pains to my Haulage company in Norwich. I run a fleet of over 24 motors from vans through to Artics & our weekly fuel has gone upto 12k from 8k. Unfortunately because of the poor economy our customers are forcing us to put our prices down rather than increase & we have to do it to keep trading. As an example we were charging £600 for an artic to Manchester in 2007 now we are charging £500 tops - unfortunately everyone is feeling the pinch so in turn they pinch us.I also think this has caused many businesses to go bust which then causes the "domino effect" to their traders, I understand the government is trying to reduce the deficit but fuel tax is not the way to do it - Please look at it as we're on our knees at the moment."

  3. "As a retired person trying to live on a state pension, I now find I cannot afford to travel to visit any of my daughter and the rest of my family and they can't visit me. I also find that I can't afford to go for a drive to take photographs as I used to, in fact I feel that I am now trapped in the immediate area where I live. Prices are going up due to the cost of fuel and my pension is not, so a far larger portion of my money now has to go on food and fuel, leaving nothing for the occasional bit of leisure and fun, so life gets tedious and boring. With the price of fuel and the excessive cost of car tax, I will find it very hard to afford a car by the end of this year Living in a rural area, I need a car just to do my shopping and to visit friends. No car, no life. The car tax is too high as well as the fuel duty and it is destroying the lives of the less well off! We are becoming prisoners in our own homes!"

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[ posted by Sheryl Hepworth, 25.02.12 17:54 ]

My fuel costs are beyond a joke. I take my son-in-law to work 5 out of 7 days driving 21 miles there and 21 miles home. Then I take my 2 grand-daughters to school another 18 miles there and 18 miles home to do the same trip again at 3 pm to collect them! We stay in the North Highlands of Scotland and have no public transport, well not at the right times or going to the right places!! My fuel costs me approx. £400 a month and I've only a 1600 Escort!! Old car maybe but still getting good mileage from her and reliability!! As a state pensioner, heading to being disabled, my car is vital to me for every day as I can't shop without travelling 13 miles to the nearest supermarket and I can't carry bags, so train would be no good for me!! I can't get DLA because they don't count not being able to carry shopping!! Which is silly as I walk with a stick and some days can't go out as my arms are sore so can't use my stick!! A drop in fuel duty and road tax would be such a blessing!!


[ posted by mike willicombe, 26.02.12 14:31 ]

my children who are now grown up live 200miles away i now have a little grand daughther
1 would love to see more of them, but the high cost of fuel makes this inpossible, soon
driving will be just for the rich


[ posted by V.Ludovico, 03.03.12 10:36 ]


quite clearly ways will be found to sting drivers with various charges.While on the subject, where is the investment in these alternatives?

HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW VAT IS A EUROPEAN TAX? 20% is on a par with rest of Europe. EU rules apply as to whether VAT could be cut. We used to have purchaser tax in UK.


[ posted by Marc Ayre, 05.03.12 18:42 ]

Why is it your looking for a 2.5p reduction on a 3p increase when fuel has risen in the last 2 weeks what is your next move if you dont succeed will you continue to lobby when you know the Government isnt listening, we have people living in rural areas which fuel is sitting at £1.57 and the government has cut services and on the news tonight mortgage rates are going up why is the Government sitting there and letting its people suffer on average we spend more on fuel than food how much longer do we have to suffer, what people dont seem to realise is fuel has a knock on effect with everything we use from day to day so why 2.5p reduction when we want fuel down to £1.10 a ltr and the government doesnt loose out its time to make a stand no more sitting back and moaning about it weve moaned long enough if fuel isnt reduced then we will take action.


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