Monday, January 23, 2012

Now that all the festivities are behind us, the team here is gearing up to keep the pressure on for a cut in duty on petrol & diesel.

Your FairFuelUK team will be meeting with MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 25th January to renew its call for a significant cut in fuel duty.

We made significant progress last year by helping to persuade the Government to abandon the swingeing fuel duty rises that would, by now, have added a further 10p per litre to the high prices we are currently paying. However, the economy is still stagnating and families and businesses continue to struggle with the high cost of petrol and diesel. 

The next Budget will be on the 21st of March 2012, so we only have a few weeks to build up the pressure again on the Government. Your support is vital and we thank you for it. 

The FairFuelUK team is delighted to announce that The Fuelcard Company has renewed and increased its commitment to the campaign. Jakes De Kock, Marketing Director of the The Fuelcard Company said, "I am very pleased to renew our commitment as a company to supporting the FairFuelUK campaign. The plea for a fairer tax system for UK companies reliant on fuel to keep their businesses moving, is a worthy and necessary cause and impacts every consumer in the UK."

Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, ‘I’m delighted that The Fuelcard Company has increased its level of support to the FairFuelUK campaign.  They can be rightly proud of the support they gave last year.  They helped avert the significant fuel duty hikes planned for last year.  We are all looking forward to working even more closely with them in the coming months’.

We’ll be keeping in touch with you …..please tell everyone you meet to sign up to 

Kind regards,

Peter Carroll and the FairFuelUK team…

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[ posted by Gary Johnston, 24.01.12 10:22 ]

When are the government (present and any future) going to realise that the whole country depends on fuel to do business and enjoy a decent social/family life.
Continually increasing what is a fundimental need for almost everyone in the country is nothing short of daylight robbery.
Climate change and being greener is fine but lets not cripple the country by implimenting taxation under the guise of this intil you have produced a viable alternative to allow everyone to switch without it costing them an arm and a leg.
We always have to be seen to be leading the way in the world for politcal brownie points, but its the working class who suffer everytime. If you want to be a leader half the duty on fuel for a period of 6 months and measure the difference people would respect that you are actually listening and trying to do something about it!


[ posted by neiallswheel, 24.01.12 10:34 ]

I have something to add towards fair fuel debate and i hope you can see the sense in my point.

I have to start by explaining that normal Diesel contains cancer causing carcinogens that are simply not present in Bio Diesel simply due to the fact it’s a Plant-based OIL
Biodiesel also has half the emissions of normal diesel.
And yet (i quote from link on TfL website)
''' it has been deemed not to be exempt from the #LEZ '''
also the French water fuel system i have on my van, although cutting emissions by half , and saving fuel is also NOT exempt.
With both Biodiesel and waterfuel systems on the van my emissions are absolutely minimal

The government could easily introduce a diesel dye similar to (agricultural) RED Diesel, but for Ordinary diesel as they do in the USA .
This would allow converters to Biodiesel to PROVE that they are NOT using ordinary (toxic) PURPLE diesel in their vehicle(for example) .
Biodiesel could then recieve the
ALTERNATIVE GREEN FUEL subsidies it deserves , such as deductions in Road tax ,exemptions in the Congestion Charge zone and the Low Emission Zone (in London and other UK cities and towns)
This further reduction for greener fuels would encourage use and promote health,


[ posted by john dawkes, 24.01.12 17:31 ]

I have dilligently followed all of your requests with regards to signing of petitions, emailing my local MP and given you my full support in all that you asked us to do.
And the grand sumof all of this in my opinion has been diddly squat, nothing other than the postponement of the inevitable price rises, not by government but by the greed of the fuel companies.

The time is coming when your supporters will dwindle due to nothing being done to help us the ordinary motorists, were still paying record levels at the pump, and it is hurting us.

A time not very far away will come when direct action will have to be taken with blockades and disorder to ram home the message we have had enough.
Lobbying and being nice will only achive so much, as has been proven they still expect US to provide them with the income they need.

So come on get a backbone and do something constructive.


[ posted by Scott, 24.01.12 18:43 ]

In defence of Fair Fuel, I'd strongly disagree. It's seldom that pressure groups get a debate through the door in issues that matter to everyone like FF have. Maintaining the pressure in this way will send a constant reminder to think seriously about any rises in fuel duty, which would have happened without FF. Things won't happen overnight but there have been some early wins so far.

Blockading didn't really work when you consider that the last government in charge at the time later increased fuel duty and quite stealthily too.


[ posted by denis woolmark, 24.01.12 21:17 ]

It's about time that the government stopped using the motorist as a money milking machine. Tax on petrol and diesel is far to high, even more so since they put VAT up to 20%

Cut at least 10p a litre or 45p a gallon from the cost. In the old days the government would put 2 or 3 p on a gallon, now they must think we are stupid as they add more than that to a litre.


[ posted by Robert Jordan, 31.01.12 11:35 ]

This government is supposed to understand that businesses are the life blood of this country and need our backing to rebuild the economy. Yet they still impose more and more restrictive red tape and excessive taxes etc; on companies that are literally struggling to survive, all the promises they make are meaningless. We need immediate action to recover our economy and put the Great back in Britain.Fuel duty must be cut and a rebate given to essential users. Derv should be cheaper than petrol simply because it costs less to refine.
Simply raising prices & taxes continually inevatably means that more and more companies go bankrupt resulting in less money for the government and Britain becoming like Greece and Ireland needing to have a bale out from the EU.
Mr Cameron needs to take action Today not Tomorrow.


[ posted by B rian Johnston, 31.01.12 13:58 ]

I have never seen a table showing the relation of the price per litre of fuel,to the wholesale price of oil.At one stage oil reached$140 per barrell but the price of petrol is now much higher than then. Would this fact not give weight to your argument. Get this research out to the public if you want to increase support


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