Sunday, January 22, 2012
Let's all give thanks that the FairFuelUK campaign stopped January’s proposed hike in fuel duty, because the stuff’s going up again. Shenanigans in Iran mean that wholesale prices have increased by 4.5p a litre.  That’s the steepest and fastest rise fuel companies say they’ve ever seen. And you can bet your last tankful that it will get passed on to the nation’s motorists and businesses soon. That means higher food prices and more inflation. You can look forward to diesel being at least 145p by the end of January.

So, Mr Osborne, if you’re reading this, you can forget about any more duty rises this year. The economy just won’t stomach it.
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[ posted by Mark Evans, 24.01.12 10:18 ]

For the first time it has just cost me in excess of £100 to fill up my car with diesel. I will probably get around 650 miles from the tank. Not so long ago the same tank would have cost me £75. This is an unreal increase that the government don't seem bothered about mainly as they keep collecting the over inflated rates of tax which cripples households and busineses alike. This can't be allowed to go on.


[ posted by warren, 24.01.12 10:20 ]

As much as I admire your fight against excessive fuel duty, it's all just a complete and utter waste of time, the inept government are bragging that they are "helping" the british public by delaying the proposed 3p increase in duty and yet it has gone up 4.5p, and now our inept government want to go to war with Iran who I believe are a huge oil supplier, less supply = higher cost, so we're just wasting our time !!! stop the wars now !!!!!


[ posted by Robert, 24.01.12 11:52 ]

Keep up the pressure for a reduction on Fuel Duty but also let's put presure on the Fuel companys and retailers to reduce their prices.I stongly suspect that every time the wholesale price increases, they increase their prices to maintain their percentage gross profit. This means that with the massive increases we have had recently their cash profits have soared to to a new high.


[ posted by Ian, 24.01.12 13:19 ]

Surely the government must realise that the higher the fuel prices rise - with the knock-on effective on all other prices - the less the public have to spend, resulting in a further depression in the economy.


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