Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Pump prices rose by around 4.5p a litre between December 19 and the end of last week, while petrol went up by 5p. It is the steepest and fastest rise in wholesale prices over the Christmas and New Year period. Experts have warned that further rises are likely and that average diesel prices, currently nearly £1.41 a litre, could soon reach £1.45, breaking the existing record of £1.43 of May last year. Petrol and diesel are already around 15 per cent more expensive than 12 months ago. So far wholesale costs have been rising so fast that fuel retailers have not yet reacted by putting up pump prices, according to RMI Petrol, which represents garages.

But it warned that forecourt owners would now have to raise prices quickly "in order to protect the already wafer-thin margins which have caused the independent retailers such financial stress through 2011”. Increased costs will also mean motorists will be paying more tax. Around 68 per cent of what drivers pay for fuel currently goes in duty and VAT. The high levels of tax make diesel in the UK the most expensive in Europe. The Daily Express has long called for fuel duty to be significantly cut, through our Stop The Petrol Tax Robbery crusade. The huge increases in wholesale costs over the past two weeks have been largely blamed on growing tensions between Iran and the West over Iran’s nuclear intentions. The EU has tried to force an embargo on crude oil supplies but Iran has responded by threatening to block the Straits of Hormuz

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[ posted by Michael Hudsto, 10.01.12 18:12 ]

Our fuel costs are high for one reason only, TAXES.



[ posted by Paul Lisi, 11.01.12 02:52 ]

More excuses for the cost as usual. People are aware why the cost of fuel is so high now and it isn't because of anything else but the ridiculous taxes put on it by a lazy and incompetent government. The motorist should only pay for what he needs to as a road user, not everything else. Accept your blame and tax fuel like anything else is taxed, vat only. This is THE only fair way.


[ posted by Pete Biss, 24.01.12 10:11 ]

What adds insult to injury, is that you pay VAT on the Duty - paying tax on tax is indefensibly unjust.


[ posted by Mario matteini, 24.01.12 11:13 ]

The governements are imposing higher taxes on diesel ( the only ones in Europe) by using the excuse that diesel cars use less fuel per mile than petrol cars.That is correct but they don`t tell you that diesel cars are more expensive to buy and consequently we pay more Vat.In addition as food and other items sold by supermarkets are transported on lorries,these taxes contribute to increase the cost of living.


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