Monday, November 21, 2011

5000 on-line supporters complete the FairFuelUK Survey on Fuel Duty. The results of the survey will be published before George Osborne's Autumn Statement on 29th November

FAIRFUELUK SURVEY:How would you answer this question? If the Government were deciding between cutting the 50p tax rate that people on high earnings pay, or reducing fuel duty; which would you prefer? This is just 1 of the 8 questions in the FairFuelUK Survey.As part of our campaign pressure on the Government prior to the Autumn Statement, we wish to publish a summary report on what you think about the Government options on this issue. Please visit and let us know what you feel by completing the FairFuelUK Survey.The results will be sent to the Treasury, MPs and the media next week.

The FairFuelUK Parliamentary debate took place on the afternoon of Tuesday 15thNovember. The event attracted massive media interest. Our spokesman Quentin Willson put our case on BBC Breakfast, Sky Sunrise and ITV Daybreak. That was just a start! The FairFuelUK team did over 50 regional radio interviews and TV interviews during the day and the issue was in every major newspaper. This level of media interest is vital if we are to be successful in putting pressure on the MPs and Ministers. Some of our supporters also ended up telling their particular stories on the media. Neither the debate nor the attendant vital media coverage could have been achieved without your support.

During the debate, MP after MP told the House of Commons about how their constituents were suffering. The Government was left in no doubt about the strength of feeling on this issue.

Rumours are swirling around Westminster that the Government is trying to find ways of scrapping the 3p per litre fuel duty rise planned for January

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by sharon shepherd, 21.11.11 17:10 ]

It's about time the prices of fuel was dropped. We've been ripped off for far too long!


[ posted by jonathan charlish, 21.11.11 23:00 ]

how is it legal that one product (such an essential one ) is allowed to be so heavily taxed and the people of this country are made to suffer for trying to earn a living just to line the pockets of the greedy mps how can this be fair no other essential product would be aloud to be taxed in this way


[ posted by robert stanhope, 24.11.11 17:22 ]

we are a small cleaning business and our fuel bill has been slowly rising and this has had a nock on effect on our service we are finding we can not give our customers our best price and we are loosing work due to this we are even at a point where we workers as we are doing double the work to feed our fuel bill we will soon either have to raise our prices in the hope our customer will under stand or we will end up going out of business and it will be more figures to add to the already growing unemployment figures which in turn will cause my family problems we live in a small village and have to travel by car to get the kids to school do our shopping and to get our youngest son to and from hospital visits should i loose my job we will probably have to move to be closer to the services we require and be closer to the jobcentre to look for more work we are in a no win situation and its not just business that suffers there are family being put at risk as well


[ posted by Mike Stephenson, 27.11.11 05:52 ]

How can the government waste billions of pounds subsidising overseas companies to start up in the UK and then tax the fuel so highly that we can't afford to go to work. It is time that there was an organised "no fuel" purchase day.


[ posted by john mayberry, 29.11.11 13:52 ]

just listened to the dross that has come out of osbornes mouth quentin, like I SAID IN EARLIER BLOGS this cretin wont budge, sure he delayed the fuel duty but we need a reduction of at least 20p per litre. the talkings over its time for the blockades to start that is the only language the tories will understand I am fed up with all this talking its time for action or I am finished with fairfuel uk


[ posted by Steve harper, 24.01.12 10:22 ]

As a taxi driver self employed and because of the high fuel costs if i was a limited company i would be finded by hmrc for not paying myself the minimum wage as most of what i take every day goes in fuel its a joke i will probaly have to start claiming bennifits which i have never done and at 50 years of age it is scarey


[ posted by Brian Watson, 27.01.12 14:16 ]

If the cost of Diesel goes up aney more i can kiss my holidays in my caravan goodby.I am a pensioner strugling now to drive.Withe high cost fuel road tax insuurance this will just about finish me off.



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