Thursday, November 10, 2011

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[ posted by sarah wiltshire, 10.11.11 10:03 ]

How can you not see its the price of fuel that is killing our country!!! Even if it was £1 a litre it would help.. How are the goverment so blind!


[ posted by Scott, 10.11.11 14:15 ]

Unfortunately I can imagine a similar survey being done by the Guardian becoming full of the usual peak oil and climate change doomsters suggesting that fuel duty being doubled.

Its perfectly evident that high fuel prices and any benefits of lower fuel consumption are grossly overshadowed by the economic and social harm, not to mention the rise of petty and organised fuel crimes.

I'm a cynic in believing that the government is more inclined to pander to the environmental lobby because it suits it for raising more revenue, but as we know that is also becoming a false economy.


[ posted by Sandira Michawl, 15.11.11 12:34 ]

if they are loosing revenue because the price of petrol is so high we dont use our cars then they need to do thier maths. if a government is unable to see a simple equation like this, and small businesses are going under because they cant pay for the fuel, the economy crashes. we need a New or different government. this one is not working.


[ posted by grace stuart, 15.11.11 12:54 ]

I live in the North West Highlands of Scotland where our fuel is currently at 151.9
per litre for unleaded fuel. When you take into account that the nearest place which is Ullapool is almost 40mls away and Inverness, the nearest city 90mls away you have to appreciate that to get anywhere we need to drive and each journey is either 80mls or 180mls round trip. The petrol price here is absolutely ridiculous. In Inverness the price varies but is around 132,per litre. I and many more people feel that a uniform price for the country would be musch fairer. People in towns do not need to drive as far so why are their prices so much cheaper? Surely a fairer system is needed. If the prices rise yet again it will be devastateing for rural communities.


[ posted by Kate Combs, 02.03.12 18:43 ]

Keep upping the cost of fuel and we can not afford to run our car which means we are unable to enjoy family days out even to local areas. how are we supposed to let our children enjoy life if they are stuck at home constantly? I dont work but my husbad works full time and has to walk to work and complete a 12 hour shift as we can not afford for him to use the car! Please please bring petrol prices down


[ posted by Andy Lush, 10.03.12 05:43 ]

Are you all aware that in this age of spiralling fuel duty, aviation fuel duty remains at laughably low levels?

Kerosene (AVTUR), used in a turbine powered aircraft, is completely untaxed (VAT or fuel duty) irrespective of what it is used for.

Fuel duty on aviation petrol (AVGAS) is at the low rate of 39.66p per litre, any business use can be claimed back (you try and claim back tax on road based fuel duty!)

Additionally, aviation pay no VAT on purchase price or maintenance.

Maybe the government should consider upping taxes on aviation fuel, to give normal people some relief on their "essential" use of petrol and diesel?


[ posted by Peter Mitchell, 17.02.13 15:22 ]

I would like to see some common sense over this absolute stupidity that the British Government are taking over fuel TAX. Isn't it about time that all fuel stations wherever they may be situated, retail at the same cost? (Look at all the 'other' goods that a fuel station try's to sell us) I would suggest that the 'cost' be something that is 'subsidized' when and where it has to be, by Government and over whatever years are necessary to maintain a steady playing field, if you see what I mean? BUT, as its the easy way for them to gain revenue I feel that the whole style of taxation needs to be altered and I do not mean just on fuel. Now, as for the exemption on the use of Rapeseed oil (on diesel vehicles that have been converted to use it) as fuel, as long as 2000 ltrs a year or less are used, you do not pay tax. Can you highlight this one for us? As I am sure many would feel better off to run their diesel on this, 'they' probably don't even know about it?


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