Wednesday, November 9, 2011

  • Over 100 MPs have signed a motion urging the Government to change direction on fuel duty. The motion is to be debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday 15th November as a result of FFUK’s ePetition reaching 100,000 signatures. The ePetition was lodged by the fuel campaign group FFUK. FFUK is backed by the RAC and the 20,000 road freight companies represented by the RHA and FTA . The Government is planning to raise fuel tax by 33p per gallon in two stages starting on January 2012.
  • Robert Halfon MP for Harlow who campaigns with FFUK in the commons said: " A massive 33p per gallon is the last thing that the UK economy needs now. Growth is on the floor and this rise will force more people into poverty and push many businesses over the edge. Cutting fuel tax is more important that cutting taxes for high earners. A cut in fuel duty of significance would boost growth, create jobs, ease inflation and be fair ".
  • Peter Carroll, campaign manager of FFUK said, " We know that petrol and diesel costs are the number 1 issue for millions of people and tens of thousands of UK businesses. The fact that over 100 MPs have already put their name to this motion shows that the government need to take the debate on the 15th November very seriously and listen carefully to the people and business community! "
  • Quentin Willson, campaign spokesman for FFUK said, " If something drastic isn't done, the first two quarters of 2012 will be an economic Armageddon the like of which we've never seen before. Its time the Government stops whistling in the dark and does something that instantly puts money back into people's pockets. The UK needs to go out and start spending again. "
  • 16,000 FFUK supporters have already emailed their local MP in the last 5 days asking them to attend the debate. Have you emailed yours yet? To do so go to


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[ posted by david price, 09.11.11 15:37 ]

I have seen my business costs escalate due to the fuel price hike. The nature of my business takes me all over kent and further afield to service my clients events. I have had to pass on the cost to clients which makes life difficult for them. In order to cut my costs I have had to adjust the number of people I employ. The cost of fuel is damaging all small business. Who cares! obviously not this government.


[ posted by stuart till, 15.11.11 07:34 ]

I run a small gardening business and this will kill my business off ,I started when i came out of work in last recession with no help at all ,There is no logic in whats happening i may as well pack in and go on the dole like half of the other layabouts . In this country the goverment cant realise what they are doing to all good honest workers with families it absolutley disgusting .


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