Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thanks to you, we have at last secured a debate in the House of Commons on the need for lower fuel duty and lower petrol and diesel prices.  It was a struggle, but with the help of our fantastic supporters we got there!  It’s vital that as many MPs as possible attend the debate. Thats where you come in. Please help us by emailing or writing to your MP explaining how important this issue is to you, your family and/or your business.  The debate falls on Tuesday 15th November, just before Parliament breaks for a short while.  An empty chamber on the day would be a set back for our campaign, it has to packed with MPs. 

This will be a disaster for the campaign The nation deserves better

We believe that the petrol and diesel price scandal is now a national crisis.  We need to do all we can to make sure our politicians fully grasp the scale of this problem.  Here is the important link where you type in your postcode and identify your local MP, then follow the instructions to send an email straight into their inbox. It is simple to do and you can edit and add your own content that will make your letter/email even more personal.  

Thanks again for all your support in the fight for lower petrol and diesel prices

Very kind regards

The FairFuelUK Campaign team
Quentin Willson, Peter Carroll, Lynne Beaumont, Howard Cox
The RAC, FTA and RHA

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[ posted by mandi riseman, 05.11.11 13:52 ]

petrol prices kust come deown please


[ posted by paul drury, 08.11.11 15:17 ]

Dear Member of Parliament,

I understand and am delighted that parliament will now debate the FairFuel UK petition on Tuesday, 15th November. I hope that you will be able to attend the debate and support, speak out and vote for lower Fuel Duty and Lower Fuel Prices at the Pumps. It is so vital to the economy and me that you support this campaign. Lower fuel prices will stimulate growth, lower inflation, motivate the public and deliver more tax revenues for the Treasury. Please read the FairFuelUK Prospectus that clearly explains these aspects in more detail at

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation

Very Kind Regards, Paul Drury


[ posted by E.M.Stevens, 09.11.11 19:19 ]

The constant increases in fuel prices need to be regulated as with each increase it becomes more difficult to move around freely in ones car.
My wife is now disabled so we need to use cars more than ever and the proposed excessive increase will simply make things more difficult.


[ posted by Brian Playford, 14.11.11 16:30 ]

In have only in the last few days received a letter from my MP Alan Keen in which he looks as though he was going to support the campaign. But with his passing we have lost what would seemed to have been a supporter.


[ posted by Malcolm Harvey, 18.11.11 10:57 ]

The UK fuel taxes are KILLING the uk economy


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