Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quentin Willson has challenged the Chair of the Back Bench Business Committee, Natascha Engel, on the delay surrounding a parliamentary debate on the price of petrol and diesel as called for in the FairFuelUK epetition.  Quentin faced Natascha Engel on BBC Politics. You can see it here


Immediately after the live show, Quentin joined other members of the FairFuelUK team at a briefing for MPs at the House of Commons. Many of the MPs present acknowledged the strength of feeling demonstrated by the 10,000 emails that have arrived at Parliament since Friday afternoon from FairFuelUK supporters.  The Back Bench Business Committee next meets Tuesday 1st November to consider which items to debate. We will inform you of any news as soon as we can.  Thanks again to all our supporters for fighting this campaign with us….

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[ posted by Kelly Bennett, 01.11.11 13:12 ]

I have just received a reply to my e mail to my MP and I am considering my reply direct to him. However, it is full of 'doesn't mean to say the debate won't happen', 'rising oil prices', 'political instability', what the Government has already done etc (like I should be grateful!!!) The Government has done nothing to help the common man/woman/child on this issue and now they are trying to avoid the issue again even though we have played by the rules!!!


[ posted by David Britten, 01.11.11 15:24 ]

The tax and duty on fuel has an effect that multiplies any increase in the producer price by 6 times. Even schoolboy economics would predict that further tax increases would be economically destructive. Unfortunately, George Osborne appears to lack even that low level of understanding and competence.


[ posted by David Britten, 01.11.11 15:29 ]

I have heard David Cameron claim on several occasions that the government had 'cut' fuel duty. But this seems to me to be a cynical lie, since it was my understanding that they had merely and temporarily decided not to impose a scheduled increase. Correct me if I'm wrong please.


[ posted by Ben, 01.11.11 15:30 ]

@Kelly Bennett - better that what I got:

"Thank you for your email. I will ensure that Mr Gauke sees it shortly.

Tim Sylvester
Office of David Gauke MP"

Bet Mr. Gauke doesn't even read it.


[ posted by TFS, 01.11.11 17:09 ]

everyone should read Griftopia... by Matt Taibbi.

Its explains in detail the reason(s) why fuel is so high, Wallstreet is to blame. You should extend your fight to attack wallstreet, and the Americans.


[ posted by Bill Munro, 24.01.12 13:40 ]

When I wrote to my MP, I suggested that the government adjusted the balance betwee duty and VAT on diesel - increae VAT and reduce duty, so the govt receives the same amount of cash from private users but allows VAT-registered businesses to reduce their ful bills. Is this feasible? Does it make sense to anyone else?


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