Friday, October 28, 2011

We need you to send an email to your MP. Here is why and instructions on how to do so.

During the summer, we lodged a petition on the Governments own ePetition site about the need to cut fuel duty. This was on the understanding that reaching 100,000 signatures would trigger a Parliamentary debate on this key issue. With the help of our tens of thousands of supporters like yourself, we collected the 100,000 signatures in just over 8 weeks, actually hitting the 100,000 target on 30thSeptember 2011.

Since that time, we have attended two meetings of the Back Bench Business Committee of the House of Commons which decides on what should be debated and when.

This Committee are now saying that they do not have enough time to allocate for the debate on this,the most vital of national issues.They say that the Government has notgiven them the time.

HOWEVER, we get the impression that the Government are saying that there is enough time. We now believe that our campaign is being pushed ‘from pillar to post’. This leaves the 100,000 and more signees to the petition, all our other supporters, and the millions or struggling families and businesses across Britain without the debate that they were lead to believe would happen!

We need your help to make the Government understand that people are desperately struggling with the crisis of high petrol & diesel prices. Families are really struggling. Businesses are collapsing. The Government is missing the fact that cutting fuel duty would actually help them as it would lead to more jobs, more growth and higher tax receipts across the economy.

This situation is outrageous and unacceptable. Please click on the link below and you will be able send an email directly to your MP. Simply enter your postcode and follow the instructions. Your MP will be highlighted and a draft email/letter we have prepared is there for you to edit as you so wish. You can simply change the sample email/letter shown to your own style and content or just click to send.

We are not giving up on this fight for common sense..
Best wishes - The FairFuelUK Campaign team

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[ posted by Mike, 28.10.11 11:42 ]

Sooner we come out of the EU sooner there will be more money left in the kitty, so no need to tax fuel to the hilt.


[ posted by Richard Avis, 28.10.11 12:14 ]

Mike has hit the nail squarely on the head,lets get out of the EU.
We are an island I am not european I am ENGLISH and proud of it.


[ posted by Paul Palmer, 28.10.11 12:21 ]

Have we been to the the press about this non response to the Campaign not being give time?


[ posted by David Banes, 28.10.11 12:35 ]

This is crap, but to be 'fair' reaching 100k signatures just triggers a debate about whether to debate the issue or not, it doesn't guarantee the issue will be debated. Typical of politicians isn't it.


[ posted by Philip Robinson, 28.10.11 12:39 ]

Well this is case of selective deafness by the government. So much for democracy, we have followed due process, but it appears that the e petition was a complete waste of time.

So what next? Direct action like in 2000. bring the bastards to their knees and make them listen.


[ posted by Howard Cox, 28.10.11 13:31 ]

Yep we are going to the Press


[ posted by Mary Jones, 29.10.11 08:37 ]

Why are we surprised? When does the government listen to the people, they claim their petrol back under expenses, why cant we? Just like them we need to get to work! In our dreams...
If cutting back on spending at the pumps isnt hitting them...maybe we should all boycott the pumps and not travel into work!!!


[ posted by Mr Daniel Curwood, 29.10.11 13:59 ]

Absolutely disgusting! This article and the one posted above it just show that politicians amongst others just have their snouts in the trough.

Enough talk, politicians its time to prove that we really all are in it together!


[ posted by john mayberry, 30.10.11 05:04 ]

as I said in my comment last week you can have a million signatures it wont matter a jot to this govt this govt they wont budge they dont care about the ordinary man in the street.the only action is blockades and fuel strikes and if that doesn't happen you are wasting your time please believe me you will get no where talking to this lot


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