Monday, September 26, 2011

At the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool on Sunday 25th September, I set out the calls from FairFuelUK for a significant cut in Fuel Duty.

I explained how cutting fuel duty would boost the economy, save jobs, ease inflation and give the whole country a morale boosting lift. The event took place against the background of the number of signatures on the FairFuelUK petition on the new Government eSite reaching 95,000, only 5,000 short of the total required to trigger a full Parliamentary debate on the issue.

Campaign Manager Peter Carroll said, ‘There are rumours that the Government is trying to identify ways of stimulating the economy without compromising its deficit reduction strategy. One answer is to cut fuel duty. Recent figures released by the Treasury have shown that Fuel Duty is so high that the treasury has actually collected less money from it, as people and businesses have just not been able to afford it. Therefore, a Fuel Duty cut could actually INCREASE tax revenues, increase growth and lower inflation. The huge support for our campaign and the online ePetition on the Government site

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Ally, 17.10.11 22:17 ]

Thank you so much for the initiative. This cannot go on for much longer - it is puzzling that the UK government has been harsh to its subjects in hard times, whilst overlooking the obvious that the greed in the way of fuel tax is hurting economic growth, and what for? To spend £300,000 000 on a war that has killed millions, donate millions to third world countries that does not trickle to the masses, and raise the child poverty threshold to include many more children who now seemed doomed.


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