Thursday, September 22, 2011
Dear FairFuelUK Supporter,

It appears that the Government and institutions like the International Monetary Fund are finally accepting that more needs to be done to increase growth in the economy. There are substantial rumours that the Government might be trying to bring forward spending on major infrastructure projects to boost growth.

This may be a good idea. However, in all of these discussions, the politicians are not even discussing that CUTTING FUEL DUTY NOW could actually be a major part of the answer! A fuel duty cut now would boost growth, reduce inflation and create jobs. Additionally, we believe that the Government itself would gain, as the greater economic activity would yield more tax.

To get the politicians talking about this as an option, we now only need 8,000 extra signatures at

When we hit the 100,000 target we will force a full Parliamentary debate on this issue. FairFuelUK, the RAC, FTA and RHA will then have your mandate to make them see sense.

Additionally, over coming weeks, we will be asking our supporters to write and email their MPs to put our case.

For now, our main priority is getting the 100,000 signatures on

Our economic case for a cut in fuel duty now can be downloaded from

We ask your understanding if you have already signed. This ePetition is different than any that we have done before as it is on the Governments own servers and we have no way of knowing which of our supporters has signed. Forwarding this email to friends and colleagues would be a great help in getting those last few thousand vital signatures.

With enormous thanks for your support to date,

Kind regards,
Peter Carroll

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[ posted by David Britten, 22.09.11 11:27 ]

You refer to 200,000 members of this campaign, so why do we not have 200,000 signatories on the petition site? Why would signed up members of the campaign not add their names to the petition? It makes no sense to me.


[ posted by sam sanelli, 25.09.11 20:37 ]

Why can't it be possible to register your car somewhere other than the DVLA and then we won't be subject to their rules. When we register our cars we become the registered keeper and not the owner therefore as a consiquence we will put an MOT cert, Road tax, and insurance.
If we could take this revenew away from the government they may think twice about ripping us off foe the unfair extortionate taxes on fuel.
Sometimes fighting fire with fire is very effective. Maybe you could comment on this matter Quentin. What do you think..


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