Monday, September 19, 2011
I took the FairFuelUK message to the Liberal Democrat conference early today. I joined a panel of experts convened at a fringe event organised by ‘The Transport Hub’. The event challenged politicians on the need to consider economic growth, affordable road fuel and the environment.
I said, ‘There was broad agreement that hard working people are suffering from the short comings and costs of public transport plus the pain of some of the highest levels of fuel duty in Europe. The panel and the audience agreed that the current costs of personal and public mobility must come down. I restated the central call of the FairFuelUK campaign for an immediate cut in fuel duty to stimulate the economy and create desperately needed jobs’.

Peter Carroll, one of our excellent FairFuelUK team said, ‘Our campaign can only win through if it has broad support in the Commons. We are determined to go to all three major Party conferences. In addition, we now only need 9,000 more signatures on our petition on the Government eSite to force a Parliamentary debate on the vital fuel duty issue

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[ posted by mal brass, 19.09.11 22:51 ]

well the FFUK team keep up your great work lets hope the Govt of this land listens and we are helped with this burden "Fuel Duty"
why cant we have VAT removed from fuel?


[ posted by David Britten, 20.09.11 10:40 ]

When will our ruling elite understand that, by placing the tax emphasis on spending. they are making the country a hostage to fortune? The fairest tax is income tax, but this is a tax that also hits the rich, and no government for the past 30 years has been prepared to allow that! We need a tax system based primarily on income, and with NO tax loopholes it could be set at a reasonable level for all. Then maybe we could afford to fill our tanks with petrol and the government could eliminate the deficit.


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