Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FairFuelUK has renewed its call for a significant cut in fuel duty in the light of new figures showing that unemployment has surged by 80,000 to over 2.51 Million. The largest increase in nearly 2 years.


Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow and champion of the FairFuelUK campaign in Parliament said, ‘The shockingly high price of petrol and diesel is causing companies to go bust all across the UK. Added to that, the high price is creating a poverty trap which means people can’t afford the costs of getting to work. The inflationary duty rises planned for January and August next year must be scrapped and the Government needs to put more pressure on the oil companies to keep prices down’.

Quentin Willson, leader of FairFuelUK said, ‘These worrying figures show that the economy needs stimulus now. I urge the government to reduce fuel duty to help business, shops and factories lower their costs which will generate more employment. This isn't a hard decision to make.'


Peter Carroll, organiser of the campaign said, ‘Growth is stalled, inflation and unemployment are rising. Misery is being heaped on misery. A cut in fuel duty would boost growth, reduce inflation, stimulate employment and boost consumer spending. In some senses, we feel it is the ‘silver bullet’ that could save the UK economy from years of stagnation. By cutting fuel duty, the Treasury stands to gain, not lose, revenue as the take from greater economic activity will increase.


FairFuelUK has today published its prospectus for a review of fuel duty which sets out a compelling case for an immediate reduction in fuel duty.Copies are available at

FairFuelUK has a petition on the Government ePetition site which now has over 86,000 signatures ( and is rapidly approaching the threshold of 100,000 required to trigger a full Parliamentary debate.

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by paul pilfold, 15.09.11 20:32 ]

it still amazes me how people are still blaming the fuel company's not the Gov for the high prices at the pumps, i have spoken to all sorts of people while paying double tax at the pumps, and nearly Every person blames the forecourts/fuel company's. its a shame FFUK cant do a TV ad with a PIE chart showing who gets what (along with the Double tax) then i think the campaign would hit 200.000 with in one week.
any chance i get while in a conversation i mention FFUK and there fight for cheaper fuel.


[ posted by kevin bleasdale, 17.09.11 10:32 ]

reduce fuel now


[ posted by lynda bleasdale, 17.09.11 10:32 ]

reduce fuel now


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