Wednesday, September 14, 2011
This week at Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron, reacting to Labour cheek about an economic black hole created by them, said of the Coalition: 'this is the government that reduced fuel duty'. Technically in the last Budget they may have, but only by a piffling 1p. Which was swept away literally days later by the rising price of oil. If the Prime Minister really wants to prove to Labour and the electorate that they're trying to stimulate the economy by reducing transport taxes, he'll have to do better than make disingenuous political capital out of a solitary penny. His remark in the Commons proves that he knows that reducing the huge level of fuel duty on consumers, shops, businesses and factories would have a positive effect on creating growth and employment. But I'm staggered that he could possibly believe that a reduction of a single pence has any more lasting significance that someone breaking wind in the middle of a hurricane.

I was doubly staggered by news that one of the FairFuel UK staff personally asked Nick Clegg how the economy was going to cope with the two further duty rises slated for 2012. His answer was a deeply worrying 'I don't know'. You'll have to forgive my cynicism, but I'm beginning to believe that this government just doesn't understand how seriously debilitating the current levels of fuel duty are for ordinary people. There can be no other reason for their dogged refusal to change the fact that the UK now has the most expensive diesel in Europe. And that's why we simply must force a government debate now. As I write only 16,000 signatures are needed to trigger this historic debate. And when that happens blokes like me will blow all the facts into the open and for the first time ministers, MPs and Treasury mandarins will really know how much we're all hurting. After that, there will be no turning back and the Big Change we've all be campaigning for will finally come.'

If you're reading this you've probably already signed our e petition, but take a moment to think who else you can get to join us. There must be friends work colleagues and family members who haven't already signed up. Tell them that just five minutes of their time now could be the most significant minutes they'll spend all month. Together we can make this happen.

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[ posted by david goodman, 16.11.11 00:27 ]

cut fuel tax and it will make people better off,stimulate growth,and reduce transportation costs on essential items like food,rail/bus travel, and improve how people feel about polititions empty prommises to help the normal household cope with ever spiraling costs, ime no financial wizard but know if fuel costs go any higher your government will cause the next big slump , your killing peoples will to carry on by un fair and wrong taxes try doing your job to help the normal families in the worst criis since the last world slump,cut fuel taxes, reduce cost equal cheaper road transport, equals reduce food costs and travel try listening not pleasing the supper rich its the working class whitch need your help/common sence now !!!!!!!!


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