Friday, August 26, 2011
The Treasury website "under Fairness" tells us that there will be 2 Fuel Duty rises in 2012. We are reliably informed that these will be 4p per litre each representing 35p per gallon in 2012. And that does not include VAT or oil price changes. What DO YOU SAY? 
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[ posted by Steve Griggs, 26.08.11 11:40 ]

Any increase in the already enormous fuel duty the UK pays will be one more nail in the coffin of small businesses in the UK.
Our sucessive governments of all political leanings seem bent on bringing small businesses that rely on running vehicles to their knees.
Fuel is essential to a sucessful economy and cannot be treated as a "cash cow" any longer or we will be in recession for many more years.


[ posted by carol steed, 26.08.11 11:46 ]

if this increase happens ,my husband who is a self employed taxi driver will have to give up his job,somedays after working 12hours he brings no income home after he pays fuel and depot rent ,things are so bad now ,but they are going to get so much worse


[ posted by Andy Jones, 26.08.11 11:52 ]

the price of fuel is a joke. its $80 a barrel yet its £1.35 a litre over here. paying for fuel now is a weekly tax in people's eyes. the reason why the fuel price is so high is because of the politicians using their cars to go round the corner or go round the block. making so many small journeys increases fuel consumption compared to a long journey. if the politicians want to see someone in a close location to their home why not walk or use a bike? there'll be no issue of increasing the fuel then. they could meet the working class halfway as its the working class which keep the country running


[ posted by John Sharrock, 26.08.11 12:08 ]

Absolutely ridiculous!It already costs me £160 a month just to get to work and back,not including any driving i might do on my days off.If it goes up much more,it won't be worth me going to work.I just don't get how the government cannot see how this is seriously affecting anyone who has to drive,and i HAVE to drive to work,or i don't's that simple!


[ posted by James Stenlake, 26.08.11 12:38 ]

Way to go british government, if your plans were to put every small business and sole trader out of work, you have succeeded.


[ posted by Michelle Ellison, 26.08.11 12:53 ]

Fuel rises are getting ridiculous now. I run a small landscaping company and last year my fuel bill alone was over £14500. My company will struggle to survive if these increases happen. It may mean that we have to close thus rendering 8 people out of work. So 8 more people claiming from the governement as trying to get a job is hard enough.

I have a daughter that has issues at times walking and I have to use my car more than I would like to, just to get her to school. The car will have to go and then how am I suppose to get my kids to school when there school is over 3 miles away and the buses are either jam packed full or running late?

Well done British Government you are most certainly ruining this country .


[ posted by David Evans, 26.08.11 14:43 ]

If this duty rise happens, i will not be able to afford to go to work. So i will be leaving on beifits and i will take the government for every penny i can, just like they are taking every penny they can off of us at them moment!


[ posted by Jay B, 27.08.11 09:28 ]

Fairness! What a joke! It is not the motorists responsibility alone to get the country out of the mire. Surely a fairer way would be a smaller rise to income tax for all employed people, and a reduction to benefits by the same percentage, that way everyone in society is paying towards the recovery.

Just a thought!


[ posted by Damien T, 04.09.11 17:56 ]

This is exactly the reason why EVERYONE needs to sign the Government E-Petition that can be found on the Fair Fuel UK website.

These muppets (the Government) need to realise how much their bad decisions really hurt people like me and you.

Come on people, sign the petition!


[ posted by Darren Lines, 05.09.11 16:25 ]

35p per gallon, of course that fair... if you're an idiot!

The government seems to think that we, the people of the UK, are not paying enough for fuel already; after all we're only paying around 15% more tax on fuel than the rest of Europe at the moment. If they want to do things in the name of fairness, they should start paying for their fuel and homes themselves rather than getting the tax payers to do it for them!


[ posted by Lord Snooty, 09.10.11 18:58 ]

Well it seems democratic reasoning is not being listened too with both past and present governments hell bent on hitting the motorist. Whether it be under the pretence of "Climate Change" or the "deficit" with the former being a win-win based on unfounded claims, we the motorists (and there are some 35m of us) I think need to radically think of a new way for this extortionate tax.

It is quite clear that even George has his own agenda and obviously blames the previous government (which is indicative of the easy blame behaviour but offer no resolution) of the previous government, possibly bigoted, arrogant and above all questionably criminal as it affects business and working people, the one group of populace that should be spared this unjust tax for the sake of the non-working and cash cow important NHS.

Talk does not work - proven, from history only action will suffice cue the 2001 protests and disruption.


[ posted by omar, 17.10.11 12:10 ]

life is difficult as it is... i travel around the world and see that even in poorer more deprived countries they have cheaper fuel... what must you break our spirit all we want to do is live


[ posted by Kathryn Graham, 17.10.11 17:41 ]

Enough already! The fuel is a necessity to stay in jobs! Public transport is not an option timewise to manage the school run, which I walk by the way! Please stop this!


[ posted by Tom Rowe, 19.10.11 16:03 ]

The Price of fuel getting rediculous. Can the greedy politicians not see that many people rely on their vehicles to be able to get to work and the the rising fuel is crippling average jo! WAKE UP DOWNING STREET!!!


[ posted by steve, 13.02.12 13:20 ]

I would say the government has milked road users for years. People are having to cut back on their fuel usage because they can not afford it... There is only so much money people have and once they reach that limit they can't pay any more!!!. Put the prices up and people will buy less, so the government will still only get the same money, are they so blind!!!!..


[ posted by howard, 28.02.12 08:04 ]

we don't need any more increases in fuel, if any thing we need a reduction ,to keep the food prices and other goods down at a price so more people can buy things this will help the econnomy to recover.


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