Wednesday, August 17, 2011
This week another raft of proof that high fuel prices are hurting. Asda is the latest supermarket to admit that sales and footfall are down because shoppers are driving to their stores less. 16,000 motorists have run out of petrol on motorways so far this year and Sixt Car Rental claim that 30% of urban dwellers have given up driving completely in 2011 because of unaffordable fuel costs. Throw in the fact that oil traders are spread betting that crude will go back to $100 a barrel by Christmas and it all looks very grim indeed.
Even I, who never, ever, drives round with the low fuel light on, stupidly waited to see if I could find unleaded at under £1.35 and was forced to pull into an M6 service station and pay a villainous £1.44 a litre. Not only is the government's dogged reluctance to lower duty harming our economic growth but its changing our behaviour. Sometimes dangerously. One of those 16,000 people who ran out of petrol on a motorway was killed on the hard shoulder. Never in all my years of writing and broadcasting about cars and roads has the subject of fuel costs been so darkly desperate.
FairFuelUK has been warning the government and Treasury for months that their fuel duty policy is having a huge social and economic cost. But they're not listening. That's why its critically important that we force a government debate by hitting the 100,000 signature mark. Only then will we be able to demand a change in policy that protects us from the inflation, flat growth and damage to our economic recovery that the current 60% duty levy on every litre causes. So sign up now and bolster the petition numbers. If we don't make this debate happen, we'll see higher crude prices this winter and another fuel duty rise in January. And for many households and businesses, those prices increases could literally be the last straw.
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[ posted by Jay Baker, 17.08.11 21:34 ]

It will literally, and quite personally, come down to choosing whether I can afford to get to work. If I can't then I'll be taking my share of benefits having worked for nearly 20 years. I'm sure this is echoed across the land and when multiplied out how's does 10s or even thousands of people out of work because they can't afford to go help the recovery!

This cash cow must end now!


[ posted by Jacky Thomas, 17.08.11 23:43 ]



[ posted by Carol, 18.08.11 23:39 ]

This petition is completely nonsensical.

The TV presenters who run cars are not at allinterested in the price of transportation fueld for they can afford to run any car they wish on their grossly over-inflated salaries of aty least £500,000-00 a year minimum.

Those people who really think that the price of fuel per litre is high should reduce the size of their cars to smaller ones and drive more economically.

The fact that the price of fuel in the UK is rapidly approaching €1-62 per litre is a lower price than paid for in either Holland or Belgium.

The position of a point of use taxa is that it is levied at precisely that - the point of use. Use less and stop moaning. We have a Merceds E-Class 320 Diesel and even around towns manage 15.6 kilometres per litre (or for those fuddy duddys that still insist - 43 miles per gallon.) This is comparable to some people who drive their noddy-cars around towns revving up all the time. Around the hilly towns not far from where I come from there are people who drive $-Wheel drive vehicles who perpetually moan at the price of fuel - but running a 4-Wheel drive vehicle taking children 18 miles to school! Really this is a total nonsense: the nearest these people get to being Off-Road is parking on the pavements.

By all means petition for cheaper fuels but in the end the Country with the biggest purse and largest thirst will continue buying it. And don't moan about what happens in the USA: they suffer fuel price hikes that have in recent times doubled the prices they pay for fuel in a matter of weeks. Yes they are not taxed on it quite so much but then they have high Private Health Insurance Bills running into US $3000-00 per year: it's horses for courses! And don't say so what, for their economic fortunes are far worse than ours. And do not say that Taxes should be hypothecated for that is a nonsense as well you know it.

Most people could save around 15 to 20% on their fuel bills by driving around more carefully and by thinking ahead. Cut out those stupid journeys to the local shop 400 metres away and use your legs and brains more.


[ posted by stuart calvert, 19.08.11 06:57 ]

my car as to stay in garage more knoe as to save fuel for important trips its ok saying go on bus but because of fuel prices the bus fare is more expensive than the car i am sure if the price of fuel was a lot less that they would sell a lot more or is it just a govenment ploy to get cars of the road but surely if the price was to come down everybodys in store prices would come down and give the public more to spend


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