Sunday, August 14, 2011

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[ posted by Claire Roberts, 14.08.11 17:51 ]

Review of fuel tax levels to make fuel more affordable required.


[ posted by martin dix, 14.08.11 17:55 ]

Why are the government not listening and commenting, we all know times are tough, and the mess left by Labour has to be sorted out, but for gods sake give the motorist a break


[ posted by MartinR, 14.08.11 18:02 ]

If the Government made a swingeing cut in tax on fuel, then the cost of transport will be reduced. This should in turn mean cheaper goods in the shops and people will buy more.

The Government will recoup its tax loss by getting the money in VAT from the extra purchases.


[ posted by Cathy B, 14.08.11 18:09 ]

Why oh why are we now Paying 153.9 for deisel and 147.9 for petrol when all the tankers passing to other regions pass us too .........we are dependant on Ferries for all our supplies - pushing up cost of our daily food supplies etc

Get the Taxes down .


[ posted by Michael A Ball, 14.08.11 18:14 ]

Due to health-related early retirement, an aged parent to care for and a radical income drop, I'm forced to continue to run my lovely old Mercedes 300SE..No choice..Perhaps a system of petrol coupons might be considered for those, like me, who find themselves in somewhat dire financial straits but have little option but to use an uneconomical vehicle??..It would be a most welcome life-line.


[ posted by Rodney May, 14.08.11 18:15 ]

Unfortunately you can't educate pork . If the Prime Minister doesn't realize he also has to keep the Populace happy then they will be unhappy with growing resentment which could lead to mass civil unrest , things like staying away from work . It might turn out to be a case of ' Rise up you slaves you've got nothing to lose but your chains ' The interest rates have to be renegotiated with the People the money has been borrowed from and over a much longer period of time.


[ posted by mr angus smith, 14.08.11 18:20 ]

fair fuel for all drivers


[ posted by Paul Blennerhassett, 14.08.11 18:26 ]

I run a £2m business doing maintenance, nationally, for a major supermarket chain. We are tied into a schedule of rates that cannot be re-neogtiated for another 18 months of a 5 year deal.

Although the agreement allows for inflation on materials and labour it does not for fuel. I have seen my margins squeezed so tightly, due to fuel costs, that we are seriously considering staff lay off's to cope. We employ 35 people in Merseyside. We may have change our business and take local staff on all around the UK but eventually fuel hikes will impede competitiveness and will eventually shut us down. 35 more people on the dole and no more taxes paid.

If fuel cannot come down in price then we need an alternative. We have considered LPG but at £1500 per van (We have 15) conversion costs and they are 25% less efficient in fuel economy, we are still considering . However the fleet is brand new and FORD will not honour the warranties on the LPG conversion, which we all know is ridiculous. Will the government force manufacturers to continue to offer warranty of LPG converted vehicles.

What about biodiesel that is carbon neutral using rape seed oil. Instead of the 5% version at pumps now. it is known that all modern diesel vehicles can use 100% yet, again, no warranty honoured. Why? It is not harmful to either the environment or the car itself just the inland revenue and the major oil companies who have lobbying powers greater than any single government.

Will the government offer incentives to change from fossil fuels, offer tax breaks to business who are willing to pay the conversion costs out of their already squeezed cash flow reserves, force manufacturers to honour warranties to vehicle owners who will convert to LPG or biodiesel or do we need to keep bombing middle eastern countries and rob their oil to get it marginally cheaper whilst paying billions in the meantime to facilitate these wars. Maybe we should bring the troops home and use the money saved to pay for everyday services and then we can cut the duty completely whilst saving innocent lives in foreign lands and saving British Hero's who have been lied to as to why they're dying.

Can the government, honestly, justify a 'no ceiling' policy on price rises? Can it be sustained if it keeps going up and up and up? Like property there is only so much the average tax paying public can pay before catastrophe hits. Fuel needs to be no more than £1 per litre. It hurt then now it's unbearable.

Action is needed and, frankly, I'm shocked not more protests have occurred or the e-petion hit more than 100K yet.


[ posted by Steve Fermor, 14.08.11 18:27 ]

Perhaps we should give the PM a regular car, a fistful of fivers, and ask him to fill up the tank. Only we don't give him quite enough - then he might realise how we feel.
We could also ask him to call out the price by the second as he keeps the trigger squeezed, although I doubt even a politician could talk that quickly.


[ posted by Geoff Matthews, 14.08.11 18:32 ]

we ing petrol sales are down if the fuel was reduced more would buy fuel mileage is down from 25,000 to 8000 pa


[ posted by mick murphy, 14.08.11 18:33 ]

Why cannot the simpletons understand that people are cutting back on driving therefor buying less fuel,because of the rip off prices that the Government imposes.Not the fuel companies.It beggars belief what sort of qualifications they have in economics,I am no expert not university educated ,just good old Grammar schhol,and I can tell that if you want the economy to pick up you don't strangle it,you need to get epople spending money and to do that you do not rip them off,a fair price and a fair tax will mean more in the government coffers as people will buy more ,plus the cost of goods in shops should cost lesss due to the transport costs dropping,it makes me laugh when I see supermarkets offering so much a litre off petrol if you spend so much in the supermarket,if they reversed that and gave a substantial reduction in the fuel the sell ,then people would be able to spend More Money in their supermarkets,its not rocket science just common sense,but matbe they are not interested in Common sense maybe this rip off is being done on purpose to bring the whole of the country to its knees,there has been warning with the recent riots that must have cost this country a small fortune in lost revenue etc,so what will happen when the real protests start and belive me I can see it on the cards ,there is only so much ordinary people can take,I suggest the government wakes up to what it is doing and makes drastic changes


[ posted by James Apps, 14.08.11 19:24 ]

Paying ONE tax on fuel is fine but to have to pay another on top VAT when the price rises week by week is bad especially when the Government talked recently about a price stabiliser - or was that just pie in the sky?


[ posted by phil harper, 14.08.11 19:36 ]

it seems strange that the goverment hoping that the private sector will provide the jobs needed to fix the economy, imposes the highest of transpoert costs


[ posted by Gordon Robertson, 14.08.11 19:54 ]

When this shambolic coalition came to power was it not ozzy osbourne (not the rock star ) but the chancellor who said the if oil prices drop then he would make sure that fuel prices would fall WRONG is just another broken promise from this shambolic coalition


[ posted by carl simpson, 14.08.11 20:10 ]

I forseen the riots that have just taken place ie civil unrest no jobs no money fuel to dear as well as household utilities far to high to please share holders.

Dont get me wrong iv got a job at the minute but my 100 mile commute each day is getting past the post i may have to close my business and claim benifit.

I ride a motorcycle to work its not a superbike just what we call a commuter bike im still putting £60 quid a week in the tank have had to start closing one daty aweek to save a bit on fuel.

Can understand were the guy with the busness is coming from over trying to run his vans its a joke the goverment needs a wake up call.

I guess if a radical group started to burn the petrol stations down then the goverment would have to listen to the oil companys and reduce duty not being able to sell if stations our being burnt down.

I no this may sound a bit radical and lawless but people our at there wits end.

Go to europe fuel is cheaper not much i hear people say but it is cheaper why?

Go to thr usa they our paying half the amount for a gallon of fuel as what we pay somthing has got to give............


[ posted by John Shepherd, 14.08.11 20:11 ]

The rate of taxation in the UK has made a mockery out of all that was brought up to believe in. Value Added Tax (VAT). where is the value in our buying of fuel at such over inflated prices. The total amount of tax collected on fuel is now surely counter productive to buying and using fuel to go about our daily/weekly business.Public transport is an utter joke,taxis fares are expensive,everything that is delivered to our warehouses & shops is being priced out of the affordable largely caused by ludicrous fuel costs. As a pensioner on fixed income my 14yr old car is becoming a luxury to use. I have reduced my mileage by absolute necessity and the inability to contribute to the non avoidance of taxes demanded of me on a fixed income and as a non earner.
The domestic car owner and business user public are a sitting duck for Auto-mobile User Abuse. Put what is going on at present into perspective and there is a first class case of Abuse of The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. It is time that the Cash Cow Motorist started to revolt against this continual abuse.


[ posted by Ronald Bird, 14.08.11 20:28 ]

Why does Diesel fuel cost more than Petrol (Gasoline) in this country when it's easier to manufacture and it's cheaper in all other countries?


[ posted by Lyn Seddon, 14.08.11 21:00 ]

we scrimp and are pensioners, it has cost up £60 this week to fill up with diesel! That's more than we spent on groceries this week!! Is this right? Need a car to BUY the groceries!!


[ posted by E.c.bacon, 14.08.11 21:20 ]



[ posted by Peter Smyth, 14.08.11 21:48 ]

This whole petrol petition is missing, apart from the governments piracy, the fact that the price of a barrel of oil has dropped 18% but petrol/diesel prices haven't so the petrol companies are feathering their own nest. At least when we pay extra tax, which I don't agree with, the country benefits from it.


[ posted by john monteith, 14.08.11 22:01 ]

when this goverment goint ti listen when its all too late for our buisness road tax going up again
fuel a joke crude oil drop by 100 dollars a barrel and all that the supermarket knock 2p off the derv whoopee were need to seee some real fall get it back below the £


[ posted by Alan Tolley, 14.08.11 22:05 ]

Our Government or our previous one do not
actually live in the real world coveted with expenses , chauffeur driven cars , etc
so how would they know about the price of fuel @ the pumps .
come on Sign up !!
back Fair fuel .com


[ posted by Brian Watson, 14.08.11 22:05 ]

I live in a rural area and need my car. The goverment have lost at least £50 a month because i can not afford to use my car.Like mr bacon i am 70 worked 52 years and looked forwad to my retirement with my caravan but now being price of the road


[ posted by Brian Watson, 14.08.11 22:17 ]

I live in a rural area and need my car. The goverment have lost at least £50 a month because i can not afford to use my car.Like mr bacon i am 70 worked 52 years and looked forwad to my retirement with my caravan but now being price of the road


[ posted by Mr w callcott, 15.08.11 00:34 ]

The government and bank of England are worried about soaring inflation, yet they appear to be so stupid not to realise that there unfair unreasonably high fuel taxes ate the main cause of this, I have a good job and work hard, yet have not much cash left each month, I can't afford to spend on luxury goods and have cut my car use to the bone, hope this government realizes their stupidity before they completely destroy this country, just as the last incompetent government nearly did. I feel hopeless about this countrys future with such out of touch people in charge, angry and frustrated.


[ posted by Neil Hamilton, 15.08.11 07:48 ]

As i Shetlander and seeing the mess that the uk goverment is in. i now thinking that we NOT going to get any help! as a whole there trying to show us that there trying to get the dept problem sorted out and get the economy rolling again.
Now since i live & work in Shetland and i need to use my car for everything i do, to and from work, visiting friends and family. and for social and comunity work that i do.

now currently were Paying 153.9p per liter for Diesel and 148.9 (i think) for petrol.
i have reduced my running about in the car and basically live more like a hermit not going out so much due to the fact that the public transport service is there but fart to infrequent to be relied upon.

when i frist bought my 1.6 diesel car it was around £48 to fill it up from empty now its over £60 and i fill it up just over a week at a time so my running costs were around unde £200 per month. now that has increased to over £200 per month.

i really feel that the way things are going the goverment see the Car / Van / Lorry driver as a easy target for what is in some cases a requirement to LIVE in this country.

if anything and going by other countries that are also in debt who are NOT oil producing nations there fuel prces ar much less.

why are we spending Billions of pounds in Lybia, Afganistan? why are we giving AID to India and Pakistan when there both Neuclear enabled Countries. we need to get our own house in order before we gavivant round telling folk that they should have a democracy and the people have the say.
its our democracy is anything to go by then we dont have a say and were punished for trying to live our lives.

not sure how many would agree with me but to pay for fuel of which over 60% in TAX is just nuts. if anything tax should be half this and no more.


[ posted by Nigel Johnson, 15.08.11 08:16 ]

Fuel prices are slowly killing off this nation and any chance of an economic recovery. Virtually everything is imported and then shipped around by lorries nowadays. Neither political party has done anything about it.
To even suggest cutting a mere few pence off a litre will make absolutely no apprecaible difference whatsoever. If you travel by train it's like a sardine can and if you are lucky you might just get a seat for the pleasure of paying extortianate fares. Is it no wonder people prefer to use their cars; at least they have their own space (not someones smelly armpit under their nose or a brief-case shoved against you!) even though they may be stuck in an M25 typre car-park.
So what's the solution: it's obvious, an integrated transport system that is cost effective. Does the government not realise that by dramatically cutting the fuel duty will relieve the burden of tax on individuals and allow people a disposable income which will inevitably find its way into the monetary system anyway. Talk about short-sightedness.
But then we have all winessed local councils hiking up car-parking charges to the detriment of local shops; - many towns are more akin to ghost towns.
It is and always has been about greed, more greed, and about strategic planning!


[ posted by Geoff Chandler, 15.08.11 10:27 ]

Has anyone else noticed that when an extra 1p tax goes on a litre of petrol or diesel, 1p usually also goes on a litre of LPG, which is about half the price of diesel, therefore effectively doubling the increase in percentage terms on LPG? I spent nearly £1400 having my car converted two years ago, to save money and, particularly, to help the environment, but as the price of LPG escalates faster than petrol/diesel, gradually I see the advantage being eroded. Like most "green" ideas, they do not seem to be affordable by the ordinary impecunious man in the street. How about including LPG in the FairFuel UK campaign as well.


[ posted by Mary McBride, 15.08.11 10:47 ]

I think if all the govt ministers were given a trial period of perhaps a month with the average nett pay (after all the deductions for mortgages, gas, electric, phone and water) and if their credit cards, cheque books and personal bank cards removed then they would know what it is like to live on a very limited budget. I downsized my car to a small diesel and get good mileage but it is still a large chunk of my monthly income. People with the financial backgrounds of our current cabinet and who have a car and chauffeur as a perk will never appreciate the hardships of the less well off.


[ posted by stephen sanderson, 15.08.11 11:23 ]

The increase in fuel prices has us all paying more in the long run the price of Food has gone up meaning not many have the amount of disposable income prior to the govt coming to power yes itv was as bad with the last. But increase in the fuel that drives the tractors that plough the fields trucks that deliver animal feed. Transport to the market from the farm from Market to supermarket has all gone up hence cost of food.
Add in the transport of other goods clothes electrical it all puts the prices up.
Train fares diesel and lubricant oil prices up thats another including Bus & Coach fares.

If we want to re generate this country we need to lower the price of just one commodity diesel fuel its the lifeline to a good economy until somethin else more enviromemtally friendly comes about.

We use diesel to fuel our infrastructure, tractors trucks trucks that refuel aircraft and ships.
No wonder we are in such a depressed economy we are squeezing the life blood out of the UK.

Why because fuel prices are elastic we all need fuel to go to work or transportb ourselves and goods.

Lets look at growth low oil prices cheaper transport for goods and people, cheaper material for industry, lower cost base people not wanting large pay rises.
A nation with more disposable income.

Inflation is attributable to one thing fuel prices in Uk .

So Mr Cameron needs to think about this


[ posted by ian, 15.08.11 11:56 ]

well this is just the start. on Jan 3rd or 6th, Boris has decided to fine all vehicles within the m25, that are diesel, and over a ton and a half, over 8 years old, and not fitted with a super cat, (which cost £2000), a £100 a day, (£200 for HGV). i have a small motor home, which i use to get me and my kids away, out of London, not into London. we live in Kent. i now have to try and sell this, but who to? it is now worthless to anybody near here. so that also means, no cheap man and van, no cheap hire vehicles, local deliveries, builders etc.etc. they will all have to have newer vehicles, so its us that pays more yet again. well no surprise there then. but worst of all is hardly anybody know about this new law! i am sure there was something in the magna carta about not charging people to come into the capital city, anybody know about that?


[ posted by stephen sanderson, 15.08.11 13:14 ]

Another nice one is that certain supermarkets offer you 5p off per litre but before they do it they rise it by a 1p a week over a few weeks.

So in actual fact you are paying the same and not getting any money back good scam if it was a small garage the owner would get slated but because its a big supermarket they are not. In addition supermarket brands have higher Bio diesel content so should we pay more for part veg oil or should we get a discount for inferior quality diesel. You have seen it in the newspapers poor quality diesel usually associated with jus one supermarket that is because they buy cheap stack high and charge same as everyone else in the supermarket diesel sector.

How many alerts on a certain brand, of supermarket dieserl you dont find these alerts with BP, Shell, Texaco or other leading refiners.

Also biodiesel will not run in every car anything common rail or Bosch vp44 and you are in for a tidy repair bill.


[ posted by Graham, 15.08.11 14:15 ]

Does anyone remember the Brixton and Toxteth riots of the early 80s?
Funnily enough, the tories had been in power for approximately the same amount of time that they have been in power this time around.
As for fuel tax, well that has always been ludicrous. Are we the highest taxed country in the world, cos it certainly feels like it, and it's because people take it, so they will keep on giving it. We have to be more like the French.


[ posted by jason cheetham, 15.08.11 17:38 ]

I have purchased a new van every two years for my business.
My train of thought was having a safe, reliable, clean up to date vehicle to run my business as best i can whilst doing my bit for the economy by the initial purchase and subsequent on time serviceing.
However i am due to renew my van and im having serious thoughts weather to bother. Im travelling further and further to get work and just dont know how long i can go on paying these unbelievable pump prices on top of all the other increases in general household bills.
I voted conservative and still believe out of our choices they are the only government to have in power, but if the private sector is to pull the country out of recession we need a few breaks and a bit of time to recover and keep making those important everyday and larger purcheses.
I really want my business to grow, but i just dont see how i can in the near future.


[ posted by richard pells, 15.08.11 20:07 ]

why is fuel so high when oil is so low now


[ posted by Trevor Smith, 15.08.11 21:30 ]

It's time people woke up to just how many taxes the motorist is forced to pay. Here's a list for you all.

1) First registration tax on new vehicle.

2) Showroom supertax based on emmisions.

3) Road tax.

4) Insurance tax.

5) MOT test fee.

6) fuel tax AND with VAT thrown in for good measure.

7) Full VAT in servicing and parts.

8) London congestion charge.

9) General parking charges.

10) Speed camera fines.

11) Parking fines.

Good luck Quentin and Co but to be honest we all know that whenever we mention motoring taxation politicians completely switch off and ignore us all.




[ posted by Michael McLaughlin, 16.08.11 12:24 ]

Our government has given us various reasons for the ever increasing cost of fuel at the pump. We would understand the logic if the price of fuel in our cars tracked the cost of crude per barrel but once the price at the pump goes up, it stays up. The other favourite was that they wanted to get motorists on to public transport, however in many areas the puplic transport network is inadequate. and the rising cost of fuel means a rise in fares, so we end up having to use our own transport again. There seems to be a real effort to squeeze every last penny out of a population which is seeing itself become poorer and more disgruntled. Currently the cost of petrol seems to increase on a daily basis. For goodness sake give us a break.


[ posted by Sandra, 16.08.11 13:37 ]

We have a business in construction and have been hit hard by the recession. We were able to travel around the country doing jobs however now that the fuel has gone up in the way it has we cannot be competitive any more.
We also live in a village 20 miles away from the town/city and now we have to consider carefully each journey before we get in our car. Something needs to be done urgently about this before the country grinds to a halt!


[ posted by michael a ball, 17.08.11 00:33 ]

Pertinent points very well made..An on-line think tank making so much sense..Such a shame that it's merely blowing hot air..No responses, no answers, no satisfaction..Like eating sweets with a glove on your tongue..What's the point of a one-way forum?
Very disappointing...Give us some feedback Quentin.


[ posted by Tony M, 18.08.11 11:40 ]

Diesel and petrol round about the £1.00 per litre in Canary Islands - why so expensive here


[ posted by P.Kenshole, 18.10.11 15:33 ]

Why does the Goverment not put a Road tax on Caravans, there are about 15 million Caravans in the Uk.
People who have motorhomes Pay Road Tax,Caravaners D'ont. Most people can't tow them correctly and they cause traffic problems, A road Tax of say £100 per year ,and you could drop the price of Fuel!!


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