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Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Kathleen Fall, 14.08.11 17:58 ]

I live in a small rural village, our County Council have just reduced the subsidy for local bus services, meaning our village now has far fewer buses than before (not that we had a particularly good service anyway).
The price of fuel means that cars are used for essential journeys only . Many elderly villagers are trapped as buses are no longer running and those of us who might have helped with trips out can no longer afford to do so.
I would like the politicians to explain to me why the tax on fuel is 60% of the cost.


[ posted by Les Astles, 14.08.11 18:10 ]

I accept thaat revenue has to be made through fuel taxes, however why do we not have a level playing field for all? The government ministers who fix high fuel taxes are either millionaires who can afford it or much more likely get it free along with their tax-payer funded cars! The general public deserve a better deal .


[ posted by J WAGER, 14.08.11 18:43 ]

Not only are we paying more for fuel than any other country but a lot of pumps at the petrol stations are now adding another 1-2p after the handle has been put back in the holder does that happen ? Everyone need to refuse to pay the extra few pence that adds on after the petrol has finished pumping ...


[ posted by Mike, 14.08.11 18:48 ]

Yesterday (Sat) a guy from Forecourt Assoc. ( I believe) was asked why prices had not come down since the price of crude was dropping. He gave the usual answers, tax,delivery charges etc. What was annoying was he said the £ had fallen against the $, well that is WRONG!! This time last year it was $1.56 now it's $1.62, has been higher, but has steadliy climbed over the year.


[ posted by clive, 14.08.11 18:54 ]

I buy my diesel on a fuel card.This week I will pay £130.9 per ltr.The garage I buy it through is charging £141.9.Things just do not add up.For the last three weeks the price to me has gone down in yet I see no evidence that fuel stations are lowering the price.Here in West Wales it is not feasable to drive to a major town to get the benefit of lower prices and one suspects that here the facts are the petrol stations have a captive market.Sainsbury,s are coming to the area thank god.


[ posted by thomas barrie, 14.08.11 19:17 ]

Good afternoon -I operate a small single vehicle International Road Haulage Co I purchase all of our fuel in either France or Spain where the per ltr price has escalated as it has in the UK. The overall cost per ltr even after the cost of reclaiming the foreign VAT still makes it attractive over UK costs add to this the user rebate that we get from the French and from next month from the Spanish (I am led to believe) I still think that our UK leaders can do a lot more for the Uk hauliers


Thomas M Barrie.


[ posted by James Apps, 14.08.11 19:18 ]

The cost of petrol was a major factor in my decision to retire from my work this year. As a teaching assistant I earned less than £10 000 a year and the cost of travelling to work was escalating with fuel prices - money I could put to better use. Like many people I know of I cut down on my journeys to save on fuel costs and resent the fact that not only is the fuel tax extremely high but with each rise I also pay more in VAT. What is wrong with putting VAT on all goods and services with a fuel cost content and cutting fuel tax down to sensible amount; for example 15% and adding the VAT to that. Goods and services should by law go down therefore stimulating the economy and allowing wages and salaries to stop rising so fast. I am hit by extra costs on top of fuel for everything I buy even where there is no tax levied - the supplier adds a cost each time fuel goes up. Maybe the looters are right?


[ posted by LAURENCE GARRETT, 14.08.11 19:28 ]

Not only are we being ripped off with the fuel charges and the govenment tax on the fuel, we are being ripped off with the road licence tax on our vehicles with the bad quality of our roads which inturn ruins our vehicles because of the pot-holes and then the authorities have cheak to tell us that we cannot use certian roads that we have paid for out of the tax on fuel and road licence during the olimpics.have you ever heard such nonsence in your life.


[ posted by bill mcgruer, 14.08.11 19:37 ]

I have sent E-mails to Esso, BP,Shell and even to the Number 10 email address, trying to find out why Fuel is still far more expensive than when the oil price was last at $90 which was May 2010 when unleaded was around £1.19 a litre, although bearing in mind we had the VAT increase the actual cost of the Dollar was at $1.44 compared to the $1.62 it is today which actually counter balences the VAT. Only BP have returned an answer which basicaly says that the fuel companies are price fixing between them as that is how they base there prices, i thought that was actually illegal but i could be wrong.


[ posted by carl simpson, 14.08.11 19:45 ]

I no its wrong that we our paying the highest price for fuel in europe and twice the price per gallon as the usa pay.

The first thing that needs to be done is to bring us in line with europe on fuel prices.

People like myself cant even aford to do a trip at a weekend to say an auto jumble or some other weekend pursuit because the price of petrol is to much to continue any lesuire pursuits.

People like me must be at there wits end the way sheer greed is running this country ie the duty the goverment is putting on fuel in the uk.

Im a tradesman and remember reading when i was young that that 5% of the vote was made by tradesman to bring Hitler to power the german people with no work were at ther wits end also.Well there has been riots which iv been saying for the last 12 months would happen civil unrest is brewing every day making even level headed people do thigs they wouldnt normally do to get ther point across.

The goverment needs a wake up call because at this moment in time i would vote for hitler myself the way things have panned out......carl simpson


[ posted by Ruth Jackson, 14.08.11 20:27 ]

we that live in rural areas and have to use a car because public transport is not reliable or does not exist. fuel prices are only increased by added tax, not by the actual price of fuel. the garage owner only gets about 50p of the cost the rest is tax paid to the government and fuel companies who are extremely wealthy. al this cost knocks on to food and other goods, they all have to be transported somewhere and the haulage companies have to pay for the high fuel prices too so therefore have to pass on those extra costs. the government need to stop punishing the public by taxing them every which way...they should have, from the start, made the banks and bankers pay back the money they robbed us of by taking their assets and taxing the banks. fuel is a vital commodity to us all and should be reduced to £1 per litre, (another fiddle by the way, when they changed to decimal why can't it still be a gallon or equivalent?)


[ posted by Mal B, 14.08.11 20:53 ]

I live in small rural village the talk in the village is one thing the high price of fuel. people who outwardly look affluent are struggling because of high prices.
why are we taxed twice, VAT and fuel duty.. come on One or the other I wish that was raised in the interview. remove VAT fuelwill come down 20p


[ posted by Mr K Seddon, 14.08.11 21:03 ]

I filled my car from my pension this week and it cost me £60. I spent less on food! Is this right? I need a car to go to the supermarket!


[ posted by John Waites, 14.08.11 21:23 ]

Being on pension and lucky to have a car, although I live just out side London, to drive any where now, we have to consider the cost of the amount of diesel, that the journey would use, and make it worth while?
I believed that retirement woud make us kings of the road,
We could be traverling those places we dreamed of visiting.


[ posted by Barry Dawson, 14.08.11 21:43 ]

not the best of interviews,,,

A realistic and simple way it could have been put from word one that people can have some kinda empathy with is this:

**Those in employment due to artificially sustained high fuel prices are finding their once residual income now being spent on simply getting to and from work.

And as a knock on effect that spare income that is now being spent on fuel alone once fuelled the economy and was spent sustaining other businesses, businesses that are now an extreme luxury to most and going bankrupt as a result creating job losses, loss tax revenues, and a greater burden on those still paying tax supporting those without work.

Other effects are that the costs of operating businesses are also being pushed at a dangerous level of inflation and again digging in to that disposable income of most family's leading to the exact same scenario.

Quick fixes and temporary tax levy are only good for a quick bit of revenue, but benefits no person, no business in the long term.
A long term sustainable strategy must be in place that alleviates this burden and encourages the free spending of a modern economy, and this can only start with the cutting of HOSTILE taxation.


[ posted by David Chamberlain, 14.08.11 22:31 ]

I thought cartels were illegal but if the petrol companies aren't a cartel, same as energy companies, then I'm a dutchman. It's about time the watchdog got a grip and jumped on these greedy companies. Nothing changes whoever is in power, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In future I shan't be bothering to vote at elections it aint worth the shoe leather!!


[ posted by paul, 14.08.11 22:55 ]

i run a bus service and since this recesion things have been bad to the point i was going to close down and im even able to claim back a percentage of fuel duty and all the vat but you have to pass on any increase to the customer because it takes 3 months to claim back the vat and 6 months for the fuel duty and i have found that our customers are stying at home more they just cant afford to go out not just because transport costs prevent them but they have to save more money for the increased cost of living in general and gas prices going up 18% who's wages are going up 18% inline simple nobodys


[ posted by A Crooks, 14.08.11 23:14 ]

I cannot believe that a District Nurse would not be able to afford to visit a patient !!
Have they stopped being able to claim so much per mile for petrol??WSXU


[ posted by Nigel, 14.08.11 23:39 ]


The fact is the price of fuel has risen, but the amount that can be claimed per mile has not risen accordingly. The total cost of keeping a car on the road is now more than can be claimed per mile. District nurses have to make up the shortfall from their own income, or choose not to visit patients.

I cycle almost everywhere, but have a motor home which I used to enjoy using at weekends. High fuel prices mean that this now festers on the driveway. To be honest, given that I no longer enjoy my free-time I do often wonder what point there is in working any longer.




[ posted by C D Tonks, 15.08.11 00:06 ]

The thing that we the people have'nt relised is, as fuel prices rise, that includes electric and gas, we pay "MORE VAT", this causes prices of all goods we purchase to rise, "MORE VAT", the government is allowing these price rises to grab more of our earnings, penstions etc through stealth taxes whilst pushing the blame elsewhere.


[ posted by Peter Oldham, 15.08.11 00:11 ]

If our stupid governments would stop wasting British taxpayers money, to the tune of on average, 148 billion pounds a year, and stop giving foreign countries 10 billion pounds a year, the governments debt could be paid off within two years, then as well, get out of the EU, another black hole to the British tax-payer, we would be well on the way to putting right what is so very wrong with this country!


[ posted by Peter Oldham, 15.08.11 00:12 ]

If our governments would stop wasting British taxpayers money, to the tune of on average, 148 billion pounds a year, and stop giving foreign countries 10 billion pounds a year, the governments debt could be paid off within two years, then as well, get out of the EU, another black hole to the British tax-payer, we would be well on the way to putting right what is so very wrong with this country!


[ posted by J Turner, 15.08.11 00:22 ]

People, you are forgetting the most important factors, firstly the government doesn't give a flying f@#k about the ordinary working man. Nobody in the government actually lives in the real world, they are completely isolated from reality. I noticed the PM getting in to his tax payer funded Jaguar XJ, do you think he payed the £117 to fill it? NO I did and you did and every other tax payer. The government will NEVER reduce fuel NEVER. They are on the global warming bandwagon, they have to been seen to be doing the right thing, like giving millions of pounds in aid to foreign countries, while people in the uk literally starve. The riots are a sign off the times, it's only the start, the government can't keep pushing people, ultimately people will snap. It is getting to the point were lots of people can no longer pay for necessities anymore, fuel is a major part in this.

Secondly, petrol companies are just that, privately owned companies that need to make a profit. People in the uk are getting screwed by them, they will always lie about the cost.

The Uk people need to stand together, united to fight not only this, but for a better standard of, living. In other countries they protest, force governments out of office. We don't have the balls, we are weak.

And I bet everyone that reads this is in 100% agreement? Am I right? Yes of course, but If I said that next Friday was a protest and that you should join it and drive go slows, or block refineries, or don't use a particular oil company again, would you be there? No of course not, because its to much trouble. Showing the government EVERY day on a mass scale IS the only way. We do not have any alternative, public transport is a complete joke, electric cars cost 3 to 4 times what most people would pay for a normal car. There is no alternative fuel. They have us by the balls we should be using.

Everyone should ask 20 people they know to sign the government e-petition, everyone should join any protest they hear about, take a day off, it will be worth it in the long run.



[ posted by Chris Smith, 15.08.11 09:31 ]

Despite all the weeping and wailing regarding the price of fuel, it doesn't stop a vast number of people driving at speeds in excess of local and national speed limits. If you are driving on a motorway, and cruise at 65mph, an economical speed, just about everything else apart from lorries will overtake you. If most drivers altered their driving habits, they would all go further on a litre of fuel. Unfortunately for people living in the country side, they have the worst of all worlds. Poor roads, twisting lanes, with very few straight stretches, all adding up to poor fuel economy. Finally, I notice that all the talk is about government spending, and not slashing the staggering waste that goes on non stop in the public sector.


[ posted by Mrs Pamela Lawson, 15.08.11 10:44 ]

I am 70 year old and retired my husband Brian is 73 and still works 2 days a week to suppliment our pensions and savings but when we face such high fuel taxes we have to think twice about a day out in the country as often as we use to, we do have several short breaks away but we are having to cut that back too, we only drive a small car but are paying at least an extra £20 to fill up the Goverment will have to cut the tax on fuel soon as everything is more expensive do the people in government ever listen to us at all!!


[ posted by P.Pilfold, 15.08.11 11:19 ]

i think if MR Cox had held up a Graph on sundays BBC interview showing the cost of petrol from the suppliers, the forcourts, the DUTY & the VAT, then let the goverment paid interviewers try to say its the Fuel companys fault Fuel is so high.

its amazing that china and other dictator states get abussed by other countrys for NOT SHOWING THE TRUE NEWS, yet our BBC can twist or even not show the true cause of a problem.

im so annoyed that so may people are not seeing the True Villians in this because when ever DUTY is brought up in an interview its Quickly talked over by people saying its the Fuel companys and supply chains.
go back to PRE Double TAX! ie VAT & DUTY, petrol was just about affordable, but now the goverment get more from fuel VAT/DUTY Combined then the Fuel Companys/Distributors get in proffit put together from 1 ltre of fuel at the pump.

also it would be good if some one could actually make a list of the FREE things MP's get ie Fuel allowences, VAT free whiskey (if thats still a perk).


[ posted by Alan Gardiner, 15.08.11 11:27 ]

The government needs urgently to take action in reducing fuel tax whilst at the same time increase taxation on these fat-cat oil/petroleum companies who are making billions in profits.They are always keen to increase prices at the pumps,using the excuse of higher crude oil prices and then find further excuses not to reduce prices when the price of crude oil falls.
This is pure and simple greed.


[ posted by Ryan Damsell, 15.08.11 12:00 ]

since fuel has gone above a pound i have really cut back on buying it. iv even used red at some points !!! last year me and my mate use to go driving late at night down are favourt local quite country road every weekend. this would make the goverment bettween £50 - £150 in tax and make me and my mates happy. now we have not been out for months!!! this combined with my use of red is cost the goverment dear!! they need fix this fast before me and my mate get pissed off at the weekend and decide to start a roit for something else to do instead of driving the love of my life. p.s im only 25 and im aready this piss of with this country and you wonder why we had roits last week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[ posted by B Millar, 15.08.11 12:33 ]

The tax on fuel is daylight robbery, why should the motorist have to bail the country out. We can give billions to other countries, while people in this country have to pay out a quarter of their take home pay in fuel to get to work. Cameron your a rich guy who couldnt give to hoots about the ordinary people of this country, when have you ever had to scrape a few quid together to fill the car up to get to work, so we can pay your taxes for your massive wages and pensions. MPs make me sick!


[ posted by Jane, 15.08.11 13:51 ]

I am totally disallusioned with this government, they are so far removed from reality and the slogan Mr Cameron keeps banding about that we are all in this together is utter rubbish, how can we all be in it together, they certainly aren't and don't imagine for one minute any of the cuts or soaring fuel prices effect them at all. We have just had to reduce our fleet of vehicles and restructure our workforce because of soaring fuel prices, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this means lost revenue for this greedy government whilst adding to the unemployment figures!!!


[ posted by J Hastie, 15.08.11 14:04 ]

Affluent parts of Glasgow appear to have fuel at reduced rates;filling station managers when questioned say it's a different company but the ones in question are Shell,Esso. Variations from £1.32.9 to £1.36.9 per litre. At 4.5litres to the gallon this adds to quite a profit over a 24hour period.


[ posted by RICHARD FREESTONE, 15.08.11 16:08 ]

I echo most of the comments above. The interviewee on the BBC news did not perform well unfortunately. The questions were about the reduction in the price of a barrel of oil and he seemed to miss that point entirely. The fact is that oil has come down by approx 15% and the £ has increased in value against the $. Two reasons why the the price of a litre of fuel should be reduced to about £1.20 a litre. Why isn't the government screaming at the oil companies to drop the price and relieve some of the fuel poverty that is hitting parts of society. Rip off Britain. I thought David Cameron was supposed to do something about this. What about the fuel price regulator he was banging on about a few months ago. All has gone quiet. Come on David wake up! Lower fuel prices means people have more money to spend in the shops and help kick start the economy. As to the rate of tax and VAT on fuel it is ridiculous. 70% of the cost of fuel may relate to taxes but do people realise that the rate of tax on a litre is very nearly 200%.

I am a constituent of Robert Halfon the Harlow Conservative MP


[ posted by Roger. G, 15.08.11 16:59 ]

I agree with all that has been said already reguarding fuel prices and the tax & vat on that fuel. The question I would like an answer to is :- why is Diesel more expensive than petrol? I know for a fact that deisel is cheaper than petrol on the continent (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium & France ) I purchased a deisel vehicle when deisel used to be cheaper to run in the UK. I didn't get that right did I.


[ posted by michael,Devon, 15.08.11 20:04 ]

stop borrowing money to give to richer countries or those ruled by tyrants who divert the funds.Also bring back the troops from a lost cause in Afghanistan and also the unwise entry into lybia.Next dispose of all the spendthrift quangos and reduce MPs expenses claims (Taxis,accomodation etc)We might then be able to reduce fueltaxes/vat and be able to retain a few ships,aircraft,soldiers,sailors and airmen defend our own country.This also applies to the proposed cuts in the police.They have had to strip rural areas of there already stretched forces to deal with London alone.


[ posted by D Langford, 15.08.11 20:18 ]

That was a very interesting comment from J WAGER.Some time ago I was filling up at BP & noticed when I went to pay the price had gone up by a penny.I argued with them but they told me I was my mistaken & were not interested.The next time I had to visit the same BP station I checked for this & yes as I put the nozzle back in it went up by a penny.This time I demanded to speak to the manager myself being more fuelled up than my car was.They must know they are doing this as they apologised & offered me the money back from a small pot of change they keep on the front desk.How many pennies do they rob off of innocent people to take even more money from us?


[ posted by carl simpson, 15.08.11 23:53 ]

With regard to being over charged by 1p at the pumps 99% of stations our doing this must have been going on for a year nearly.
Next time you get your petrol try and put £20 dead in your tank chances our it will jump to £20.01p.

The thinking behind this is that you will put a little more petrol in ie £22.00 or maybe more as people our not putting enough in at a time being use to puting say £10 to £20 round figures in when petrol was cheap.

The stations our trying to get more out of you and in most cases they do as people put a little more in to save face usually not going to start looking for a penny in there pockets.

But the comment above is correct every 1p adds up but the petrol stations our breaking the law by having the pumps calibirated incorrectley ie not giving you the choice of the amount you wish to fill up your tank.

Bp Shell Esso and saisburys do the 1p scam although have noticed they seem to stagger it ie go for a couple of weeks when you can put the correct amount in and have control of the pump maybe its when the customs our due to check there pumps who no's.

I did question the cashier at sainburys rice ln liverpool over the pump jumping 1p and to my mind not being calibirated correctley.
Guess what she gave me a mouthfull telling me that they don't calibirate them.

I was a bit slow i should have answered back i no you don't or you wouldn't be sitting there on minium wages would you.


[ posted by J Riegel, 18.08.11 10:07 ]

I live in a similar situation to Kathleen Fall - rural and bus service cuts.
I work full time 34 miles away and need a robust car for the winter months. I've got a second hand 4x4.In an attempt to save money, I've had it LPG converted (it uses both petrol and LPG) and went to the DVLA to get the paperwork done. Lo and behold the road tax only goes down by £5 "because you are saving on fuel"!!
I am going to have to rethink my whole living situation, job etc as I cannot go on like this! Food is more expensive now (possibly and likely because of fuel prices)and it's all round difficult to make ends meet. Time for a big rethink!


[ posted by Pat McEvoy, 22.08.11 20:55 ]

The vast majority of comments & cures on extortionate fuel prices are correct. We all know who is to blame. The Tory politicians when canvassing for our vote all promised that something would be done. Cameron & Osborne have both assured us they will do something. The Escalator was supposed to have been brought in. Nothing! Remember, whenever a politician opens his mouth to speak a lie will come out.
The speculatora are also to blame by creating lies about the oil producing countries & industries thus stoking the fires & allowing them to make money. They are modern day carpet baggers & should be locked up & their practice made illegal.


[ posted by David Stuart Robson, 24.08.11 09:38 ]

I support the ethos of the fair fuel price campaign, but it seems to me that this was yet another interview where the opportunity to make things very clear to everyone, was wasted, by all three parties.

The question asked by the interviewers was simple enough , but they added a comment that they thought the answer was complicated. Sadly, what we got was confused. In fact, just giving a simple answer would have been very easy, and would have exposed the problem in simple, but very stark terms..

The question was “Why, when the price of crude oil is reducing on the open market, has the price of petrol at the pump continued to rise?”

The simple answer is that the price of petrol at the pump is now so distorted by the taxation system, that fluctuations in the price of crude are masked by the taxation system. To explain that, let’s look at the price of a litre of fuel at the pump. Let’s say it costs one of those completely odd numbers like 132.9p a litre.

The oil company charge 47.8 p for the petrol. The retailer charges 5p on top of that for the petrol. So far we have accounted for 52.8 p of the 132.9p. Now we pay 22.15p for the VAT and we pay 57.95p for the fuel duty. That accounts for 80.1p of our 132.9 price per litre. Even if we accept the cost of the VAT as a normal part of business, we still pay more to the taxman for fuel duty, than we pay to the people who spent money exploring for the oil, figuring out how to extract it, refined it and delivered it to a huge network of distribution places throughout the country, and made a profit on the transaction. Whatever the margin of profitability was on the 52.8p of their share, it is pretty obvious that absolutely enormous changes to the price of crude will only mean a small change in the amount the fuel companies charge, though anything that they do charge is magnified by the VAT changing as well.

To recap, the petrol cost you about 53p, the taxes cost you 80p and that is why each litre cost you about 133p.

Now just one other thing to remember; in the 53p you paid for the petrol, the fuel company paid for extraction licences to some government or other, they paid their staff, who paid their taxes, they made a profit, on which they paid their taxes, so the 53p was not simply the price of the crude oil they bought on the open market. It follows that fluctuations in the crude price don’t change the 53p a whole lot. And anyone who is a shopkeeper will attest that if the price of what you purchase goods at fluctuates a lot, it is dead easy to erode all your margin, and inadvertently sell at a loss!

We simply do not make the message as simple as it really is. Next time you are at the pump, you can buy £24 worth of petrol, but you must pay £60 for it.


[ posted by john cameron, 29.08.11 21:14 ]

i have just returned from torridon, in north west scotland.a fortnight of sheer bliss.i would like to return next summer.however.petrol at home 132.9 a the highlands 146.9.a journey of 510 miles each visits.the cost of fuel alone, would pay for a break in a good hotel for 2.
i just do not think i will do it again. cheaper to go to spain.return flights with a budget airline.for 2 of usless than cost of petrol.have done it so i know


[ posted by brian little, 03.09.11 15:56 ]

as usual cameron lied through his teeth about a fair fuel stabalizer to get the public on his side and get into power,now he,s in power he does not give a toss about the cost of fuel.he does,nt have to fork out every day for fuel.he cares more about the poor of other countries and giving billions in foriegn aid,even though this once great country of ours is on its arse,no wonder we are having riots,


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