Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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[ posted by mark, 03.08.11 09:46 ]

No chance, they will not cut duty as this is the ideal way to get cars off the road and meet emmision targets, this whole country is flawed its now a nation of rich against poor, there will be no place in the future for a middle class as there simply is no money left for them after the mps have had theyre cut


[ posted by alan bailey, 03.08.11 12:19 ]

unfortunatly I agree with mark, if they had any intention of reducing this crippling fuel duty then they would have done it months ago, its a pity that the people that we elect to represent our views do nothing for us the electorate, if they did then we would not be in this mess the economics are too simple for our mps everything has to be complicated and has to have an angle that beniffits mps,


[ posted by LADYBUG, 03.08.11 13:49 ]

Lets given em what they want, if only we could all take our vehciles off the road, even just for one day..all of us on the same day..sure that would make them realise how much would be lost in taxes


[ posted by Russ Smith, 03.08.11 16:55 ]

Unfortunately, the only way we will get the out of touch to listen to the out of pocket, is with a show of strength by the haulage industry, STOP ALL deliveries to supermarkets for 3 days and let them here the public outcry as they run out of food, or blockade the capital with trucks, and bring the country to a standstill on the motorways.
Polite campaigning has litlle or no effect on public school idiots with no interest in the real people they are supposed to serve


[ posted by stewart lunn, 03.08.11 21:07 ]

Agree with all the comments on here, but i am afraid we all accept whatever these MP'S throw at us, take take take from us,Price of fuel is really biting into my standard of living and everybody else I am sure. Bombard your local MP TILL HE GETS FED UP, if that does not work let us bring the country to a standstill as this is the only way these Goverments will listen. LETS DO IT.


[ posted by neiall mullery, 05.08.11 04:31 ]

CO2 is a big problem . to have a real debate on health for THE UK CITY DWELLER its not completely about car owners.
the technology for petrol and diesel engines with no emissions is being deflected by the auto manufacturing industry. somehow a clean running engine does not sit comfortably with the fatcats.
hho (water to hydrogen ON DEMAND) as a fuel is completely suitable for anything with wheels. implementing it for our health is paramount. it is the real quick fix if only every car manufacturer made the ECU allow for it (small modification-easy for them)CO2 and NOx emissions would end. It is time to put us out of our misery once and for all. get rid off the(polluting) dartford toll as was PROMISED. MAKE VEHICLES WITH GREEN ADAPTABILITY and for our country's sake REDUCE THE CRIPPLING DUTY ON FUEL


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