Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Reacting to the disappointing news that UK economic growth is running at only 0.2%, the FairFuelUK campaign has renewed its call for a cut in fuel duty as a means of stimulating the economy. Robert Halfon MP, who champions the issue of fair petrol and diesel prices in Parliament said, ‘Petrol and diesel are just too expensive. The high prices are hurting families and businesses in my own constituency of Harlow and all across the UK. High fuel prices are holding back growth. The Chancellor took a bold and decisive step in the March budget to abandon the fuel escalator and to cut duty by 1p. The Chancellor has hinted that he may look at tax cuts in the autumn. I urge him to cut fuel duty'.

Quentin Willson, leader of the FairFuelUK campaign said, ‘I told the Treasury back in March that high fuel prices would damage growth. And, sadly here's the proof. Retailers, manufacturing and service industries are all buckling under unaffordable transport costs. And trying to pass those costs on to the consumer has stalled the economy in its tracks.'

The FairFuelUK campaign is backed by the RAC (with 7 million members), and the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association who between them represent 20,000 UK road freight companies. Since its launch in January 2011, it has attracted the support of over 170,000 members of the public. Signing up is free at www.fairfueluk.com
The campaign is focussing on intensive lobbying of MPs and Ministers. In recent weeks, the campaign has initiated a debate in the House and undertaken a ‘car push' down Whitehall to symbolise just how hard families and businesses are finding it to keep the wheels of the economy moving.
John Franklin of the RAC said, ‘All the data suggests that higher fuel prices mean drivers are buying less fuel, creating a drop in revenue for the Exchequer. This clearly shows the Chancellor needs to do something now to help get the prices at the pumps down.'
Theo de Pencier, Chief Executive of the Freight Transport Association said, ‘‪Many companies in the logistics sector are approaching a tipping point and simply cannot afford to absorb the high fuel costs that they are facing. We have already seen that motorists are being priced off the road, which is certainly hurting the government's tax take, but the implications as industry faces untenable fuel costs could be far greater. Unavoidable costs either destroy companies or get passed on to customers and ultimately this fuels inflation.'

Geoff Dunning, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association said, ‘All our polling suggests that the issue of fuel costs remains a top priority for hauliers and families. In a recent poll, the issue scored 59 out of a possible 100. The next most serious issue in the eyes of the public was the much loved NHS. However, the NHS scored only 6 points in that poll. The politicians need to understand the seriousness of this situation'.

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[ posted by James McNicol, 26.07.11 16:20 ]

It isn't exactly rocket science that the high cost of fuel affects the price of everything else - most importantly, food and other essentials. We desperately need lower prices for essentials because this will put more disposable income in the pot to boost sales of luxuries - thereby boosting the economy. The Chancelor might not want to reduce VAT as a whole but with the amount of tax already on fuel, why can he not cut the VAT on fuel only? Or am I missing something?!


[ posted by russell southgate, 31.07.11 12:20 ]

good on you, keep the pressure on


[ posted by Barry Dawson, 01.08.11 11:30 ]

Quite simple, if the government was a business and required people to voluntarily give money like you would in any other transaction they would be bankrupt in a week as with the "business model" they employ they would charge well beyond what anyone would be willing to pay.

But being government and tax the attitude is what can they do about it?

Simple,,, stop buying.
Thats what people are doing, through tax and duty they are out pricing everything in the economy beyond what anyone on a basic wage or salary can realistically afford.
And the word realistically is the most important one as the current chancellor has no grip on the reality that exists around his comfortable risk free bubble as a government official.

All I can say is, as a businessman, and photographer, travel is essential to the business, all products that I sell are imported and transported so on 3 fronts I am hit hard and my prices HAVE to go up to compensate or work at a loss, now I am looking at facing another problem, out pricing myself beyond the public perception of acceptable pricing and so are many others who are professionals who know business.

Needs a slap round the head and a sit down with my business mentor who after smacking him square in the face would also say his "methods" are unsustainable.


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