Friday, July 8, 2011
A group of MPs will symbolically push a car down Whitehall to Downing Street at 9.00am on Tuesday 12th July 2011 to show their support for the millions of UK motorists and businesses struggling with high petrol and diesel prices. The MPs are members of the newly formed FairFuelUK All Party Working Group in the House of Commons which is fighting for lower pump prices. The formation of the group was inspired by Robert Halfon Member of Parliament for Harlow working in conjunction with the FairFuelUK campaign. After the ‘car push' the Group will lead a delegation to the door of Number 10 and hand in a letter for the Prime Minister. The letter will set out the urgent need for the Government to pressure Oil companies to pass on reductions in the cost of Oil and for the Government to abandon its plan to increase fuel duty in January 2012. This January increase could add up to 4 p per litre.
Mr Halfon said, 'Petrol prices are the number one issue in Harlow, my own constituency, and I know that this is reflected all across the country. Oil has plummeted, but pump prices are still too high. First, the Government needs to abandon its plan to increase fuel duty in January. Second, the Government needs to pressure the Oil companies to pass on reductions in the Oil price. The pain that we have felt symbolically pushing this car is nothing compared to the misery that high fuel prices are causing in Britain. We have to keep fuel costs down to get the economy moving again'.
Adrian Tink of the RAC, one of the main backers of FairFuelUK said, ‘All our information shows that people are having to use their money to fill their tanks rather than spend it on goods and services. This is making the economy slow down, rather than grow'.
Peter Carroll organiser of the FairFuelUK campaign said, ‘The cost of fuel is so high is that even the Treasury is suffering. High fuel taxes have reduced demand which means that the Treasury is actually collecting less revenue. This risks becoming the economics of the mad house'.
1.The car push will start at 09.00am outside the Welsh Office, Whitehall Tuesday 12th July 2011
2.The MPs will deliver a letter to 10 Downing Street at 09.30am
3.List of members of the APPWG on FairFuelUK attached.

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[ posted by Michael Houston, 08.07.11 18:47 ]

They still seem to be missing the point. This has very little to do with the oil companies. The actual cost of fuel in this country is amongst the cheapest in Europe BEFORE our government applies, not one, but TWO taxes. This is the problem. I question the legality of such a practice and would hope that this point was raised as well. Some years ago Hong Kong actually reduced taxes resulting in a significant increase in revenue, thus stimulating the economy. This government makes decisions based on ego, greed and reputation. They are more concerned with their public image, how the history books will describe them and what kind of book deal they will get when they retire. As we are seeing at the moment, corruption runs right through our system, even the PM cannot be trusted in his choice of personnel. The answer to growth is NOT to keep taxing and squeezing people until they are dry, this will have the opposite effect. If only we could get some politicians in this country who exhibited some humility, integrity and guts, instead of the cossetted, Hooray-Henry elite, whose only concern is to protect their own, ever diminishing gene pool.


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