Thursday, July 7, 2011

The FairFuelUK campaign believes that figures released today showing a marked drop in fuel duty revenue to the Treasury prove that Fuel Duty rates are far too high. The Treasury collected £637 Million in fuel taxes less than in the corresponding period 3 years ago, despite record levels of Fuel Duty.

Robert Halfon MP said, ‘The FairFuelUK campaign has constantly argued that Fuel Duty is now so high that we are at the point of diminishing returns. The higher the level of Fuel Duty, the less the Treasury actually collects because people and businesses simply can't afford to keep on the move. It is vital that we cut fuel taxes to get the economy moving again'.

Peter Carroll, organiser of the FairFuelUK campaign and a former road haulier said, ‘These figures show that high Fuel Duty levels mean everyone, even the Treasury, suffers. The general motoring public are hit in their pockets so cut back on other spending. Businesses suffer higher costs and the economic growth that we all need is strangled. Our UK hauliers are undercut by continental hauliers pouring into Britain full of cheap fuel all bought abroad. The Government is planning a further Fuel Duty increase in January 2012. These figures show that this should be abandoned and Fuel Duty should be cut. Now!

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[ posted by |Rob Price, 07.07.11 17:29 ]

At an individual level I can confirm the above analysis to be absolutely true. Due to the exorbitant fuel prices, I have stopped all discretionary travel (and as a petrol head this is tough) reducing fuel consumption (and hence duty to the treasury) by approx 50%. In addition, I now shop almost entirely on-line, which means that High Streets don't get the benefit of my custom either - seems like a classic lose-lose situation to me.


[ posted by Rob Teasle, 07.07.11 18:31 ]

Well done Rob!

It's time we ALL took into consideration PEAK OIL and cut our travel plans accordingly.

We have entered a time of austerity where low energy charges have become a thing of the past.

A global lack of resources has condemned humankind to economic chaos, war and zero growth.

Welcome to the future!


[ posted by steven deverson, 07.07.11 22:32 ]

I ONLY use the family car for work now. no more days out. On a side note car repairs are now left until they have to be done rather than keeping the car in tip top condition. Are our roads filling up with cars that are less than mechanicaly sound?


[ posted by Jim, 08.07.11 12:56 ]

lets look at this logically.

increase the fuel duty and I use less fuel, i only now make essential work trips, not leasure ones. so i buy much less fuel so the government lose money.

I dont travel into town to shop, I do that online, so retailers lose out and close down, the government lose all the VAT from goods i would have bought, and the business tax from the now closed business.

The government lose more money by paying benefit to the employees of those closed companys, rather than collect income tax from them.

Haulage firms take trucks off the road because of the fuel costs, and the fact the town business is closed, the government lose the HGV road tax money & all the fuel duty money. Because the truck is off the road the driver stops paying tax and signs on to the dole, costing the government even more money.

In short everyone loses, no one wins. We need a significant cut in fuel duty 10p a litre not over 50p, and overall the government will make money


[ posted by paul buckner, 27.02.13 17:49 ]

This goverment and all the ones befor are are like leeches none of them Know what it is like to live in the real world .it can't be right if all you hear is people saying they can't afford the fuel , i work hard but get nowhere , TAX TAX TAX TAX TAX .I have never got up in the mornning and heard a MP say something to make my life better , i feel we are all being scamed if i was youg enough i would leave this sick place to the pickpockets drugdealers scammers ok iv allready mentioned them (MP) benerfit scroungers most of who come from abroad , and as for the judges well you can steal a car drive like mad nearly killing people crashit and get 100 pound fine you go 5mph over speed limit put on the black cap take him down enough said ..


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