Sunday, July 3, 2011
Robert HalfonPhoto of Robert Halfon (Harlow, Conservative): What recent assessment the Church Commissioners have made of the effect of fuel prices on the financial position of the Church of England.
Tony Baldry Photo of Tony Baldry(Second Church Estates Commissioner; Banbury, Conservative) : Fuel prices impact on clergy and dioceses are aware of the Government increase in mileage rates from April 2011.

Robert HalfonPhoto of Robert Halfon (Harlow, Conservative): Does my hon. Friend agree that the high cost of fuel is having a huge impact on the community and charitable work done by the Church? Will the Church play its part in asking the Government to delay the 3p inflationary rise in fuel tax that is planned for January?

Tony BaldryPhoto of Tony Baldry (Second Church Estates Commissioner; Banbury, Conservative)

Rising prices impact on us all, including those who undertake charitable and pastoral duties in the community. The Church of England will increase the mileage rate for staff and clergy, but we try to encourage them to travel by public transport wherever possible. I am sure I speak for all Members of the House when I say that we hope that charities and religious groups will endeavour to maintain their charitable and pastoral provision despite the change in fuel tax.

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[ posted by Ron Teasle, 03.07.11 14:35 ]

High fuel prices are here to stay - get used to it.



[ posted by Peter Maxwell, 03.07.11 14:50 ]

Mr Baldrys comments are fatuous. I live in the predominantly rural Diocese of Ely. To suggest busy overworked clergy should take public transport is simply not an option. There isn't a public transport system. I am frankly surpised Mr Baldry has been appointed Second Estates Commisioner. He is clearly ill informed, and if Mr Baldry was being truly honest he should be prepared to stand up and and say the global warming tax on petrol, introduced by Ken Clarke in 1993, should be abolished, as there is no honest science behind the anthorpogenic global warming hypothesis.


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