Monday, June 27, 2011
How many of you have a similar experience to John Martin? Here is his comment on my FairFuelUK Blog
"Yesterday Sunday 26/6/11 I pulled in to fill up on my way home from Oxen to Dorset, at a Total petrol station on the A4 by a roundabout not far from Hungerford. As it advertised diesel at £1.37.9 ltr I thought It reasonable given current prices and did.nt know just how far the next petrol station was so I proceeded to a pump that had diesel marked up at £1.43.9 ltr but thought I possibly don't have much choice and that it would be sold to me for the lower price but put a tenner's worth in as I was quite disgusted at the price on the pump but had to get home. Having paid for it and got my receipt I drove off and was caught up by my girlfriend in her car and told her. She said check the receipt to see what price they charged and yes theyhad charged me £1.43 ltr A blatant con for which I am now going to try to seek redress."


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[ posted by Andrew, 27.06.11 11:20 ]

This occurs at an Esso all the time near me. They quote one price on there sinaage and then charge another at the pump. I wonder just how wide spread this kind of thing is...


[ posted by Dom, 27.06.11 12:09 ]

This is a common tactic by the forecourts. What you paid extra for (at Total Stn) was their premium Excellium fuel. The extra cost of this is rarely (if ever) listed on the pole sign.
The issue is that not all pumps have all grades and it's one to watch out for. If the pump you're intending to use only has the premium fuel you have to move to another pump.
Premium fuel is (in my experience) a massive con anyway. No difference in MPG,performance etc.


[ posted by alan bailey, 27.06.11 12:42 ]

if pump price is different from pole sign not including special fuels not listed, then that is illegal I am sure trading standards would like to know, when changing prices the rule is that the pump price is always the smaller amount in other words if fuel price is going up change pole sign first, if price is coming down then change pump price first, that way pump price is always in favour of customer,


[ posted by Ashley Leaney, 27.06.11 20:07 ]

BUYER BEWARE. Always check the pump price before dispensing fuel. If you forget and you are charged more than the price shown on the forecourt signage, ask to be charged only the lower price. If you are refused then report the incident and facts to trading standard. Simple.


[ posted by Colin Smith, 29.06.11 22:01 ]

I've had this happen to me repeatedly at the Clackett Lane services on the M25.

Worst thing is they only have the board - you only see what you actually be charged at when you put the nozzle in the car and it appears on the pump itself as it starts putting it in your tank!


[ posted by paul tilbury, 02.07.11 08:29 ]

just recently, mainly due to having 2 tesco and 1 sainsbury fuel stations, they dropped the price of fuel by 3pence per litre, locally owned esso station did the same albet their price was still higher, after a couple of days the esso diesel was up 1p, there is a very thin line between profit and greed, the sad thing is that the "loyal sheep still buytheir fuel at the esso station when the nearest supermarket is only minutes away


[ posted by Jenny, 07.08.11 15:30 ]

Just had a near similar experience at a Tesco's (not my normal fuel source) on Friday. Advertised price 1.369 unleaded, pump price 1.379 when it came up on pump after selection. Neded some fuel so put less in than intended. Mind you, that's still 12p per litre cheaper than I can get fuel locally!!


[ posted by john, 16.08.11 16:53 ]

I work in the industry and the polesign is irrelevant. As long as what is displayed on the pump is what you pay then the filling station is not breaking the law.

If the price was higher on the polesign and you ended up paying less for your fuel, would you still be complaining?


[ posted by Michael, 06.03.12 09:46 ]

I used a Total station on Painswick road glos on Sunday last. The displayed price on the sign was 136.9. The pump price was 144.9

John's comment regarding this practice as not breaking the law is irrelevant. Ths is a CON which should not be brushed aside because it is legal.


[ posted by Roz, 02.05.15 14:30 ]

This happened to me today at Asda in Rochdale - was using pay at the pump so didn't know till I'd already started filling up, spoke to the girl on the forecourt who just shrugged!


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