Monday, June 13, 2011
14t June, Robert Halfon MP, Conservative member for Harlow has secured a debate on the impact of high petrol and diesel prices on the UK motorist, the UK road hauliers, UK business and the economy in general. He will set out that fuel is no so high that it is damaging the economy and destroying people's standard of living.
He will set out the case for NO further rises in fuel duty in this Parliament. Currently, the plan is that there will be inflationary rises next year, the first in January.
Also, Robert will highlight the frustration felt by many motorists that when oil goes up, the pump price rises. However, when oil falls, pump prices stay high. He will call on the Government to apply pressure for the Oil companies to be more transparent. He will call on the Govt to threaten Oil companies with higher taxes if they are do not pass on reductions in oil prices in the form of lower pump prices.
He will also explain to the Government that UK freight companies are suffering unfair competition from European hauliers who are flooding into the country paying NO taxes here at all. However, because there fuel duty levels on the continent are so much lower than in the UK, they are undercutting UK hauliers.Under the conventions of Parliament, a Govt minister must attend and respond. I believe that the debate may be on the Parliament Channel.
After the 30 minute debate, Robert will announce the MPs that have so far volunteered to sit with him on a new All Party Working Group on FairFuelUK. 12 MPs have so far agreed to sit on this body. It will be the first time that a group of MPs has come together on this vital issue.

The Daily Express, The Sun, BBC Norfolk and ITV Meridian have agreed to cover the event.

We should have some nice photos on College Green of Robert and his supportive MPs.

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[ posted by Thierry Vincent, 13.06.11 18:36 ]

I noticed that other European countries such as France for example have very high fuel prices. This may encourage the government in Britain to keep pumping those prices up!! A complete European campaign is necessary in my opinion, to ensure a drop in prices both in the UK and in the EU.


[ posted by Leslie Potter, 14.06.11 07:47 ]

I agree with Thierry Vincent's comment lets have a Europe wide drop in fuel prices


[ posted by jon hudson, 14.06.11 12:44 ]

Due to the Weak £/€ conversion we see inflated prices across europe. Once again our failed government and bankers have caused this issue. The average euro rate was at around €1.40 to the £1 which would have put petrol at around £1.05/litre, but noooooo our economy is that messed up we can only dream


[ posted by James H Nicholl, 18.06.11 21:52 ]

I live in the Scottish Highlands,We have free bus passes but no busses so I have a small diesel car. Why do I pay more than the rich man for my fuel. Diesel puts the food on your table and diesel costs less to produce.


[ posted by Mary, 21.06.11 23:08 ]

We both work hard - yet we are starving to feed our children. In 1987 diesel cost £1.36 a GALLON. Would love to see the disparity between the actual cost of fuel since this date and now. Then compare it to other countries in Europe. Would really demonstrate how much we are being taken for a ride - 24 years later.


[ posted by Alan, 11.08.11 10:56 ]

Oil price down - pound holding up well against dollar should equal pump prices down but it doesn't. Why not?
Come on, let's have some answers.

Apparently in Canada the pump prices are updated daily to reflect the changing cost of oil and currency fluctuations. I say bring it on here.


[ posted by Chris, 01.10.11 08:49 ]

Oil prices down
PROFITS UP for the oil companys
Fuels prices up ??????

Once again its the rich man looking after they own kind and that includes the MPs.....



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