Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Quentin Willson Challenges Government. Fuel matters, so why is Oil Down but Fuel still UP!
New polling commissioned by leading fuel campaign group FairFuelUK has dramatically shown that the price of petrol and diesel is still top of people's priority list. The figures, released today, show that that compared to the death of Bin laden, Lords Reform, the AV referendum and the sale of forests, the price of fuel is still the top of people's priority list by a country mile. Of the sample questioned by ComRes, 59% stated that a reduction in fuel prices would make the biggest difference to their life, with the next highest issue scoring only 6%, this being the changes to the NHS.
The summary results were:Which ONE of the following has made, or would make, the most difference to your life?
  • A significant reduction in the price of fuel at the pumps = 59%
  • The creation of GP-led consortia to commission health services in England & Wales = 6%
  • The rejection of the Alternative Vote in the Referendum held on 5th May = 4%
  • The sale of forests by the Forestry Commission = 2%
  • The death of Osama Bin Laden = 2%
  • A change in the way members of the House of Lords are appointed = 1%
  • None of theses = 25%
At the same time, public anger is growing as oil prices are dropping but pump prices are still high.
Quentin Willson, leader of FairFuelUK is calling on the Government to get pump prices back on the political agenda as it is clearly people's number one priority. He is demanding that the Government investigate why petrol and diesel pump prices have barely come down when Oil prices have plummeted in recent weeks. Mr Willson said, ‘The moment that Oil prices go up, the pump price rockets! When the Oil price falls, the pump prices stay the same. Why? People are confused and frustrated by this situation. I am calling on the Government to work out what is happening

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[ posted by Jim King, 24.05.11 09:01 ]

I think the fuel matter is one of the upmost urgency. Its forcing people to quit work, thus further damaging the economy.

Its not top of my list, a referendum on the UK membership of the EU is. But if you were to ask me what is the first thing i would do with the money saved by leaving the EU, then i would have to answer "reduce, by a significant amout, the duty on fuel"

Thanks for your campaign, i think you are doing a good job.


[ posted by Duncan Tipler, 24.05.11 10:31 ]

The big supermarkets run a system of the 20 mile rule. They check pump prices within this radius and take an average. They tell us that they are doing all they can to reduce prices, it seems they will reduce their price if you spend £50 or more.

This shows that greedy companies hold a gun to the head of the British motorist and not only should the government sort this fuel crisis, and it is a crisis as it affects the economy deeply, but start getting a grip on these greedy supermarkets who won't price their fuel at a reasonable mark-up but choose an average of other greedy companies in their 20 mile radius.

I wish FFUK all the best for the future and totally support their efforts.


[ posted by Simon M, 01.06.11 11:07 ]

I think the government are short sighted and have not realised how important fuel prices are to voters. Enjoy your time in office while it lasts.


[ posted by Steve Morley., 05.07.11 23:44 ]

we destroy the earth, for the sake of the economy
we kill each other, for the sake of the economy
we indebt the poor, for the sake of the economy.
we are being kept asleep, for the sake of the economy.
we are fed a load of bull, for the sake of the economy,
we are poisoned via our food and water, for the sake of the economy.
we pay way over the top for eveything we consume, for the sake of the economy.
until individuals wake up, and "collectively" say..we have had enough, we dont need these things at these silly prices, we will still live, our lives are more important than the economy, we either accept fair prices, or we can do without ,then the powers that be will continually fleece joe public.
people are so gullible, they have only themselves to blame, basic commodities are a topic, agreed, but its only a matter of time before"the powers that be" chip everybody at birth, so they can, not only tell wherever that human being is at any particular time in their "robotic" existence, but they will have the power to extinguish that life at will....
not in my lifetime, thank the creator,
until EVERY "run of the mill citizen" takes control of his/ her and their families lives,
and gets rid of the minority of these greedy materialist sub- humans that run "the economy" things will only get worse my friends.
I commend your efforts in your campaign for fair fuel prices, but a billion in support would be better, down to, what do the yanks pay? they drive these big fancy "hummers" and big chevvys, what do they pay a gallon 75p? whos the mugs ?
Talk to a politician? you may as well talk to a brick......... S M.


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