Friday, May 20, 2011
Quentin Willson, leader of FairFuelUK is calling on the Government to investigate why petrol and diesel pump prices have barely come down when Oil prices have plummeted in recent weeks. Mr Willson said, ‘The moment that Oil prices go up, the pump price rockets! When the Oil price falls, the prices stay the same. Why? People are confused and frustrated by this situation. I am calling on the Government to work out what is happening

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[ posted by Clive Crockford, 20.05.11 19:10 ]

Petrol prices in New Zealand have come down 12c a liter in the last 10 days, & diesel is cheaper than diesel as well!!!!


[ posted by Clive Crockford, 20.05.11 19:12 ]

Sorry, diesel is cheaper than petrol


[ posted by Pete, 20.05.11 19:56 ]

Prices in the US dropped as well. It's Rip Off Britain again!

As for Mr Halfron writing to the oil companies, can I suggest he writes to the Chancellor? Or maybe knocks on the door?!


[ posted by dmacca, 20.05.11 21:03 ]

In the past couple of weeks in my local area the price has fallen by 1p a litre, and at some forecourts there has been no drop at all. Its disgusting the way the people are being treated


[ posted by mark rhoden, 21.05.11 10:29 ]

Oil companies blame govenment, govenment blame oil companies, meanwhile nothing changes! Everyone knows the old story oil price goes up petrol/diesel goes up within days, oil prices have been falling now for almost 2 week where's the drop in price a the pump? What other industry is allowed to let this continue? And when oil companies post profits of billions for 3mths our heads drop but what can we do, nothing! Big business rules! Rant over :(


[ posted by mark rhoden, 21.05.11 10:50 ]

If the oil price did start to rise again I wonder how quickly the price at the pump would rise!? Its one big scam a rip off!


[ posted by Patrick Magee, 21.05.11 13:49 ]

and the oil companies will say "why should we lower our prices when you add 65% onto them - put your own house in order and LOWER THE TAX!" I am on the oil companies this time - fuel prices are a tax issue.


[ posted by Clive Crockford, 22.05.11 22:08 ]

Just seen on TVOne news, New Zealand petrol prices coming down for the 3rd time since 4th of May, totaling 13c off a litre of fuel,
Petrol is now 208.9 cents per litre & Diesel 151.8 per litre, a NZ dollar is worth about 50p.
I haven't seen the UK fuel prices come down yet


[ posted by warren knight, 23.05.11 11:33 ]

The deception by government and corporations
goes on and on!


[ posted by Ben, 23.05.11 11:42 ]

"When the Oil price falls, the prices stay the same. Why?" - because the higher the fuel prices, the more money the government get in tax - so it's in their interest to side with the fuel companies.

FFUK needs to confront MPs with this fact and offer them the choice: either they are with the people they supposedly represent and will take immediate action to address this issue, or by not acting, they represent the oil companies and their own desire to line their own pockets.


[ posted by Helen, 23.05.11 16:22 ]

Oh yes, it certainly is 'Rip Off Britain'. We have just returned from driving through Germany, Holland, and found that generally diesel is far cheaper than petrol, up to 0.40 euro (35p) at some garages, with an average price of £1.17 litre. Why is this? Why is it that this government keeps on hammering the motorist, with no end in sight?! It makes no sense that Britian should be so much dearer with the diesel than other European countries. Doesn't this government of ours realise that by keeping petrol and diesel prices high, less motoring will be done = less fuel being purchased = less tax revenue? If they brought the fuel prices down it would generate more sales, which in turn generates more tax revenue.


[ posted by Jim King, 24.05.11 08:22 ]

i have noticed that since you posted this 4 days ago, my local morrisons has lowered its diesel price by 5 ppl.

from 140.9 to 135.9.

I'm not saying its not all coincidence, though it does make me think some people are listening to this campaign.



[ posted by Steph, 24.05.11 11:02 ]

135.9 is still a rip off. There should be a bar that it does not go above £1 ppl - its a total disgrace and ruining peoples lives.

The prices in my area have only fallen by 1p if at all, im still paying 141.9 for Diesel.

The word 'fed up' doesn't even cover how I feel about our fuel prices.


[ posted by Jim King, 24.05.11 17:57 ]

I agree Steph,

my point was not to say that 135.9 ppl is a reasonable price, you are right its a rip off.

I also agree with your 100 ppl limit, the point of my post was just to say that in the 4 days since Quentin posted, my local supermarket has dropped the price by 5p. It seems odd that they would do so immediatly after the post is all.

oil companys reporting huge profits on the one hand, and the government making all the tax, then spending £12.5 billon bailing out the euro. I would tell you how i feel but i dont think it would be so good to use the sort of language i would have to on here.


[ posted by ken, 09.06.11 19:47 ]

I think what people want is fairness. We're fed up being treated unfairly especially when we've so little power to do anything about it. It's all over the country, from a Healthcare postcode lottery for medication, care for the elderly to getting justice for the victim. Seems to me it doesnt matter what we say about oil prices. Nothing will happen until we find a way to make things fairer all round


[ posted by Steve, 14.06.11 14:07 ]

Perhaps, to force the oil companies to show fairness, a multiplier based on the oil price per barrel, should be published. e.g. The price per barrel a fair percentage profit for the oil co's government tax a fair profit for the retailer x the multiplier, would give a standard recommended retail price at the pump.
If this were announced, weekly on TV, the individual consumer then would be free to choose where to buy fuel. If consumers then chose the fairest retailer, Other retailers would soon fall into line!


[ posted by Dave McCune, 15.06.11 08:03 ]

The reason diesel costs more then petrol is that most (If not all) is imported from abroad, whereas most petrol is refined in this country.


[ posted by paul r, 09.07.11 17:01 ]

well what can you say gas ,electric,diesel,petrol,food, we get ripped off constantly we all moan about it when there should mass rallys strikes, the problem with the british public we moan alot and do nothng about it yet the goverment make a massive profit from everything when are we going to wake up and realise we are puppets and slaves working for the goverments of this world the rich get richer the poor get poorer bring back robin hood.


[ posted by Ian porteous, 13.08.11 06:33 ]

The government wont step in,theyre making so much money in extra tax they are loving it!maybe the motorists should start rioting seems the only way this countrys politicians like to come on tv and pretend they care,if you care help the working class man who pays tax towards getting this countryback on its feet INSTEAD OF BENDING THEM OVER AND GREASING THEM UP!!!


[ posted by Mike, 18.10.11 14:48 ]

Its about time this government and previous ones took some blame for the state this country is in ie behave in an honest manner and keep their hands out of the till and with their enormous salaries try living on that instead of ripping all of us off who voted them in, I wonder how many would roll up in new jags, bentleys, etc if they want to live like royalty let them pay for their own fuel etc like all of us,the answer to most of our debt troubles is GET OUT OF EU AND STOP SENDING MILLIONS ABROAD EVERY DAY AND AND STOP ASKING HOW HIGH WHEN THE AMERICANS SAY JUMP But you still wont get fuel down to £1 a litre .


[ posted by C Jump, 31.10.11 21:43 ]

The government is slow react on fuel prices because there making more on the VAT percentage. We are all being ripped off by government and utility companies alike, of who the the government makes more money on there taxes


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