Friday, May 6, 2011
"Dear Prime Minister,
I write to you again as spokesman for the FairFuelUK campaign to counsel caution over the rising prices of petrol and diesel. The token duty cut in the Budget offered no solace whatsoever to consumers and pump prices continue to soar. The issue of how working families can fund their everyday mobility is still a major social concern that could easily spiral out of control. We hear that direct action is being planned by groups less equitable than ours and there's gloomy talk of blockading refineries and social unrest. To allow this disaffection to spill out onto the streets would be both remiss and regrettable and benefit nobody. It could be a disaster.
The punitive level of UK fuel duty is affecting inflation, growth, confidence, discretionary spending and threatening the bedrock of our economic recovery. You must now begin an open dialogue to manage and control this socially corrosive problem. The irresistible forces of oil future speculation, unrest in the Middle East and demand from emerging economies, means that oil will never be cheap again. Left unchecked these forces could take the UK to a very dark place.
As a matter of urgency, on behalf of 155,000 supporters (increasing 1000 per day), 25,000 freight haulage businesses and nearly 3 million visitors to our Facebook page, we respectfully ask for a constructive meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss resolving this issue before it becomes overwhelming.

Yours anxiously,
Quentin Willson
FairFuelUK Campaign Leader"

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[ posted by Catherine Kiaie, 06.05.11 14:29 ]

£200 a week in our household of 2 adults on Fuel for the cars & £5000 per year on oil & electricity for our home. It's a significant amount of any household budget.


[ posted by kelly titus, 06.05.11 14:49 ]

I've given up trying to get a job now, its pointless cause the fuel costs to get anywhere just eat away any chance i have of being any better off..


[ posted by anne teasdale, 06.05.11 14:56 ]

I am coming to the end of my ability to afford to get to work. I work 20 miles from home - as encouraged to do so by a previous Conservative government - and am finding the cost prohibitive. I was about to stop for fuel today when I was totally taken aback by the £1.43 per litre cost, and this is one of the cheaper prices. Only yesterday it was £1.41, how much will it be tomorrow!! Please do something to help before those of us who are still employed after all of the redundancies are forced to give up work due to the travel costs alone.


[ posted by haz, 06.05.11 15:07 ]

I work 15 miles away from home as a community nurse. The mileage I use during my working day is now also getting cut due to NHS reform. So not only am i using 30 miles a day to communte to work, my mileage rate whilst at work is now going to suffer. I own a Mini, not a fuel guzzling car yet I find myself spending up to £100 a week on fuel. My tank used to fill up for £35 now it takes in excess of £60. Ridiculous. I too am looking for jobs nearer to home but there aren't any.


[ posted by mike fishpen, 06.05.11 15:15 ]

The price of petrol in South Africa is just under £1.00 a litre, and they are a third world country at the tip of africa,.with no BP!
I was there 2 weeks ago so its a fact!
The petrol price in this country is a joke.The public are being taxed to death here, enough is enough.


[ posted by Richard, 06.05.11 15:39 ]

When is this so called government and in particular condem Carmeron, going to realise that if fuel prices keep increasing at the rate they currently are, ordinary people on ordinary incomes will be forced of the road. Perhaps this is the ploy of the Tories, keep the roads, universities and healthcare for the rich and privileged and to hell with everyone else. Cameron please note WE ARE NOT IN THIS TOGETHER.


[ posted by Dve, 06.05.11 15:45 ]



[ posted by Darren Tyler, 06.05.11 16:09 ]

the price of fuel is beyond extorsionate. in one fuel station it was £1.34 and a mile up the road it was £1.38 and they were both owned by the same company. how can they do that?? the country will grind to a standstill if something isn't done to lower the price at the pump


[ posted by Jacqui Chaloner, 06.05.11 17:13 ]

My husband works in the construction industry and for several months has been travelling approx 70 miles a day to get to and from work. The price of fuel is crippling us - he only earns 200 per week and only receives mileage for the journey one way (as the crow flies, so not even the true mileage) at the same rate per mile as he was getting 4 years ago. It is getting to the stage where he really won't be able to afford to go to work - and what then? There is no work around for a man his age - just as this is no work for youngsters. This country really is going to the dogs - and those who spout 'We're all in this together', should try living the lives of ordinary working people.


[ posted by Phil Robinson, 06.05.11 18:11 ]

Dear FairFuel UK,

I continue to appreciate your efforts to reduce the outrageous cost of fuel - I do roughly 60 miles a day and the difference in price of fuel to where I live and to where I work is 10 pence per litre. I pass petrol stations on the motorways with fuel of a higher price being advertised on one side of the road than the other! It's crazy, if not daylight robbery on the governments behalf - I am spending roughly 1/4 of my weekly earnings on fuel - £60 before road tax and maintenance costs. I hope that something serious can be done to address these costs through the government working with FFUK as I can only see it rising!


[ posted by malbrass, 06.05.11 22:17 ]

I appluad your letter.I have written as an individual absolute no reply.
Fingers cross you are succesful.
Weare all this together Prime Minister Are we?
Remove VAT from fuel immediately.


[ posted by darren Clare, 07.05.11 00:33 ]

This should have been sent before the elections not after, you may have had more of a response, but at least you are trying.

Fingers crossed


[ posted by adolling, 07.05.11 06:55 ]

Consider a reward for reducing your commute!

Pilot plan in Washington DC does just that - to the tune of $12,000!

search for "move nearer work washington"


[ posted by stephen prince, 09.05.11 16:00 ]

google cheap,that will give you a web site to put in your post code some times sainsburys super market sell the cheapest fuel


[ posted by Tony Asbridge, 09.05.11 16:03 ]

I use my car to get to and from work a round trip of 60 miles with fuel at this level I think it is crazy the tax that is placed on fuel must be reduced


[ posted by Deedee, 09.05.11 16:46 ]

I applaud your efforts in trying to get the cost of fuel lowered for everyone, I just wish I had confidence that 'they' will listen before people have to give up their jobs and/or give up their cars. I don't really agree with the groups wanting disruptive action but the government has got to be made to listen and if we all have to suffer for a few days then maybe that is going to be the way to go.


[ posted by Ben, 09.05.11 17:06 ]

I can't help but wondering how much it would cost to obtain import permits etc. to buy fuel from the continent, then import it over here... if it could be done en masse with everyone chipping in and getting a share of the fuel, would it work out cheaper?

... and I'm sure it would qualify as "big society in action"...


[ posted by john, 09.05.11 18:14 ]

My wife has given up work as it was costing her £50 a week she only earns £95 a week!
2 hours over time and I've made up the £45.00 lost!!

MP's don't give a Toss about hard working Families!!!


[ posted by Lewis, 09.05.11 19:48 ]

I average 70 miles a day for my dailly commute to work. thats £70-75 for fuel a week at this weeks rates in a ford ka (about as cheap as it gets) £300 a month thats a quarter of my wage not even including maintenance, tax and insurance.
it's all fine and well telling city dwellers to use public transport more for this reason but here thats just not possible. there is no public transport or alternative to driving in rural scotland. In order for me to get to work i would need to walk 4 miles to the nearest village then get a bus in the wrong direction for 14 miles then a train that goes 15 miles past where i need to be and a further 4 buses from the centre of edinburgh back out to where i work. this wouldn't even work due to their timetables not starting this early in the morning and would in fact cost me more.

there is no excuse for the costs to be rising so quickly or to such a high level.

With the oil companies announcing record profits and even profits exceeeding their targets is it any wonder why we have all lost faith in the entire british government and their ability to stop companies from holding us to ransom for something as vital as fuel.


[ posted by Jim King, 13.05.11 10:52 ]

The answer to this problem is actually quite simple, and will ring true to the majority of the people of this once great nation.

rather than taxing fuel to the point of the destructuon of the UK economy, in order to
-fund Bail outs of Euro zone countries (Greece, Ireland, Portugal and now again Greece as they have spent the last one)

-throw £17.5 billion Gross (£8.3 Billion net) to the corrupt and unelected EU Commission.

-Uphold a £175Bn trade deficit with the EU while crippling world wide trade

Why not hold the Referendum we all want on EU membership, keep all above moneys and use it to slash fuel duty, allowing the UK the chance of economic recovery.


[ posted by Gary Grieves, 15.05.11 12:26 ]

BINGO ! We have a winner !

Jim King hit the nail on the head.


[ posted by Alan K davies, 17.05.11 12:48 ]

I will ask again .. Why are the government charging VAT on the Duty ??
Just Tax on Tax again . it would make quite a reduction to the cost of a litre and would bring us more in line with European counterparts apart from making us a lot happier !!.


[ posted by Jim King, 17.05.11 13:57 ]

Reply to Alan K Davies, unlike a politician i will answer your question.

Directive 2006/112/EC. (The VAT Directive)

This states that once somthing has moved from a lower to a higher rate of VAT, it can not be moved back without the consent of the EU Commission.

it also states that a member state may only have 3 rates of VAT. In the Uk we have 0%, 5% and 20%.

so in other words if VAT has been applied to somthing at the 5% rate it can go to 20% but cant go to 0%.

if its been charged at 20% it cant be adjusted, unless permission is obtained from the EU commission.

This applies to all things, including VAT being charged on fuel duty.

To obtain permission from the EU for the vat rate of fuel duty to drop to 0% would take years, and then they would likely throw it out as other member states all charge it.

This practice will continue, and the politicians will have an excuse, at least as long as the UK is a Member state of the EU.


[ posted by David Conklin, 19.05.11 01:01 ]

I wholeheartedly support this campaign and agree that we need to reduce the tax burden as much as possible, but at the same time would urge our government to join with other governments throughout the world and put a stop to the real culprits of this impossible situation ... Speculative buying (of oil in this instance). Just look at what speculation did for the banking world and its doing the same for the whole of our social structure. Stop this maddness now before the "god" of profit destroys the world as we know it.


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