Sunday, May 1, 2011
FAIRFUELUK CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION FROM THE GOVERNMENT ON PETROL AND DIESEL PRICES - The Budget actions have had no effect on prices going up and up
Quentin Willson has launched Stage 2 of his FairFuelUK campaign with an impassioned plea to the Government to act on fuel prices. He has warned that other groups are becoming so desperate that attempts at wide spread ‘direct action' are likely. The FairFuelUK campaign was originally set up in January 2011 to fight for the scrapping of the fuel duty escalator in the run up to George Osborne's Budget, an aim it achieved. However, despite that partial victory, pump prices have continued to rise and the 1p duty cut announced in the Budget was never even seen by the majority of drivers as the rising underlying cost of Oil wiped it out.
Quentin Willson said, ‘Global uncertainty is leading to a price surge in the cost of Oil. It seems that everyone's a winner in this rising price bonanza

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[ posted by Steven Page, 01.05.11 11:35 ]

Nail on the head. It seems our government has put the rising cost of fuel to the side once again thinking that a 1p cut in duty was enough to hush the public. How very wrong they are, if anything people are more furious that there has been no change to rising costs what so ever. We are the 2nd highest taxed country on the planet when it comes to fuel and it needs to stop. Pricing people off the roads and onto unreliable, expensive and over crowded public services will just not do.

Those of us who live outside of London need our own transport to be able to get to work, as buses and trains are few and far between and more often than not, they are not on time and cost just as much as putting fuel in the car.


[ posted by M Wright, 01.05.11 12:36 ]

It is time for Britons to stop moaning, and take direct action instead!

In the UK, the majority of the cost in a litre of fuel is still TAX!

Blockades at Fuel refinery's are now the ONLY course of action that would work. Such action would force Cameron and Osborne into another u-turn. Recent polls have indicated that the majority of Britons would support such action!

Action speaks louder than words!


[ posted by jack barras, 01.05.11 12:55 ]

Reflect for a moment on this (van man) Self employed hard working desperately trying to hold onto his independant 60 plus hours a week well taxed livelyhood who rarely makes enough real money to hold onto it for long said money usualy being pumped back into the economy almost as quickly as it can be made! His insurance premiums to keep his van on the road appear to have increased by around 50% this year even though no claimes were made? He dreads every pothole he crosses that the next one could mean more costly repairs! He has to make a decision as to wether he should put that tenner into his tank or keep hold of it so he can maybe get a couple of pints at the weekend in his struggling increasingly empty local! Dos this sound BLEAK? Well Mr MP its a real look into whats realy happening to a great many of the good folk who are the backbone of this country! Give us fair fuel prices so we can keep moving towards recovery!


[ posted by ian hall, 01.05.11 14:38 ]

There is only one person in this country that can stop this...... Our leader, our monarch. Cameron is not the leader of great britain he is a politician we have a leader who sits on her throne everyday watching her people suffer at the hands of these so called politicians. Surely she can see what is happening, the question is does she care? I believe we need to show her how we feel let her see how utterly fed up the common man of GB is. Its all water of a ducks back to cameron only a job to him well its our lives time to make a change


[ posted by J. Snow, 01.05.11 16:38 ]

If we were offered decent, reliable & affordable alternatives then "maybe" we could say cars are a personal choice & thus susceptible. However this is not the case with cars & certainly not with vans or trucks - most of us can ONLY use these modes of transport due to location, business or lack of alternatives for our purpose. Therefore this government knows absolutely we are DEPENDENT on this type of fuel. The world we live in has changed dramatically - what worked 60 years ago on our roads cannot continue - the population has exploded & spread around making a need for transport essential. The roads cannot keep being expanded to accommodate the volume of traffic, and we cannot keep relying on fossil fuels.Long term we need to address this issue & change our fuel type. Short term it is not fair to over tax the people for something they have no choice about. Come on people lets make a stand for once. Together we can make a difference.


[ posted by mark timmins, 01.05.11 19:19 ]

im currently unemployed, to take a job and be able to pay rent and normal utility bills is impossible in this climate as the nearest location for me would cost £40 per week on public transport, do the maths £85 rent £15 councill tax £10 electric £10 water leaves £60 for food and anything else,alas the car will have to go(that's the government plan anyhow to meet emission output agreements)and with the job situation in the uk £5.93 per hour(endorsed by our government)makes it impossible for me to return to work, WAKE UP DAVID CAMERON AND ALL THE OTHER PARTIES UP THERE WERE ALL IN THE SHIT WITHOUT A PADDLE.


[ posted by Nyree Clark, 01.05.11 22:24 ]

Something has got to happen, recession hit- yep its already happened. Self employed transport business- really struggling now, credit cards maxed out, bills can't be paid. How much more can we take???


[ posted by Steve Hyde, 02.05.11 11:08 ]

How about we all just buy our petrol from the super markets.... then the oil giants will have to take note of their prices to become competitive and get the customers back. It's no to strikes and blockades as these hurt the self employed and the workers but buying only from the super markets would hurt their oil companies. Secondly stop the speculators buying up the crude and making money, take it out the system and leave it to customers to dictate the price, it's criminal that a suit in London can make millions on oil shares and stocks while we the hard working suffer.....


[ posted by Paul Lisi, 03.05.11 05:08 ]

I have been following this for months on this site. I have commented and yet not seen those comments in print, probably because I don't agree with the tripe being suggested.

Forget stabilizers and other unworkable rubbish. Tax should be charged once only and not a number of times as is being done. No fuel stabilizer, just a fair price (and single) tax on fuel as we deserve. 20% on the top of the production price is still high, but al least it is a once only tax which I can accept.

The comments on direct action don't take into account that the government know they don't have to do anything in peaceful debate. They can always blame the direct movements for acting unreasonably even though they are forcing such action by their refusal to charge fairly. This is intentional and you seem to be missing the obvious.

I support fair profit on anything. Profit must be made if business is to survive. I can't support the rip off that fuel and anything car related is. We have always been conned in this country whilst others pay far less. Less than 3 dollars in the usa for the same fuel as we use and are paying over 11.5 dollars for. £1.80 for them and £7.00 for us. How is that fair or justifiable.

Said it before and will say it again. The type of action being suggested here is slow and gains nothing, as the 1p reduction has shown. Direct action by everyone standing together and forcefully saying no is the only way. Peaceful preferred, but this is the only way anything will get done. Come on people. Why are you so weak.


[ posted by Kevin, 04.05.11 10:38 ]

I agree with the point of your campaign that fuel is too expensive and too highly taxed, however, it is not tax that is currently putting up the price every few days, it is the oil companies. The government took 1p off the tax, the oil companies took it back, at the weekend I read that oil had dropped slightly but this morning when I filled up the petrol had gone up again. We need to do something about the price of petrol, if the government reduce tax the oil companies will just take that as extra profit and the tax will be taken off us in some other way. Everyone should make the effort to find the cheapest local garage and use that so hitting the rest in the pocket. This includes company car drivers, just think of your family and friends who are getting ripped off and the wider effect to your company and the economy and forget about your couple of free argos points.


[ posted by mark, 04.05.11 11:02 ]

Do not forget the 'tax on tax' of adding vat on fuel duty. this equates to approx 15 p per litre


[ posted by mark, 21.05.11 14:58 ]

I agree with a previous comment. Buy your fuel from the supermarkets and ignore the other outlets selling their fuel over £1.40 a litre.


[ posted by Bob Cross, 27.07.11 12:56 ]

I use my bicycle as much as I can, and catch the train regularly, so I am not perhaps a natural supporter of motoring.
However, I am self employed and rely on my car to get me up and down the UK on the meagre number of jobs I get since the slump.
Even I can see that things are inequitable.
There needs to be a sea change in motoring tax. A scale of exises for vehicle sizes, pay by mileage, Insure by mileage, concessions for hauliers, car sharing schemes, a complete ban on performance cars and motor bikes, and this ridiculous plan to spend billions on highspeed 2 should be consigned to the bin.
If we need to spend that on Railways, then we should be building a freight artery the length of the land, not a luxury passenger one.
There are very good reasons for getting people out of cars, but the current set up is just taking the piss.


[ posted by jason searle, 17.08.11 00:50 ]

i agree that fuel prices and taxes are too high and suggest the government should do something about the varying prices on forecourts across the the land ,they should be all made to be similar and named and shamed if they rip people off. Exeter services M5 being one of them, well over 10p more than the supermarkets its not like they don't get the passing holiday traffic.


[ posted by Ken Coutts, 05.10.11 09:17 ]

Well done to all the fair fuel campaigners,unfortunately, politicians love debate as debate means delay and delay and delay.
The latest ridiculous gesture from george osborne
to freeze the council tax em duh, ok, george reduce fuel duty and price of fuel ,reduce VAT and electricity and gas prices and scrap their false standing charges .


[ posted by mark h, 15.11.11 08:50 ]

the massive hikes in fuel prices started when we changed from gallons to litres at the pumps. the government gets 4.5 bites of the cherry instead of one. petrol used to go up 2-3p a gallon, could you imagine the uproar if it was shown as the 20p increases a gallon it is now?


[ posted by Andrew, 28.02.12 19:22 ]

Yes we need fuel cuts and yes we need money for the economy so how do we go about it,well first of all cut fuel buy £0.30 p a ltr then put a charge for all traffic that comes into Britain just like we all have to pay in and around Europe this would sub the fuel drop and make us a equal, second we need to stop giving money away to the EU that we cannot afford and if they don't like it tuff
WE have got a money problem just like the rest of the world and will be in a mess if we don't look after this country first and when and only when the situation gets a lot better then we should take a fresh look at it.


[ posted by Derek Slade, 04.04.12 10:34 ]

I personally think that the rising cost of fuel is a f***ing joke, problem is no one is laughing. Given the fact that a massive 68% of the cost of is TAX!!!!!! then surely the government should bring down the price to a respectable level, like 1.20 a litre and then put a price fix on it, irregardless of whats happening in places like Syria,Afghanistan and other places.If The government are so desperate to get the economy moving forwards then slashing the price of fuel would actually give hard pressed families some extra money in their pockets and thus in turn would be willing to go out more and spend their money on other such items in the high street. Then business would benefit growth would return and the economy would get moving.Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne my name is Derek Slade and you dont know me yet, but you will soon, because I have had enough of the pair of you and all your cronies and I will personally bring you both down. You are a pair of half-baked cretins who cant tell the truth if your lives depended on it. Be warned this country and the vast majority have had enough!!!!!! I am going to make you regret the day you where both born.


[ posted by sandra marsden, 15.08.12 23:44 ]

fair play to fair fuel however it would appear that talking does nothing all this debate and yet petrol prices are continuing to rise on a daily basis £1.39 per litre its time to take direct action now as talking is doing nothing except raising the price of petrol...if your lucky enough to be employed how long at these rates are we going to be able to actually get to work public transport is not only unreliable its actually more expensive to travel by bus or train than it is to drive how much more is it going to rise to before the british people stand up for themselves and demand this goverment get a reality check on the fuel duty and tax... I pay enough to drive my bloody car every year tax to drive on the road more again to park more again every time i visit the petrol station rip of britain and greedy polictians.......its time to take direct action and strike. it worked the last time and pertrol was no where near the price is it today its ok to moan and if people havent got the bottle to do something about it and show this goverment that we mean buisness then simply dont write blogs just shut up and put up it obviously doesnt effect the british public if they dont have the balls to do something about personally I would welcome direct action nothing else seems to be working


[ posted by Pete Wildman, 16.10.12 10:51 ]

Now far be it from me to add some common sense to an arguement "but", Deisel costs more than petrol because Lorries, trains, ships and all manner of heavy industry use it by the millions of gallons a day petrol is also expensive because the government want it to be. not because of the climate or any reason other than revinue. Fuel is a huge source of relatively easy money. they charge in the form of a percentage so the higher the overall cost of the product the greater the income as a percentage.
Fuel by the barrel is cheaper than it was and the pound/euro/dollar is stronger and yet the cost of fuel is artifically high to earn a penniless government as much money as they feel they can resonably get away with.
Rip off Britain strikes again and again and again!


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